Critical Miss: #5

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Time to settle this "videogames as art" debate once and for all.

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Also, great comic again, love the set-up there :D

I just have to say, that the article about Ultrajoe in there brought me much joy. Keep on going with the series it's coming along nicely.

Violence solves everything. If it doesn't, you're just not using enough violence.

Also, what's up with their necks in the first panel? Either their necks are off-center or they're hunchbacks...

Nice costume. And nice Ultrajoe article about "futuristic shit". And "GAM"FAQS.

I would have probably used the svaerdstave the Hitgirl had in her first encounter with Kick Ass. But that's just me.

Hehe... violence. ^^

T'was very funny, keep it up!

Yay Violence!

Calumon: I think our Joe is pretty Ultra.

Ughhh, hate me and Ebert for it, but i feel this episode is a little weak.

Nice art, but the joke, the joke is just not funny.

2 cents, keep it up guys...

That shouldn't have been funny, but it was.

I lol'd.

I must buy that newspaper

You know, the actual Ebert is in even worse shape than that, what with not having a jaw and all.

Awesome comic, keep em' coming.

And no, my Joe is not ultra enough.

Dan Shive:
You know, the actual Ebert is in even worse shape than that, what with not having a jaw and all.


OT: Eh, not that funny.

Okay then. I guess the promise this comic showed disappeared quick. Sorry.

wish i had something good to say. guess i missed the point ._.

is the whole setup just so i have to squint at a Background article? oO

I feel this was a bit... It could be quite offensive to Ebert. It's a bit in bad taste.

Oh well, I had myself a chuckle anyway.

Love the Ultrajoe Cameo!
Oh Decoy, you and your community ties. We love you for it.
Great comic! Can't wait for more!

I laughed pretty hard.

It's so wrong but so funny. I always love these comics, keep up the good work.

Hilarious! I am sure a few people would enjoy see him eat his own words...I know im one of them!

Best. Superhero costume. Ever.

This one had me in stitches

I am loving these webcomics, you have to keep making them. They are an ever rising star in the west!

Great commic, but where is the hamster in the top right frame?

"The hard way motherfucker" hahaha

yay for violence

Hehe... I love the irony in this strip. Well done.

Also, the Ultrajoe cameo has me still laughing. Great job.

I love all the little details in the newspaper, especially the part describing Erin as "being crazier than a box of ferrets on meth". The wit put into even minor little things like that is just priceless.

i really enjoy this character. excellent!

That was clever.

But i honestly laughed at Ultrajoe more.

Still a good comic, keep it up.

I don't get it. :(

Ohhh, come on, movies aren't THAT bad as an art form :/

Since Ebert hated Kick Ass anyway, he probably wouldn't change his mind.

Man, a lot of party poopers in the comments. I loved the comic. It was quite entertaining.

This was horrible and far funnier than it should be. I am both amused and ashamed. You should be proud. :)

Yeah, the hamster saves the comic again. Still waiting for the pretense of the "main story" to be dropped.

Focus on the hamster and the side jokes.. it'll be golden.

- Tir

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