The Final Fantasy VII Remake is a Fantasy

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They have all of the gameplay, abilities, locations, materia system, it's all there.

If it means this would take 40 years, than that means Square Enix is admitting that they will never make any game even ONE EIGHTH as expansive as FFVII since that would be five years (NOT counting all the FFVII work already done!

I'm not ok with that.

Also, the story may not take long, but balancing all of the combat so that nothing is overpowered and all the abilities work as they should takes a CRAPLOAD of time, every single enemy and balanced combat mechanic is already built.

This would all be a very good point if it weren't for several counter-points.

1. You don't have to make everything traversable. You could make an FFVII remake like Final Fantasy XIII with the corridors in everything but the open world, because that's how the original game was.

2. The cost would, more than likely, be -instead of- a new Final Fantasy game at the time, rather than in addition to, and it would be offset by the sales of the game.

3. Square is already set up for undertakings like this. You can say "Oh, Final Fantasy XIII took four years". But no, Final Fantasy XIII took four years while Square continued working on numerous other projects including a large-scale MMO in XIV and Versus XIII as well.

This is kind of a pointless article, but I guess I see that you're trying to set people straight or something. The truth remains that we all know a remake would not be some easy, simple job that's half done. No one's saying that.

But it's still a job Square could actually accomplish. Today's graphics may be really expensive, but Square's got a lot of money. It may take a ton of work, but Square's got a lot of people. And it may take a lot of time, but so does everything good that's worked on these days.

The fact remains that there's only one, in all of Square's long, long list of games, that millions of people are actually calling on them to remake, and regardless of such obstacles, it's a very valid possibility they'll revisit the option at some point.

You know had they started it when they first showed the tech demo they'd probably be almost done by now rather than just bitch about how impossible it is.

But it cost a lot of money wah wah wah. So did Avatar, to use the auther's example, and that made almost 3 billion greenbacks. And it sucked! Native American aliens, GTFO.

Fantastic post sir, I applaud it.

If I've said it before, a million times it seems, just remake it in the same vein as the FF III and IV DS titles, but make it for the PSP. Crisis Core proved that world can look really nice on the small screen. Other than that, don't change anything as far as the gameplay mechainics are concerned.

They should make Vincent and Yuffie required characters in the remake though, and that leaves the door open for an extra sidequest or two.

So Square Enix is saying that they can't make big games anymore, because it would take this long?

That's insane, they just admitted that because of modern graphics, their games will never be 1/4 as big as Final Fantasy VII was, that's much more serious than just saying they won't make FFVII again.

At least Enix has a line >.<. Aye ya, Square died a long time ago, I don't think Enix needs to dable where they don't belong. They already made a load of mistakes in FF13, and they need to keep those in mind when releasing FF14 and Ff13 Versus, to stop from losing the fans they've gained over the years from previous ventures. As a fan of the series, I stopped playing when SquareSoft left the center stage and Squenix took up the throne. The kingdom won't ever be the same, but it doesn't mean things can't get better. Change isn't so bad, but back tracking just revitalizes past mistakes.

It seems Shamus has taken it upon himself to make a prediction about what can be done with technology.

Classic mistake.

A wee bit off topic: I bought Black Sigil a week ago and have been enjoying it thus far. The characters are very attachable and the story is interesting. My only gripe is that I'm literally getting attacked every two steps, and there was nothing in the manual that told me how to run from a battle - which I later learned was holding B for 10 to 30 seconds while the baddies beat the living tar out of me. Still, good game.

A wee bit on topic: I can see why they would not do a first-person-view setting of FF7 with a full 3d 360 degree view of the world. I don't even want them to. But aren't they thinking a little too hard into this impossible remake? While there is a vast difference between games, Monkey Island still updated its graphics. They didn't do impossible changes to the scenery or re-invent the wheel to do it. They took what was there, keeping the exact same game mechanics, and made it prettier, then added voices (albeit annoying voices). In fact, if FF7 just upgraded its original look in towns and made the same basic sprites prettier (I'm not talking full 3d models, just late-ps2-like sprites, without even adding voices, it would still profit a ton without breaking the bank. They don't even have to do that. They could just update all of the cutscenes to look prettier and I'm sure fans would be happy.

