LoadingReadyRun: Installation Anxiety 2010

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Erm... good as... before...

I'm lost... didn't you do Instalation Anxiety that was like EXACTLY the same? Oo
Even the pierogi joke...

WTF guys...

Was this remake by any chance just an opportunity for us to compare the before & after apartments? :P

Because it fulfilled that option nicely.

I remember this! Really cool!

Nice couple of additions though!

Agghhh, a classic :')
You guys must be too busy to make an orginal this week.

Haha, that's awesome. I never saw the original, but this was great.

Wow that was just absurd. I loved it!
Still strange to do the same script as an earlier sketch.


The 'Eye Patch'.... Groan... Funny episode guys... Also, does this mean we will be getting a cooking episode next week?

I have to ask: Why a remake (nay, exact copy!) of an old video?

I was a little disappointed that it was basically the same script with a few tweaks, but it was still amusing nonetheless. Not sure if you are going to do any more remakes, but I'd love to see a remake of Morgan's problem.

Nice remake. Enjoyable!

loved the original, appreciate the idea of remaking ones that you thought could be better, think the concept needs improvement.

If remaking, don't make a complete replica, spice the balls out of it. or to a sensible degree of renovation.

And I promise not to quote Man cooking again.

I'm a little disappointed... Why a remake?

Two things:

1. Is that the iPatch?
2. We now need Yahtzee to express his hate for unnecessary remakes.

Leftnt Sharpe:
I was a little disappointed that it was basically the same script with a few tweaks, but it was still amusing nonetheless. Not sure if you are going to do any more remakes, but I'd love to see a remake of Morgan's problem.

With Wii bowling using a guitar hero controller and the...unpleasantness...that has to be the best candidate for a remake.

I also nominate Morgan's Problem for a remake. That, or Skeletor's Dick.

The idea of installing Linux on a person still makes me vaguely uneasy. One of those bridges man was not meant to cross, I think.

Same as original, better production. I have no complaints.
Keep it going!

Yeah I went on Linux rampage once aswell. It's when you figure out that you dont want to 'use' any of them because it takes forever to learn how to.
This was a realy good episode the first time. I saw no need in a remake but since some of the lines were tweaked it was kind of worth it. If this remake thing is to be common remake Omi-Lingual simply because it was awesome.

New material would've been cool, but I do like this sketch. Frist one I ever saw actually.

Two things:

1. Is that the iPatch?

DAMN YOU. Damn you for getting in before me! :O

It is a definite remake, but still quite awesome with the upgraded quality, recent topical humor (namely PS3's losing other OS's and iPad/iPhone related news, which made the "iPatch" line hilarious!)

I assumed it would have the PS3 Defeating Paul but apparently not. Good video. then again it was good last time too.. I guess it goes to show that the comedy of LRR never gets old! Is that the moral of the video or is there something I'm missing?

For those of you who are asking why the remake.

They made this video for w00tstock this year. I guess they just wanted to get some more use out of it.

I was hoping that they were going to go with the Brazil ending this time round. Shame that they didn't.

I saw this already! At w00tstock!

I was actually hoping it would show up somewhere else, because it's really well done. Yeah, it's a remake, but it would be like taking Empire Strikes Back and changing virtually nothing about it except spicing up the camera work and redoing the special effects... which is awesome. (Unlike certain revisionist versions out there)

I've already seen this (like many others), so it wasn't as funny for me.

Still funny though, and good to get others who haven't seen it before.

Oh no, even LRR is making remakes! Is there no stopping the movie-pocaypse?

Sorry not that funny. Maybe its my own fault because everyone else here seems to like it.

I was waiting for them to say something like "wait, haven't we already done this?", but they didn't. I don't know what to say, but looking at the original video Graham looks so young. Maybe it's the beard, or maybe the lack thereof.

Really great, even for the possibly rare escapist users who have actually seen the original!

Awww. I was hoping for some new Loading Ready Run, but it was a great sketch idea so it was cool to see it again.

Aww I thought it would be an updated version or a sequel. Ah well, at least those who never saw it will enjoy it!

really? a straight remake? Come on guys. The lines all sound a little forced this time around though. Not your best stuff. Hope to see better next week

Now you have opened the gates of the remake there is only one thing i can do. I demand 3 ps3 guys return!

"Do not install Linux on the toilet!"
"It's a partition file server now!"

Yea I have never seen the original but that bit made me laugh so much.
Nobody could have done it better than Paul

Huh, why a remake? It is still a good episode but I was expecting a new one... Also who's apartment/house where you in?

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