"You just can’t get through a sum as big as this..."

The sordid tale of Gizmondo is one of my favorite tales of excess from the industry. They managed to blow through 160,000,000 (which is almost...Dr. Evil Voice...three hundred MILLION dollars according to one currency converter I consulted) in 18 months.

I know reading British papers instantly marks me as pretentious--which I am--but I was skimming the Times and found this article covering the rise and fall of the company. It's something right out of the 80s, glorious in its excesses.

Original Comment by: Patrick
Wow, that is an inspiring tale of how you can live a ridiculously luxurious life with nothing substantial to support it.

It reminds me of a long episode of Hustle.

Original Comment by: Mike

I would like to see if you had any thoughts or revisions to this article, now that E3 has passed?


Maybe this has already been covered in another post or article, but

Do you think any of these arguments or opinions change after all the post E3dom rumblings?

Well, I thought he was wrong to begin with, and still think he's wrong. :) Nintendo has been around since the late 1800s and have faced down and survived hundreds of challengers in various arenas over the years. Despite all the sound and the fury, Nintendo is still the only company that makes money on every console they sell, rather than taking a $200-300 loss.

Original Comment by: Mike
I agree, there are a lot of problems I have with the article. Namely the PSP being the dominate handheld and the perceptions on the DS. Sure there are crappy game ports with weak "touch" ons for the DS, but look at the top 10 games in Japan right now, 9 out of the 10 are DS. With 100 plus titles shipping by the end of the year, I think DS is going to blow the PSP out of the water. UMD is dead and the majority of the games on the PSP are just bad ports from older games. "Revolution dead on arrival?" I don't think that statement can be soundly accurate at this point in time. "Failed Hardware." You can't always succeed without failure and learning from your past mistakes. Do we just sit back and expect that everything that comes out of Nintendo is golden gaming for the masses? I rather see them attempt new ventures then see a poor revisions of a tired controller.


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