Instead they want to copy something like FFXIII and redo everything. That, in itself, would be impossible.

tbh they should just release 7-9 on retail as Final Fantasy Last Games Most Fans Liked or something.

Crunchy English:

Besides guys, Final Fantasy 4 better.

I.. you.. don't you mean 3(6)? I mean, yeah 4 was better than 7, but neither were the best of the series. 7 was a downgrade from 6 made pretty, and was just.. the story.. so vapid and trite. Then again I am on record as being vehemently opposed to crappy Japanese love story / triangle crap revolving around a number of androgynous smirking kids.

There was a pretty clear line of demarcation between 6 and 7 that marked the end of one type of FF game and the start of another. 7 was so successful because it was a primitive type -- still enough like the previous version of FF to have a decent (entertain. ish. at least. kinda.) story, but had a mad dash of the NEW type -- the shiny pretty graphics-uber-alles FF model that's been progressing along pretty well and without any surprises since 7.

Squareenix just keeps trying to shoot the moon graphically with every single new FF game. Set the bar a little lower, guys! If you're trying too hard, your best effort will always come out a little lacking because you were reaching too far above your ability (and time) and it only makes the rest of the game suffer. Which is basically what they're saying -- "We make our games so pretty that the rest of the game must suffer; we cannot make a game like FF7 again because we would spend too much time on its graphics!). They're the only ones saying that. Yes, if you are going to make the game in such-and-such manner you probably can say it'd take too long. So... don't make the game in such-and-such manner. Maybe, if everyone still thinks 7 was best, and under your current production procedure making such a game would be impossible... maybe fans and everyone would prefer if you'd change to be more like the previous title. If you want to go graphics crazy, make a movie! Wait. No. GET A GOOD SCRIPT, then make a movie. Then make a game that's not moulded as per the demands of graphics-creation, since people don't LIKE these games, and one more like 7. Or better yet more like 6. Megaman 9 seemed to do pretty well. There's a dearth of games with enjoyable gameplay and a glut of games that are little more than graphical showcases. Final Fantasy is exactly the type of game that could really show everyone that gameplay taking the front seat back from graphical fetishes actually can make an enjoyable game. I don't think gamers have forgotten that, but the big game houses seem to have no clue.


Crunchy English:

Besides guys, Final Fantasy 4 better.

I.. you.. don't you mean 3(6)? snip

Nope, meant 4. Or 2, if you refuse to keep up with the times.

Also, jeez man, heck of a rant. Not that you're the only one. I find it hard to get that worked up over FF, its not only not the best JRPG series, its not even the best Square made. Well, maybe it is, depends on whether you call Chrono Trigger a series.

I always thought 6 was better than 4. least they didn't go to the moon and have one party member get killed off and then immediately replaced by a different character model and name.. with all the same abilities.

The rant was less aimed directly at Final Fantasy and more at what it represents in general -- that graphics are the singular defining feature that all other aspects of the game must defer to. Final Fantasy started down that road in my opinion with 7 and has just continued pretty linearly from that point.. along with most the rest of the gaming industry I suppose. I think that's shitty, and I've got just over a decade of BAWW over it stored up. Honestly, I don't want to stare at a loading screen for 5 minutes just so I can look at some cutting-edge-but-still-crappy CG effects deliver some trite plot point that doesn't matter and I don't care about as I hold down and mash every button possible to skip through it faster.

That doesn't address why they don't just do a straight port to the DS and call it a day.

You make a very good point.

I still believe that a remake of FF VII would sell better than FF XV.

I can see why, when constantly making new games(pray that Final Fantasy 13 VS is as good as the original 13 was linear) it'd be a problem to remake the game. But then again, just because the graphics aren't that good by nowadays standards doesn't mean that it's not fun to play the original, I mean I'm content to go back to the original from time to time and just enjoy playing it. Although I say that, a man can always dream that they will remake it, perhaps without the voice acting though

This. Very much this. I think a big reason they don't want to remake it is that it would be kinda redundant to do so. Just because the original it isn't shiny new and all purdy doesn't mean it stops being a good game.

Also, we all cried foul when George Lucas did the Star Wars digital remake, but we're basically asking for the same thing with a game here. Okay, maybe I don't quite get it, but it's kinda like selling a game that you know everyone has already seen and played.

