Escape to the Movies: Shrek For Ever After

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There..was another shrek? im shocked...but, not shocked with the opinions here...hehe

"You're a Cat-astrophe!"
"Well, you are redonkulous!"



I've fought mudcrabs more fiercer than you!

Whu.... Why would you say that?! D':

*runs away crying*

Oh, what the hell?! I was looking forward to a "MacGruber" review. You obviously have little love for Shrek, so why not review the movie people over 12 are actually going to see? Feels almost like a waste of a review.


Came in here just to make this same statement!

"You're a Cat-astrophe!"
"Well, you are redonkulous!"

This. I saw this trailer, and learned of the existence of this movie, when going to see Iron Man 2. In terms of painfully awkward trailers, this movie takes the cake.

It ain't Ogre till it's Ogre, after all. Now I think I'm gonna go hurt some children.

The original Shrek was a breath of fresh air with it's flip on the fantacy arch types like monsters, princes, and knight's in shining armor, and its sly fun poking at everybody with there pop culture references. Shrek 2 took this forumla and expanded it to answer the question of "what happens after happily forever after?" expanding it's flipping on the most central of all fantasy arch types, Prince Charming and the Fairy Godmother, and that is where the series should of ended. Shrek 3 however felt like the writers had used up all the good ideas on the last two movies and was written by the marketing department or the production company to maximize profits of the kiddies. Shrek 4ever after (did they REALLY have nothing else to call this) I am not going to see, ever.

Let a parody have to many sequels and it is doomed to become what it makes fun of.


Ugh, it's been a decade since Shrek already? Crap, I feel old

I know, right? Here's a better one - it's been 15 years since Toy Story, and 16 since the Lion King!

I surprised myself looking those up

and 21 years since Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast 19 years, and Tron came out when I was born it's almost 30!!

....dear lord I'm almost 30....

F You, Bob, How to Train Your Dragon was awesome and the best movie DreamWorks Made, Ever!

(for the rest of the review: Who give a fuck about Shrek? Even the second one was redundant

Shrek I was refreshing and basically parodies of every known fairy tale and Disney film that's out.

Then when the sequels pop out, that's when it went downhill from there. And yeah, I was getting sick of seeing every Dreamworks movie performing that stupid smirk.

I was actually looking forward to the movie "Macgruber".

Wait, if Shrek never existed, why is Fiona still an ogre?

Maybe it was night time.

God this movie looks terrible. Bob, thank you kindly for the heads up.

Dreamworks has been going downhill pretty steadily. The last halfway decent film of theirs I saw was "Over The Hedge." Then again, I'm a fan of the comic strip, so I may have been wearing rose-colored glasses.

Oh, what the hell?! I was looking forward to a "MacGruber" review. You obviously have little love for Shrek, so why not review the movie people over 12 are actually going to see? Feels almost like a waste of a review.

I'd rather he review a movie that isn't a derivative knock-off of something that isn't that great.

Which leaves "MacGruber" out of the running.

This is not a surprise at all...

But nice TvTropes reference, Bob.

Shrek was great up till number 2 then it just went down the drain with 3 and continued to circle till this movie showed up. I was very surprised because I knew there didn't need to be a 3rd Shrek movie yet they made a 4th. Hopefully there will be something else to watch and if not...I'll wait to see the Prince of Persia review.

Oh boy... there is another shreck movie?
I guess they didn't believe much in it's success anyway since I never heard of it before Oo. And that was pretty much impossible with the older shreck movies.

I don't get it, first Shreck was awesome, second one was nearly as good (IMO), third one was just unfunny and now... this?
What's the point?!

shrek was good up until the credits in 1, after that it started failing. face it, no good animations will come out till toy story 3 (and if that isn't good then hell will rain on earth)

The only thing that kept my attention for the last 2 shreks was puss in boots, Banderas did a great job on that character

Shrek For Ever After

This week MovieBob takes a look at, *sigh*, the new Shrek movie.

For more from MovieBob, check out Intermission.

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And the flame war begins in 5..4..3..2..1..

Let me go ahead and say this: I liked the Shrek movies(all 3). but when they came up with the idea for a It's a wonderful life scenario (seriously, how many times are we gonna do this? It's been done to death for God's sake)I wanted to beat the crap out of the writer that came up with this.

Shrek 1 and Shrek 2 were fun and imaginative (The first one was actually a really good film!), subverting all previous fairy tale clichés regarding the hero and the villain. Shrek 3 was just... dull. The basic premise was no longer original, and neither the storyline nor the jokes were enough to keep the movie going... And now there's a 4th. I knew it was coming, but I'd hoped it was further off.
To anyone who thinks that some game series become old and repetitive after their second or third instalments, I encourage them to look at the film industry, and see how much worse it could be... (Look at Star Wars, or Austin Powers. Actually, Austin Powers got better as the series went on)

I really, really hope Toy Story 3 is good. Otherwise I'll be running out of childhood memories that haven't since been kicked to the floor and trampled on...

don't worry, it's pixar.

and Tron came out when I was born it's almost 30!!

Oh man I LOVED Tron when I was a kid. That was like my one movie. every kid has one, you know the one you'd watch every day until the tape started to melt (or DVD for the yougins).

But yeah time seems to pass deceptively fast. For example The Matrix came out almost 11 years ago. If you would have asked me before I looked that up I'd've said around 5.

