Escape to the Movies: Splice

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i heard about the film on then net but not much in the our media. i though it was going to be bad rip off movie. guess i was wrong

One more good movie i had never heard of and i now know thanks to movie bob and the escapist :)

Another long wait for a DVD release for me then.
My local small cinema insists on showing crap and I have to travel like, 40 miles to the nearest decent cinema!
I missed Iron Man 2, I missed Kick Ass!, I'm missing Prince of Persia and now I'm gonna miss this.
Screw you crappy local cinema company for not showing movies I want to see!

I saw this movie before I watched this review. And I must say, I agree on almost every single one of your points. I for one wasn't too fond of the action climax, but I absolutely loved everything else about it. It's a shame it's being marketed the way it is, really.

Herr Wozzeck:
I saw this movie before I watched this review. And I must say, I agree on almost every single one of your points. I for one wasn't too fond of the action climax, but I absolutely loved everything else about it. It's a shame it's being marketed the way it is, really.

Just to be clear, people in "Marketing" aren't actually people, not in the technical sense. They're ... something else. They don't understand our language, they can't comprehend complex ideas like suspense or drama (explosions and slapstick seem to be the limit of their capabilities), and usually the only thing they know about the product they are pitching is the title and how much they have available to spend.

Don't believe me, click here.

argh I have to wait till august 6th for this! :'(

Wow I'm completely surprised by this review! I thought this movie looked terrible and I had no interest in seeing it. Now Bob comes along touting the film's awesomeness! Now I'll have to see it.

Look I was on the fence about this one and bob pushed me to the "for" side of the fence. On actual science being involved in the Sci-Fi, yes, I'm all for that, especially the fact they attack the crazed scientists as opposed to the science they practice. (I'm a huge fan of Sci-fi, and yes I have read Frankenstein)


I hope it plays in my area. I have a feeling it won't. :-(

Why? Where do you live?

South Korea, for the time being. American movies make their way here, but usually they are of the "blockbuster" variety.

I am highly impressed. When I first saw the tv trailer I didn't know what what going on but now I'm happy that a great bio engineering science flick is available as supposed to that one character from forgetting sarah marshall being kept alive for get him to the greek and I really dread the though of what michael bay will do to the TMNT franchise yet I really can't say much till I see the trailer.


I would rule it out, because things that aren't ENTIRELY human have to work hard to get me (not impossible though: Liara from Mass Effect).

On that subject, am I the only one who finds that Dren looks strikingly similar to a certain character from Mass Effect 2? I mean, minus all the tattoos? Anyone else see a resemblance?

That said... this movie looks excellent, just need to get some money together so I can go see it.

Do not put commercials I can't skip into my escapist clips or I will stop watching them. You have been warned.

They get paid to show those commercials, and the commercials are pretty essential to keeping the site running. How do you think they earn the money necessary to pay the guy doing the video? Kinda like how you get free TV, and have to sit through the ads. Even Youtube is doing forceful ads before videos now. If you don't want commercials, put up a $20 (I think it's $20) donation to the site, and you will view the entire site completely ad free among other perks.

the human centipede thing doesnt feel real to me. like, i can barely believe it was actually made. and i really have no fondness for that sort of batshit insane garbage, so im likely to shield my eyes whenever i happen to pass it in the video store (if they even consent to carry it). ive seen reviews for it, and i agree with every syllable of condemnation that it has received.

as for splice, it looks interesting. something ide like to see.

Wow, I'm surprised. Judging from the trailers, i expected something like a bad "Species" rip-off (not as if Species was a good film on its own...). Might check it out.

Dren makes me think of a xenomorph from aliens.

anyone else get that vibe?

OT: this years district 9? Im having a hard time believing that. well... maybe its just district 9 was more MY thing... with action out the ass and whatnot. Ill make sure to see it in the offchance my dad is off work this weekend.

"uncomfortable fan art" i died at that part it was so funny.

"Haha, chubby man fall down go boom" is the highlight of the video, but it's also convinced me I want to see this movie more than I already was convinced. Thank you.

You people sound all excited, but you have no idea how mind raped you're gonna be when it's over O.o

Especially you girls.

While I was expecting Movie Bob to review this, I was hoping for his opinion on Get Him to the Greek. I read The Chronicle, and this paper gave it a good review. Now I don't necessarily like all the Chronicles reviews, but they have it a 5/5, which I haven't seen in a while, especially for a comedy. Wish Movie Bob would write counter arguments for other articles, I'd read that in a heart beat.

Here's the review for those interested,

Diamond in the rough, huh?
I'll go for it, definitely :D

I'm going to assume by "this year's District 9" you mean an above-average if critically over-rated recycling of genre cliches (even though I know you don't) that dips in quality after the middle of Act 2 yet remains enjoyable. In all seriousness: sign me up to see this!

BTW no year when Kick-ass is released is a bad year for movies. Yeah I realise it was out months ago, but despite being an indie film it's just as much of an example of the system working as this will be.

Guess I know what I'm gonna watch next week. Thanks Movie Bob. ^_^

totally have to see this one :D

Will definitley check this out on DVD (it won't come to my town).

I'm surprised Bob didn't mention Guillermo Del Toro's involvement in the production and how everything he touches is bad ass.

Don't you think moviebob is going to write an upcoming "Intermission" about wierd/hot looking things in movies that end up on deviant art?

Never even heard of this movie. Guess that means it'll be a few months until it actually comes out here in the UK. Seriously, is it just me or are we brits really getting a longer and longer gap between Americans getting the movie and then us. Up was practically out on DVD in America by the time it arrived here <_<

Wow, i must see this. I haven't heard a thing about this, plus i can't find it anywhere on Odeon in the UK. Is it coming out in the UK?

I just got back from seeing Splice after seeing this review. It was on my radar but not too high, and I was going to wait for DVD. This review changed my mind and was not disappointed from seeing it in theater. My roommate and I will typically on the way back to the car talk about plot problems, you know, what didn't work or didn't make sense. We were virtually silent on the way, he mentioned getting refills of our drinks on the way out. It was that damn solid. Anything we thought of as problematic on the ride home was mostly quibbling about what we would've done differently in their situation.

how the deuce have i not even heard about this film. it looks fantastic.
there hasn't been so much as a trailer/poster/mention of it here in the UK.
wtf guys.

does any one know its uk release date?

Thank you moviebob now i have yet another movie i have to go see.

Meh it looks alright but I prob won't go out an see it.

I'm going to see this in about an hour... Thank you moviebob, thank you for getting me overexcited and not able to wait one hour to see this.

Sounds like a pretty awesome movie. I totally plan to see this!

Nice review, but honestly, has movie bob ever said a movie was bad? It feels like he ends every review with 'go watch this movie'. Personally, this movie tends to veer away from all the high brow stuff he talked about, and just goes towards horror movie at the end. It's not bad, but it's not all that good.

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