I said before, a long time ago on these very forums that maybe we should examine just what made FFVII so good and so memorable and make a new game with an original story that captures that atmosphere and sense of grand adventure... but I guess that's what they've been trying and (arguably) failing to do ever since.

As Danallighieri above me said, just because you don't get a shiny new remake doesn't mean you can't still enjoy the original.


If SE is to be believed, XIII versus will have the same levels of freedom you're used to from previous final fantasy games. But it doesn't even matter. If Crytek can make a completelly new engine and a massive sandbox game in 3 years, with levels of detail well above what someone would expect from a FFVII remake, why can't FF devs make one in a realistic ammount of time, specially if they use the already existing engine from XIII/XIIIv?

I know 40 years is an hiperbole, but they use it to imply an unrealistic amount of time. No game has ever taken that kind of time to make before, so why should the FFVII remake?

The bolded part presents the first issue; I'm still waiting for my Japanese voices in Final Fantasy XIII. The Playstation 3 was supposed to get those, I haven't seen them. The state of Final Fantasy VII and XIII are factual, what Square Enix is doing with Final Fantasy XIII Versus is any once guess.

Your argument of why can't B do C if A can do C doesn't fly either; A isn't B and B isn't A. So just because A can do C, doesn't mean B is supposedly factually capable of doing C as well. The world doesn't work that way, different developers work differently. You're oversimplifying the issue by trying to say this.

If you know it's a hyperbole, then what's the issue? It simply is their way of saying; it'll take far too long.

Where is Shamus? He's been quoted tons of times from this article from people with opposing viewpoints, I would really like to hear his rebuttal.

So, Shamus, your argument boils down to:

- Final Fantasy VII was made within the much less constricting limitations of the hardware of two generations ago.

- Therefore, making it again would be ten times as expensive.

- If it will be ten times as expensive, it will not be feasible.

Let's look at the implications of your argument, which I find rather more important:

- Making a Final Fantasy game now that's ten times as linear as FFVII is supposedly justified because of the extra costs in having an open world in full 3D.

- A game like that is going to be canned for being "too linear", by your own standards and those of the Western games reviewing industry. FFXIII suffered from this reaction already.

The above leads to two even more disturbing notions:

- Square cannot make critically acclaimed games of the same kind as they used to without breaking budget constrictions. They will therefore need to change their approach or continue making games that reviewers consider far inferior to FFVII. Likely, any change of approach would have to include reducing expenses in some way. There is no way that their Public Relations Department will allow them to drop graphical expenses, so in some way they will have to lower quality or copy-and-paste systems on the gameplay level.

- Considering the growing expenses of graphics and proper animation, the other artful sides of game development, namely scripts and writing may be allotted far less skilled workers. Therefore, over time, games might become as pretty as Avatar, but as blandly written as a bad anime.

I think that your core argument is logical enough, Shamus, but the details of the consequences of said argument deserve more attention than a vague counter-initiative aimed at fan dismay for a game concept that won't even reach the Beta stage.

If people keep annoying them about it they should make it the next duke nukem or starcraft ghost.

They can talk about it maybe even release some game play footage then a few months before release, oh never mind we can't finish the game.

Sure people would be all pissy about it but we all know the fans would say screw square enix I'll never buy from them again up until the next final fantasy is released and it sells in record numbers.

I think this was a very insightful article. Thank you for laying out some of the technicalities impeding a FFVII remake; I'm not well versed in these matters and it's nice to read some educated commentary on the subject. I am a huge fan of FFVII and all of its incarnations but as an artist I question the integrity of a remake. I am an actor, and I never watch my own work if it has been recorded. I would rather listen to the criticisms and adjustments from the audience and my fellow actors to make my next performance more effective. I gain nothing from rehashing past mistakes, or even past glories. I finish a project, then move on to the next challenge. I really don't like all of these remakes that are coming out in the media. Movies and games seem to be the biggest offenders in this respect. I would rather see the hundreds of millions of dollars it would take to do a FFVII remake spent creating a new adventure in the FF universe. I don't think talented artists or the gaming public should waste their time reliving former glories when an infinite universe of possibilities is in front of them. I love FFVII as much as the next fanboy, (oh yes. I wear that moniker with pride. I AM A FFVII FANBOY), but I love the creative process more. Besides, I'd rather see a new, more complex and beautiful version of Final Fantasy Tactics anyway!


