The Final Fantasy VII Remake is a Fantasy

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A lot of the thing s said in the article are true to a point, yes it is rather expensive to redo a lot of the graphics, the over world (which is insanely large, and would end up being larger than the world in Fallout 3 since your covering at least 2 or 3 continents), and all the character models and inside the cities. But another thing to point out along with that is that the original team that work on FFVII have moved on to other projects or may have left the company, which is another reason that SE does not want to push a remake of FFVII, personally I would rather play the original that was done by the original team than to have another team of people that had nothing to do with the original come out with a remake of the game.

If they were smart they would release the game as a PS4 exclusive. Imagine how many people will buy a PS4 on launch date, just to play FF7. Again, the costs of such a project would be marginally larger on a more powerful system, but the revenue taken in from PS4 sales, and FF7 sales would surely exceed the costs.

Why don't these people just play the original in a PS1 emulator? PS1 emulators give a huge improvement in graphical quality over the original console. Isn't that enough?

Maybe they can try releasing it episodically? that might cut the cost some.

Regardless of price I believe A remake will be well worth the tag Square-enix puts on the game. And honestly, In my opinion Square just isn't the same as it use to be. I mean once they tagged Enix at the end of their name all that came out was terrible or under par games. With the Exception of FFX every game since VII and VIII (Also enjoyed FFIX) were not as anticipated. I find it extremely Ironic that 2 Games in a row (FFVII & FFVIII) SQUARESOFT were able to publish hits in America. But ever since ENIX came into the equation we have been disappointed as a community time after time. If anything, regardless of price, FFVII would boost Squares recognition back to its former glory.

And as far as graphics are concerned. Advent Children, In my opinion, Was a graphic masterpiece. and we didn't hear them complaining about making it.

Screw Final Fantasy VII, I want a remake of Planescape Torment.

Meh, I figured it wasn't going to happen. But what about a remake of FFVI for the DS/3DS? That should be doable since they did it with III and IV right?...Please?

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