The Escapist Presents: Office Mario Party

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You see that dance Funk did at the end? See the groove he's got? You can't fake that kind of funk.

I lose. Someone of course already beat me to suggesting that you can't fake the Funk. That really might be the best Doing of The Mario I've seen since the original, though.

It also took me a few minutes to get used to Susan not actually being Vanessa from her avatar. Between that and the P.N.03 poster on the wall, I'm beginning to think there may be someone besides me who liked the game. Speaking of which, that would make a pretty silly Mario-themed game if you swapped her out for one of the princesses. I suspect it would entertain me for far too long replacing the entire contents of the between-mission dialogs with, "HI, I'M DAISY!" Kind of makes me wish I weren't too lazy to do exactly that for other games that are more easily moddable, like replacing Alyx in HL2 with a pretty, pretty princess and a bunch of "HI, I'M DAISY!" dialog...

Dammit Susan, dance! Dance for us!

Next time, perhaps. :)

I agree with Susan that Yoshi's Island is probably the best platforming game EVER! It still is one of my favourite games of all time.

Susan the Mario RTS sounds.... awesome. So awesome it'll do a duke nukem and be to awesome and it'll erase itself from our memories. Oh and funk sure they did do a SMG sequel but what abput a super mario galaxy...3.

Mr Funk you are the best, from your great articles to your awesome dancing skills.

That was funny. And its cool to be able to put a face to the escapist crew.

Also those Gundams where the bomb!^^

Alex The Rat:
Does "Landslide" remind anyone else of Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Scotty on the new Star Trek)?

Is that a good thing?

Sprout is doing the Mario just right and cute. This makes me want to dig out my Super Mario Bros. Super Show DVD set and watch my favorite episodes. Also...I may change my Avatar to Movie Mario Bob Hoskins.

Russ Pitts was asked to "Do the Mario" so he shot the camera man in the face point blank to make a point. You do not "Do the Mario" unless you are, in fact, Mario.

Haha just an average day at Escapist Headquarters :D

and SQUEEEEEL John Funk ^_^ God he is so adorable.

lweber has an awesome beard.

Why thank you. To truely understand it's awesomeness you must see this:


Alex The Rat:
Does "Landslide" remind anyone else of Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Scotty on the new Star Trek)?

Is that a good thing?

Have you seen Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz!? Of course it's a good thing! You know... if you had the accent and everything.

John Funk!
You're the king of gundams!

Wikid dance moves guys. I can honestly say that now i will never challenge any of you do a dance off.

The ending was pure comical genius. I wish I worked in a job like that,lousy Australia being so uptight.

I already knew Susan was awesome, but I didn't know we had the same dream Mario game. I'd love to see a pan-Nintendo RTS. Space Pirates vs. Koopa Kingdom! Halo-esque Galactic Federation vs. ultra-cute Dream Land! Yoshi-riding Toad knights facing off against conventional Hylian cavalry, only to be ambushed by a gorilla in a necktie riding a rhino!

Man, that'd be awesome. Too bad RTS games don't work very well on consoles.

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