- Considering the growing expenses of graphics and proper animation, the other artful sides of game development, namely scripts and writing may be allotted far less skilled workers. Therefore, over time, games might become as pretty as Avatar, but as blandly written as a bad anime.

Most games are already as poorly written as a bad anime.

And even the mighty BioWare has yet to write a story that is a step above uninspired sci-fi that you can find on any bookstore shelf.

The industry is moving too far in one direction without addressing other shortcomings.

It's kind of like a wide receiver who only works on his speed, but not his body control, route running or hands. Sure, he'll be fast, but he won't be all that effective.

Most games are already as poorly written as a bad anime.

I would not take it quite so far, as a writer myself. There are well-written game stories out there, for what they're worth. They just don't generally reach the level of high literature. It happens, but not anywhere near enough. But to me, as I've seen some horrible anime in my time, "bad anime" is a whole new level of bad from what I've experienced in gaming, which is mostly tolerable if a bit underdeveloped.

And even the mighty BioWare has yet to write a story that is a step above uninspired sci-fi that you can find on any bookstore shelf.

Quite right. In fact, I find their stories quite bland even by gaming standards. The characters in Dragon Age: Origins, at least, are a bit of fun, but not interesting or that relevant to any central themes in their games.

The industry is moving too far in one direction without addressing other shortcomings.

It's kind of like a wide receiver who only works on his speed, but not his body control, route running or hands. Sure, he'll be fast, but he won't be all that effective.

Precisely what I thought this article should have been about. The industry is too pre-occupied with fan drama to face the real issues here.

It's obvious they yearn for an HD Remake in a very different vein than we are portraying. Square Enix isn't the company to release low quality games especially Final Fantasy titles (regarding graphical milestones).



Crunchy English:
Besides guys, Final Fantasy 4 better.

As true as that may be, I for one wouldn't mind a revamp of either IV or VII.

4 has been remade. Twice at least, once for the GBA and once for the DS. Also there's a sequel game, which supposedly sucks but I haven't played it.

Besides, I would argue that 4 was just a cliched fantasy story while FF7 actually tried to be creative.

But then there's my favorite, 5, which was a SELF AWARE cliched Fantasy story with an incredibly fun little job system. It's been remade once for the GBA, and that got a truly awesome localization.

I meant revamped in a more current style, not simply ported over. Also, the DS ports I have judged and found wanting. And as cliched as 4 was, you can't imagine a world without Spoony Bards.


I would not take it quite so far, as a writer myself. There are well-written game stories out there, for what they're worth. They just don't generally reach the level of high literature. It happens, but not anywhere near enough. But to me, as I've seen some horrible anime in my time, "bad anime" is a whole new level of bad from what I've experienced in gaming, which is mostly tolerable if a bit underdeveloped.

To me, all anime is usually poorly written, even though I've watched and enjoyed my fair share of it. There are gems that rise from the smoke, but most of it is shallow drivel.

Quite right. In fact, I find their stories quite bland even by gaming standards. The characters in Dragon Age: Origins, at least, are a bit of fun, but not interesting or that relevant to any central themes in their games.

Glad to see someone sees it the way I do. People laud BioWare a bit too much in my opinion. Constructive criticism never hurts, it only helps.

Precisely what I thought this article should have been about. The industry is too pre-occupied with fan drama to face the real issues here.

It's not just fan drama, it's the fact that consumers continue to heap money on all of these companies that do little to innovate. Though, I will defend Squenix with regards to the Final Fantasy franchise as a whole. They have demonstrated time and again that they aren't afraid to tinker with or drastically change the formula with each outing. Five isn't like six, which isn't like seven etc. etc. A lot of people fail to recognize that.

One massive fact that Shamus misses here: It would be like makign a while new game, except with a world to copy, as opposed to creating a new game world from scratch. Are they not going to make new games? Would they not have to put more effort into making their next new game than a FF7 remake? Would that new game be guaranteed to sell as many copies as the die-hards would buy on the first week a remake went on sale? If you are going to keep makign games, how would making this game be harder thanmaking a new game with nothing to go on before the process actually started?

