LoadingReadyRun: Installation Anxiety 2010

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Outlaw Torn:


Funny as always, but this is just Installation Anxiety again, isn't it? I mean, it's exactly the same.

Is there something I'm missing here? Do tell.

I mean, I'm not complaining, it's still a great episode (my first, actually) but I'm just not actually sure why you're remaking them.

I think the script is identical except for the reference to Endless Ocean (not sure what the game was in the first version). I was a little dissapointed when it turned out to be a copy, I was expecting it to at least have some new stuff in there besides the science t-shirt.

Still, it's LRR. And everyone loves LRR.

Also, PS2=PS3 now.

Isnt that a mac keyboard he is using ?

Funny thing though

I never saw the original, so this was fresh -- and funny -- for me.

Although, Paul: If installing the heart and lung drivers were all that was needed to get Graham back on his feet, then I have serious questions about the quality of the drivers you're using, as they appear to be implementing policy.

As you know, drivers are only supposed to provide mechanism, not policy. Heart rate and volume, breathing rate and volume, those are highly dependent on whatever activity is taking place, not to mention the platform on which they're running, details that the kernel doesn't -- and in most cases shouldn't -- know. Policy is supposed to be provided by user-space, often by running daemons.

It's possible that heartd and breathed noticed new heart and lung devices coming online via dbus events and applied policy immediately, but that begs the question why /etc/heartd.conf and /etc/breathed.conf weren't setup to modprobe the drivers on startup.

On the other hand, if heartd or breathed aren't running, and Graham is just running with the driver defaults, then don't let him do anything at all strenuous, or he could easily pass out.

Oh, and BTW, in the final scene, the cameraman's reflection is visible in the glass of the left-hand picture on the wall.

Well done in all respects!!

Love the new episode! Keep up the great work!

I will call it...the eye patch! Great episode.

Linux is my main operating system because my computer isn't a gaming one. I love it.
Does your desktop become a 3D cube of desktops? Do your windows wobble when you drag them?

Oh my God I love the wobbly windows! And being able to have a browser in one station and a document in another, both fullscreen.

OT: Every new Linux user I know does this. Seriously, it's addictive installing it I swear! It started off on a memory stick for drive maintenance and now it's my primary desktop OS and my only netbook one. Thankfully I didn't quite get round to the PSP.


Yeah I went on Linux rampage once aswell. It's when you figure out that you dont want to 'use' any of them because it takes forever to learn how to.
This was a realy good episode the first time. I saw no need in a remake but since some of the lines were tweaked it was kind of worth it. If this remake thing is to be common remake Omi-Lingual simply because it was awesome.

I'm stealing that, it's such a common occurrence with some of my mates that it needs a name. 'Linux Rampage' fits it well, it really is like an uncontrollable, obnoxious frenzy to try and install it before the laptop is reclaimed by it's owner.

I remember when I went through my Linux phase. It is an open-source marvel though.

That was like watching the whole XKCD archive in 10 minutes!

Also, your cameraman was visible in a picture at the end. Nice camera :P

I shat myself at 3:06. it was the moment Granham got too close to the other person's face and had a homophobic moment.

You guys have an awesome house! Whats the rent on that like?


oddly enough i liek linux. better than windows and mac for me. not great for games but it can work

It's scary to think that there are people who would install Linux on a toilet.

Its funny how they were joking around about installing Linux on the Wii and the IPod. When you jailbreak an IPod you put a Linux based OS on it. Also the hacked Wii OS named Homebrew is also Linux based.

i love all the buildup for an eye patch joke

Oh Paul, yeah I do this all the time lolz
He forgot the dead badger ~_^

But you can't install linux on a PS3! ITS MADNESS!.

Installing linux in a person is perfectly feasible though.

well the [body] tags in html now seem more relevent

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