Game People Calling: Now You’re Just Being Difficult

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Kojiro ftt:
If it never got more difficult, then it would naturally get easier. You are supposed to be improving, learning, and getting better as you go along. Just like school. Did you fail at that, too?

You've completely missed the point. Its complaing about when said diffculty curve gets to steep and gets to a point where you cant continue becasue its got to difficult to fast.

In an ideal world difficulty settings would be dynamic. You sellect the rough difficulty you think will be appropriate to your ability and then whether you want it to be easy for you, hard for you etc. Now the syetem would clearly take time to calibrate on you and wouldnt always get it right.

Dynamic diifuculty has been attempted with varying degrees of sucess. A few even ask you if you want to make things easier or harder if the game thinks that you're having a hard time or to easy a time.

At least one of the Brother in Arms games would quitely respawn incapped squad members if you died on the same section a few times in a row.

Objectively it should be harder at the end than at the beggining, but being to aware of the game getting harder shouldnt be.

THe point of a difficulty curve is it keeps the player challenged, if its to steep it can just put people off. Any half decent teacher could tell you that. In the board game analogy you don't teach someone the b asics of chess, give them a few games vs the local club hacks and then put them infront of Kasparov! And ocasiionally I have played games that have pulled tricks that seemed like that.

Maybe difficulty settings should set how fast the difficulty ramps up.

On easy it'd start off slowly, and at the end wouldn't be much faster. Still maintaining a climatic challenge for those who aren't great at games.
Then on hard mode it'd start off easy, still so gamers can learn the ropes if it's a first playthrough, but by the end of the game it becomes really punishing.

All games need a learning curve, and should have it on every setting. Hard would assume the player is a much faster learner and is in for a real challenge.

If i could focus all the rage this article induced in me and focus it into a corporeal weapon of destruction and then direct this BFG at all the craven unbeings on this forsaken planet known as "casual gamers" I would revel in the opportunity to slaughter your weak and pathetic kind. "Oh but waaah we need to make games more accessable for retarded children, geriatrics in nursing homes, soccer moms, and the brain damaged jocks" FUCK! THAT! SHIT! If anything we need to make games more elietist than ever, franchises are being molested by the casual gaming cancer (yes all of you tetris loving, farmville addicted wastes of flesh are a fucking cancer). And I saw my favorite word in this article "sports", if you want to play footbal so God Damn bad go outside and play it for anti christ's sake. Sports titles should be banned from this industry, it was an atroccity that should never have been allowed to come to fruition in the first place, but now those of us who actually know what the flying fuck a game is supposed to be (e.g. Megaman, Ninja Gaiden, Contra, Doom, Duke Nukem, ect.) have to suffer lack luster unchallenging sequels that can be beaten in a day. I cannot belive the balless english pussies are complaning about the difficulty in Super Mario Galaxy! Jesus do you twats complain about making toast?! Is that to difficult for you as well?! I know im using a lot of big and harsh words here, but those of us with LEARNING CURVES and COGNITIVE FUNCTIONS will agree that you people should shut the fuck up turn on Martha Stweart, of Monday Night Football and leave us alone.

Think of it this way, all you unevolved squibs complaing that Mario is too hard probably were popular in high school, played sports, or were in the band. These are all elietist groups that enjoy and promote exclusion. Hmm lets see and whom did you exclude exactly? Oh wow huh look at that THE NERDY GAMER KIDS, we have every right to exclude you and make this hobby inaccessible with higher difficulty settings it's revenge for all of you assholes from years of oppression and humiliation. And now that you see us happy and having fun you want in on it, and you want it to be all about your wants. I'm only going to say this one more time, fuck you, fuck your families, fuck your sports. Kill youselves and save the real gamers the effort and stained white button up shirts.

Petromir take the ice pack off your vagina and play Megaman you pussy. Then you can whine about difficulty and "dynamic settings". Oh wait Megaman games only have 1 setting "Kick your teeth down your throat!" if you can't make it past Cutman kill yourself.

The normal "difficulty settings" selections are rather primitive given the ways in which you can customize other elements of game play (think of all the graphics settings you can select on a computer game).

Instead of just giving the player a "volume knob" of low, middle, high, extreme, which actually involves a combination of several factors (enemy intelligence, speed, strength, endurance, weaponry, numbers, type; your strength, speed, endurance, weaponry; availability of helpful items, save-points, extra lives, etc.), it would be nice to have more of a "sound-board" set of sliders to select different combinations of these factors.

Maybe some people would like to run in terror from an overpowered enemy with nothing but a flyswatter and underwear to protect themselves with. That's a challenge. Others might like having increasingly powerful enemies but to be an overpowered behemoth themselves. Maybe some might like having an incredibly challenging level but with forgiving continuation / respawning options, while others might see the challeng in simply removing the ability to save / continue frequently.

Some games really need a difficulty curve. Particualrly the ones where your character gets new skills and abilities. Sure it is harder having to utilitze an increasing number of skills, but in my experience with Ninja Gaiden Black, amusingly, the first level turned out to be one of the hardest in the game, due to Ryu's utter lack of abilities at that point in the game.

On the other hand, as LIMBO demonstrated, sometimes offering different challenges is just as good as offering harder ones.

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