Game world and script aside, let's look at some of the games that followed FF7, such as:

- FF12, which had a shit story and gameplay mechanics, but was graphically superior had big environments with decent amounts of detail, lots of people running around and was generally not a bad shake, when you got into it.

- FF13, which has an eeeehh (it's okay, I s'pose) story and shit gameplay mechanics, but is graphically over the top. The areas are straight lines, yes, but looking over the side of all those walkways, the areas are so insanely huge their complaints that "Towns are to haaaaard!" are laughable. Oh, and it has 3 person parties, because 4 person ones, like the had in FF9 "are too haaaaard".

Shops? You walk up to a desk, talk to an NPC, and a shop menu pops up. There, that's an acceptable RPG shop. What does Squeenix think they have to make? an actual shop where player 1 walks around picking up items, then rifles through his wallet at the checkout? Give me a break.

The original advertising for FF7 was based heavily on the idea that "it's to a human what headlights are to a deer." There's nothing wrong with going that extra mile, farming out sections to other studios (as is already done in Japan and other places) and building up the game world again, from scratch, in reasonable (not over the top) detail. Yes graphic elements are tough, and the programming is insane, but think of all the starving modelers, programmers, and others they'd employ. A rising tide does float all boats.

Shamus, you make an excellent argument and your point of view is very educational. At the same time, if I was a big, well-off company assured megagallons of liquid cash from a title I knew would sell, you'd better believe I'd give serious consideration to making it a reality; only a moron wouldn't. Planning such an undertaking wisely and keeping the scope to normal levels (you don't need destructible, climb-everywhere environments with microscopic detail, nor does the player expect same) there's no reason they couldn't turn out something that people would love.

They made the leap to FF7 after FF6; look at the differences. Then again between 9 and 10. Look at 13. Even if it does play like... well, play isn't the right word, but the point is, it's yet another quantam leap. In the face of these things, crying "It's too hard!" doesn't hold water.

Whatever the result, the story's still a damn sight better than the filth that Bioware calls a narrative. Ferelden my ass. I'll take PS1 graphics, text dialogue, and Cloud's silent head moves over that atrocious garbage any day, even with its A-list voice actors....

When it comes to a Final Fantasy VII remake, I just want a new coat of paint for the most part. I'd be happy with just the character sprites to look like Final Fantasy XIII during the game but still have the pre-rendered cutscenes and locked camera pre-rendered backgounds, I'll even take text over voice acting with anime style neutral mouth movements like in Kingdom Hearts when it's not a cutscene. I realise a true Final Fantasy VII as played by Final Fantasy XIII remake would be spectacularly awesome but I do realise the issues at hand. The FFVII remake I want to see would take a couple of years to make because of motion capture, voice acting if used and so on but let's face it I'm not like the majority of screaming fans. Even PS2 graphics with the HD sheen on it like the God Of War Collection would make me happier then a cancer patient finding out it can be cut out and they'll survive.

Either way if it's meant to be awesome, if not at least we can download it on the PS3 and play our original PC or PS One copies. Honestly I would prefer the Original Final Fantasy in 3D HD graphics or a new Final Fantasy with the Job Class system brought back with a fully customisable main character.

Well, I can see where the creators are coming from, but I can also see that I think there is a bit more resources than people are realizing as well. Yes, the graphics would need a major overhaul, and that would probably take a crazy large amount of money, but I honestly think they wouldn't need to find new voice actors, since they could just get the ones from Advent Children to do it (maybe this is way harder than it sounds, but I don't think there were any really big budget voices on the team, if I remember correctly).

Not to mention that there were some more recent games based off of FF VII that they may be able to pull at least preliminary work for some of the models from (Now I have absolutely NO experience in graphics here, so maybe it's impossible, I wouldn't know, but it seems like they could use at least some of the work from those games and put it toward a remake)

I also agree that the fact that there are an amazingly large amount of people wanting this would mean that it would sell as well, if not better than, some of the more recent FF games, which means that dropping as much money as they do into new games would not be a foolish investment. However I guess this is all a moot point on my end, considering I don't even have a PS3, I was just putting my two cents in, I guess.

