Escape to the Movies: Prince of Persia

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I'm sorry but this movie was a mess. Clash of the titans was a lot better and I can't see a reason to go see this movie at the cinema, unless ... you have a lobotomized girlfriend and you are overdue to walk her out of the house.

Modern-day Iran is nowhere near India. True. However, modern-day borders are often only tangentially related to the great empires of old. The Roman republic and empire spread further than modern Italy. India used to be balkanised into many different independent states. Pharaonic Egypt at various moments in time ruled as far south as most of Sudan, and as far north as Lebanon. Turkey is a mere shadow of the Ottoman Empire, whch ruled pretty much the entire Middle East and the Balkans for centuries. Achaemenid and Sassanid Persia, the two great Persian empires, were much, much larger than Iran is today. The Achaemenid empire especially is one of the largest empires in the world (IIRC not in the top-whatever, but still significant enough to be worth mentioning). Their lands stretched from Anatolia (Turkey) to the Sinai (and IIRC they occupied Egypt at some point too), north to the Caucasus and Central Asia (now home to a gaggle of tiny post-Soviet states) to the Indian Subcontinent. The Persian empires, be they Achaemenid, Sassanid, Hellenistic Seleucid or any I'm forgetting, always had close ties to India, and trade (and warfare) was rife. The pride of the Persian armies were the war elephants, imported from India (and often with Indian handlers to boot).

Even disregarding the common border on land, trade and other contact would be very much possible by sea. There's a reason it's called the Persian Gulf - and it opens into the Indian ocean. Coastal trade was very common since long before the Achaemenids, and it remained a major factor for long after the Sassanids. Persian, Arabian, Indian and even Chinese traders made the Indian Ocean a hotbed of commerce, connecting everything from the African East Coast to the Pacific in one giant interwoven web of trade.

One other constant factor of the various Persian and Arabian empires, right up until about the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, was a very tolerant cosmopolitanism, and people from various races and various geographical backgrounds could become rich and powerful on their own merit. So an Indian vizier, or at least one of Indian descent with visible Indian traits, is a distinct possibility.

Just my €0.02 on the matter of historical relations. It's kind of my thing. It's amazing how little people actually know about history, and even more amazing that they don't realise just how little they actually know even if they're aware of it. But that's a whole different rant.

"Hitman" with Timothy Olefont was the first good movie based off a video game.

I believe, but i could be completely off base here, that at the time of the setting of the movie; Persia was occupied/taken over by the British.

it should explain the accents, and some of the whitewashing if it is the case.

I just got this in the mail today and I must say it was pretty good. Definitely the best movie based on a video game I have seen.

When I first saw this at the movie theater I was expecting it to suck. But I had to go because I loved the Prince of Persia video games.

By the end of the movie I was baffled that it was actually good. I couldn't believe it. Jake even surprised me as a pretty good cast for the Prince. This is one of the only movies I've went back to see three times in the theater...Besides Lord of the Rings. Those were a masterpiece.

Hopefully Hollywood will use this as an example of what video game movies could be, if not better!

I strongly disagree. it was not a good movie. it was not a good interpretation of the game. it was a really bad movie.

I know this video was posted a while ago, but an indian playing a persian is quite accurate. More so than a watered down Jew like Jake Gyllenhaal... so that I don't get flagged as a racist by some thin skinned dweeb, I'm a watered down Jew lol

EDIT: because i have a lot of Persian friends and they have a lot of Indian characteristics

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