Gonna be honest, was kind of hoping for a MacGruber review. It looks like it COULD be funny. It also looks like it could be really, REALLY shitty.

Still, I DID like this review since it took the franchise seriously. I'm usually inclined to try and show this stuff to my family except I know they'd just say "It's just a kids movie, let them have fun". Yeah, Shrek was a kids movie as well, but it was done with class and more effort than "let's make another cash-in".

Fuck you on saying the Dragon movie was "okay", though. That movie was awesome. :(

(Ok, it went through the exact same plot as Kung Fu Panda and probably any other Dreamworks film, where the outcast is bad at something, then learns he is good at it after all, then blah blah yack yack happy resolution. But it was still good! :( ).

I have to agree with the general opinion (and not for the sake of fitting in) that Shrek was the best, Shrek 2 was pretty good, 3 was barely tolerable, and 4 just outright sucked.


Wait, if Shrek never existed, why is Fiona still an ogre?

Maybe it was night time.

It looked pretty sunny to me.

Either way, I doubt it's the worst thing about this movie.

I was kind of hoping you would review the Prince of Persia movie. The reviews I've read sofar have been rather positive, so I was hoping to hear your opinion and if that might be the first kind of good videogame-to-movie adaptation.

But this is good too. From the second I saw the trailer for this movie, I had this nasty voice in the back of my head the screamed "this is going to SUCK!" each time I said "well, it might be good..." And low and behold, the voice seems to be right. It makes kind of sad actually. I think both Shrek 1 and 2 are fun and pretty good movies. Heck, the second one is almost better in some ways, especially with the Fairy Godmother as the villian. But then the third one came and just... sucked. I have no idea how they did it, but between 2 movies they somehow removed almost everything that was fun about the first two. And sadly, this one seems to continue the trend. I really hope this really is the final Shrek-film. They should have stoped after the second one, while they were on top.:P

Btw, the best part of the review was when you pointed out that damn smirk the characters have on every damn dreamworks-poster. That was hillarious.:D Also, I'm glad you liked HTTYD, at least somewhat.:-) I really liked that movie and think it's probably the best of the dreamworks GC-animated movies so far, together with the 2 first Shrek. Not Pixar, but not that far away either. I also agree with the guy abov me who said that Road to El Dorado was good.:-)

WTF Shrek 4? I was looking forward to you reviewing the prince of persia movie that opens this week. Well maybe your holding off till next week when Yahtazee can tear the movie licensed prince of persia game a new one then you can give us your thoughts on the movie.

Just an FYI: Prince of Persia doesn't come out until next week (May 28th), and Yahtzee will most definitely review either Red Dead Redemption or Alan Wake anyway.


Onyx Oblivion:


Don't say it.

They'll do it!

They said in an interview that they are planing on doing seven, YES, SEVEN MOVIES. Followed by a Puss in Boot/Donkey spin off. I doubt they will make it to six. (At least I hope)

I hope you are joking. I seriously do not want to believe you until you have a viable link



Wait, if Shrek never existed, why is Fiona still an ogre?

Maybe it was night time.

It looked pretty sunny to me.

Either way, I doubt it's the worst thing about this movie.

I think in the first movie she was cursed to be an ogre forever, unless she received her "true love's first kiss", which happened to be Shrek (an ogre), so it is plausible that the curse became finalized after she did not receive the kiss.


It was essentially a 4 1/2 minute rant about how they should have stopped making shrek movies after the first one.

well....they should have. there was no reason to make a second movie. much less a third for fourth. it was a closed movie. at the end, all plot points were neatly taken care of and any sequels would be like a tumor growing on its leg.

well, now the tumor has killed poor shrek...but also revived him as a cancerous zombie abomination!



Wait, if Shrek never existed, why is Fiona still an ogre?

Maybe it was night time.

It looked pretty sunny to me.

Either way, I doubt it's the worst thing about this movie.

Very true, good sir. I will not be seeing this movie.

I wanted Bob to review Four Lions. I'm not sure if it's in America but it's the funniest film I've seen in... about 5 years.

Damn it Bob, you've given them a title! That's all they need!

Shrek was good. Shrek 2 wasn't quite as good, but had some major high points. I didn't see Shrek 3 because I assumed from the adverts, the general marketing appearance and the number on the end that it was going to be terrible. Why must every good series crash and die? (Except Mario, that's still pretty good)

Anyway, I remember watching the first Shrek. It was great, it was classic, especially the "are we there yet?" moment, the rescuing of the princess, the singing mini-town in the souvenir shop, Pinocchio and the rest of the team of misfits...

Are we there yet was in Shrek 2. Just sayin'

as long as people will go see it there will make more of them even when the shouldn't.

Yea that 3D gimmick is really starting to wear off when they try to cram it in EVERY MOVIE because THATS THE THING NOW REGARDLESS OF HOW WELL THE SEQUENCES ACTUALLY WORK OR NOT. Didn't even last a year

screw those expensive cheap glasses! NUGH-

Oh yea...

Dragon is the best Dreamworks movie to date, and I feel almost loathe to admit it but it probably will end better than this years Pixar entry: Toy Story 3. That being said, it looks like its going to end up another Nightmare Before Christmas, a good film that is defended to the death by its fans.

Also, I just noticed the whole "Dreamworks smirk" thing thanks to the video. And it really is irritating when you think about it.

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