1. skip 3d and voice acting - poof that is 90% of your argument
2. take the original game and engine, don't mess with the gameplay and re-draw the painted backgrounds at higher resolution
3. take the important models and increase the polygon count and add a few frames of animation
4. slightly increase the eye candy level of the summons, spells and attacks, that is the stuff that makes the trailers
5. re-render the cutscenes if necessary, maybe add a couple
6. add a few side quests and minigames and maybe some kind of multiplayer feature, like online chocobo races or something
7. release for Wii, PSN and Arcade
8. massive profit off all the fanbois

You could do it exactly like Bionic Commando Re-Armed but charge $40-50 for it and everyone would pay.

I'm sorry but a ff7 anything (that isn't a psp exclusive) is a slam dunk, I don't see why the studios aren't milking this property for all its worth. The ROI on something like that seems like it would be much better than the abortion that was FF13.

Mr. Win:
tbh they should just release 7-9 on retail as Final Fantasy Last Games Most Fans Liked or something.

Eeeeh. I wasn't crazy about FFIX. I loved VII and VIII (anyone notice that when talking about Final Fantasy, it's almost required to use Roman numerals?), and X and X-2 (bad as it is, I still love it). I think that they want to avoid the X-2 trap (which was a sequel rushed out in order to capitalize on FFX's popularity and sales) of just releasing a game to make money.

Asking Square Enix to halt production of their Final Fantasy line to do a remake is a little preposterous and more than a little egotistical. We don't know for sure if people would buy it or not. With the recent increase in game piracy, who's to say whether it would actually make the big bucks everyone claims when more people are interested in getting it for free?

I don't actually know what Square Enix said regarding the remake, but it's not as impossible to accomplish as they're saying; I think they're just wary of how much profit they would actually make versus how quickly it would be pirated.

To the poster who mentioned manga-style cutscenes, Chrono Trigger's release with FFIV had 30-second anime-style cutscenes in place of (or in addition to, I don't recall) its SNES ones. Something similar would work here, or the cel-shaded TF2-style cutscenes.

To be honest, though, I have to wonder how many people would actually buy the game. We've been feeding on FFVII for over a decade, I think it's time that we let it go, but to do that Square Enix also needs to stop jerking the leash.

I'd also be in favor of a PSP remake. Crisis Core was good, if not great (and I hated that final part at the end where you have to play as Zach yet you still couldn't win no matter how much you tried), and seeing something like that for a remake of FFVII would be interesting.

Huge post

For some bizarre reason I have a huge urge to argue with you :<

Well I can't really comment anything about game budgets because I have pretty much zero knowledge about that, so I'll leave that as you said, also have pretty much no reason to not believe you.

The environments
You are comparing FF game developement with UT3 map making, witch I'm not so sure are so comparable things. First thing that comes in mind is difference in core gameplay. UT(3) maps are pretty much always made in quite close environments with lots of connected ways, with an illusion that the whole place is part of something really bigger (I love that). Final fantasy games almost always have pretty open environments (with the exception of FF13, more or less) and whole making process is a lot more different than UT3 map making process. Openness and grand scale is probably the biggest cockblock of FFVII remaking, because remaking game of that scale with todays requirements needs lots and lots of time and effort. The point kinda is that remaking that game on current consoles is *a lot* harder than making brand new game.

Can't really comment on SE workflow, but the whole "blocking out" technique that you are proposing yet again might not exactly work with FF developement. Though as you pointed out, Square Enix indeed seem not to have changed their workflow in ages, and that might be stopping their game developement, but who knows if that could actualy improve their game making process.

Now talking about Mass Effect, the only thing they did really well is that they made a game, that is actualy so small, seem pretty vast.

You are traveling through the galaxy, visisting different planets, space stations and so on. Sounds vast? Well it isn't, but sometimes indeed feels so. Most of the planets are actualy really small, just a few rooms connected with corridors, but they made extremely good work with actualy making them feel big.

And Ubisoft really made excelent work there. But look at how Assassin's Creed 1 looked. It was way more smaller with a lot less complex evironments. When they were making AC2, they pretty much left the whole engine, gameplay, pretty much all mechanics the same and just expanded and improved what they already had, changing what was nescesary to change. But I can't argue that they made excelent work, just saying that their developement was a lot easier than just making a game from scratch (as would be with FFVII, ebcause they would obviuosly use different engine and all the assets, and *remaking* them to be just like in the original game, only in todays quality is a lot harder than making something new).

