Rebecca Mayes Muses: Heavy Rain

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...There are two things wrong with this. One is Heavy Rain, two is the video.

This is currently the second most commented song that shes' ever done.

Wonder why that is. (unsarcastic)

Rebecca i have told you in an earlier comment that i love when you get out of your comfort zone and try some more dance friendly stuff.
This is in my opinion an homage to she songs of Sade and the videos of Kate Bush.
When you combine this it gets really really good.

I could go without the mud, it just looked nasty, but the shots with the cows were great.
Usually its a big no no to film animals, they rarely behave as you want.

Well, keep it up, you have a fanbase and i see great things in your future.

the video (not the song) reminded me a lot of Kate Bush

I loved the hypnotic and relaxing atmosphere this song and instrumentation created for me. Really wonderful.

And I was pretty oblivious to the 'armpit hair' issue, I think it was far outweighed by your camera person's thumb in the frame during your earthy section. That was unfortunate.

Love having both a song and an interpretive dance.

Well done!

had no idea what ws going on in that video
tune ws quite cool but no subtitles so i had no iea what ws being sung

To some early comments: leotards are fairly common in interpretative dance, which is exactly what she did.

I think it's a good attempt at a different kind of style, but could be heavily misinterpreted in comparison to other songs that you've done, Rebecca. Many seemed to have done so. The mud was a touch that was ironically taking the song to two different extremes depending on initial point of view.

as for the cows thing.
if you ever get a chance, run out into a field of cows, get their attention, then lay down on your back staring up at the sky. in about a minute or two they will wander over and stare at you with cow curiosity. coolest thing ever


This has become my new favorite (I'll admit partially for the wrong reasons) mostly because I think she's on to something with this techno persuasion. She's got the kind of soft voice that flows very naturally with a good beat in the background. It may not be her usual MO that we've come to expect but damned if it isn't a great song! ^.^

I hope we get to hear more of these "experiments" in the future.

Well... that was mildly terrible. I know music is subjective and everything but this song is just so shallow and (dare I say it) lazily done. This type of song needs to have a wide array of layers and all I could here was vocals that were too soft and a repeating bass line.

I still look forward to the day where you come out with something that is more than just words about a game over instruments. I want a song instead.

This is so unusual... I LOVE IT!
Writhing is sexy.

The video is certainly unique and takes a lot of risks. The song was interesting, although I had a really hard time making out the lyrics because they were so soft.

I played Heavy Rain and loved it, despite its many flaws. I don't see what the video has to do with Heavy Rain other than the clips of the game. I also thought the scenes chosen from Heavy Rain were not indicative of the game as a whole. Why show Ethan with a gun? He only has a gun for a few scenes in the game. His character wasn't about violence or gunplay and neither was the game. The video showed guns, car chases, the police breaking down doors. If you looked at the clips used in this video alone, you would think Heavy Rain is an action game instead of the character-driven, psychological mystery that it is. I don't think this video captures the essence of Heavy Rain at all.

I must say this was a very differant style for you, and it was pretty cool. While it seems most are probably going to be talking about you rolling around in the mud, I was actually pretty impressed with your dancing. I had no idea you were that flexible or could move like that. Your definatly a lot more versatile as an entertainer than I at first expected.

Good job overall, and despite what people might say, I wouldn't be afraid to experiment with differant generes of music. The beat and soft singing was a very cool change.

Well, I liked it. The opening, on the floor, was particularly well done. The dancing, and the mud... I'm not sure. I didn't see anything overtly sexual about it. Not half as explicit as the average pop star vid these days, certainly. If anything, it seemed a bit too odd for its own good. I want to say pretentious, but you're a solo writer/performer/video producer living in the boonies writing video game review songs and growing forbidden body hair, so I suppose you can be as avant-garde as you like :).

Pit hair reduces friction and aids in temperature control, too.

Also, the cows are awesome.

wow. not like she's not trying to get someone's attention with this or something. liked it, though

Well it was definitely different. While I have not watched all your videos I can say that I liked the different sound. The video its self did not quite work for me.

Definitely different from the usual songs that I have heard from Mayes. However, this is actually one of the few songs that I can actually play while I am going to sleep! Good to see the experimentation

I just found it very hypnotic for some reason

You dirty litle kitty!
You dirty litle kitty!
Youre a dirty litle kitty!!!
You dirty lit*gets slaped behind the head* umhhh nice vid and i loved the beat...verry nice compliments awesome girl u are...xD

awww I thought you were naked in the preview thumbnail >.<

TITS OR GTFO!!!!11!!one!!

While not my tastes, you put yourself out there, tired something and get people to react. Something in that, but not my favorite.

This was Representative of the emotional drama of Heavy Rain...It was awkward.

Justpicked up "Don't Lose Your Head" from iTunes. Keep up the Muses but more songs not related to the site please!

Locrican, please eat scat and expire.

Interesting new direction to take... Considering the video was making a visual stament and experessing an idea I think we can move away from the idea of 'art for art's sake' if a message is being convayed.
It's good to try new stuff and I aplaude Rebecca for stepping out and doing something different.

Honestly, I quite admire your growing of underarm hair. Your message is sound and intelligently scrutinizing the absurdity of modern beauty standards. Why do women shave their underarm hair? Men enjoy it? The women enjoy it? It's something of a tradition, one I can't fully understand. We just sort of do it, again with women shaving their legs, it's just something passed down without any real examination. Presumably it makes one more presentable for a mate, or some such animalistic hubbub. Yet nothing substantiated by personal desire, it's taught but not addressed. Women should do this, end of question. When in reality, no, nobody should need to do anything so subjective and obviously personal. I appreciate what you're doing and its relation to the game reviewed.

I wanted you to branch out and prove your artistic medal further; this certainly helps.

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