Stolen Pixels #198: Breen Fortress, Part 4

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Gun bomb... Crafty...
Oh, and Spoiler Warning is awesome.

Okay, I want this serialized, syndicated, and stereotyped. Between this episode and where Rohrshach was a guest, I am completely sold on After Curfew.
Too bad about the band. But hey, can always have Johnathan Coulton on as a guest player. Or maybe Black Mesa. You know the rest...



Guys, this is not the venue for this. Take it outside, and to the left. Mind the step, we are on a very high tower. There ya go. All the way down.

Well, someone did indeed die. xD

Nice one, wasn't expecting that little twist.

Aw, I liked the band. Great comic as always, Mister Young.

Giving a gun that is a bomb is really clever. That way the dick head who actually pulled the trigger would be the one to die.

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