Can't really comment on Uncharyed because I haven't played them.

Also you are making a lot of asumptions from facts that are taken out of context, I can't really deny them nor confirm, so I'll leave that as it is :)

Why do people want an FFVII remake? They can just play FFVII.

Why buy something you already have?

PS1 memory card always gets reformated now on my PS2 so I can only get to say disc 2 before it erases all data. Only reason I want it

I'm not exactly seeing how it can be all that time consuming - the script is already written, the moves and already there and the sprites could just be upgraded. Only thing that would really need done is a graphics rehash and maybe voice over but I think old fans wouldn't care about voice.

Hehe, gamers are funny. We say we don't care about graphics and that all we want is innovative gameplay and non-derivative stories. And yet we also want a remake of final fantasy 7?

Well if we were telling the truth then graphics don't matter, we can still enjoy 7 and square enix wouldn't make money on a remake.

Otherwise we're saying we're liars. Graphics really do matter and we're happy to keep hearing the same story over and over if it looks prettier each time.

Personally, I never have been interested in the Fonal Fantasy stuff(which is probably why i don't get the title haha). I just wanted to get that out the way.

This makes a good point for all games, not just FF. Remakes are psycho expensive, and the company remaking it(hopefully it is the one who made the original, but hope doesn't make games) will always mess with the original game to "make it more relatable", when infact, they did it, because thy are magicians. They do some thing over here while they change stuff over there. Just like a magician, they distract you then do the trick. "Ohh shiny new graphics." when what you don't see is, well half the original game.

I'm all for a remake of the classics, except the new Wolfenstein, but thats another story.(i.e. fuck, that, shite). And i adamantly believe that if they remake it, the only thing they should do is update graphics and anything that would otehrwise leave a glaring hole were the old graphics used to be. Thats not gonna happen. Shocker. They will change things, because in the end, they didnt remake the game, they remade the crack bucket which your nostalgia will fill for them. As to say, they made a game that lets your nostalgia take hold, and make them rich. We're all the suckers, and it's all our fault.

On a second note, I'm pretty sure with the wide base FF has, that there are some people, somewhere who could infact remake the game, instead of a big monolith company. It's called indie for a reason, and they do it for love, not for their crack.

Playing the ignorant and skipping to the end, so apologies if this has already been stated.

In my mind, Squaresoft is biding their time, but they will not be releasing a remake on the PS3, or Xbox 360 or any of the major systems. Hey, maybe they'd do a Wii release, but that's doubtful.

My money is on the release of a handheld like the PSP or its predecessor. Partly because they've already released FF3 and FF4 on the DS, and while there has been no news of a remake of FF5 or FF6, the Nintendo 3DS was only recently announced (leaked, even). I know there was a news post on The Escapist before explaining the DS itself had limitations that would make those games difficult, but I imagine the 3DS may not be bogged down as much.

Still, it is believed that Sony holds the rights to publish FF7, and considering that it was the first non-Nintendo entry in the series it would seem sort of proper that the series would jump from Nintendo's handheld back over to Sony's.

However, the real matter is that a handheld will always be cheaper, but considering the power of the PSP you can still make the game look better without having to drop the insane expenses required on a full console platform. Shortcuts can be taken, but as long as it looks better than the PSX then fans will be pleased. Putting the game on a system not everyone has will be something people bitch about, but if people were willing to buy a Playstation just for Final Fantasy 7 (myself included, though since then I've never chosen to buy a console for such a reason again) then I think we can assume people will buy a PSP just so they can play a remake of FF7. Bonus points if Sony allows you to connect the PSP to your PS3 and display the game on your television. Sure, it won't be current gen HD, but, once again, it'll be better than on a small handheld screen.

Such a remake would have a reduced budget but would sell just as many units, and would therefore maximize profits.

It is, in a business sense, the most logical choice Squaresoft could make if they went and made a remake.

Though honestly, I'll just by the PSX one and be happy with that. I'd love an FF6 remake, but at the same time there were some elements of the FF4 remake that didn't transfer well. It's fun, but it doesn't carry the same atmosphere (and let's face it, nostalgia). Plus, they gave Golbez an additional bit of retarded background that can only be described as "shit".

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