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Sometimes, nature isn't so majestic.

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It might not be majestic, but it can sure as hell be poetic when describing a homoerotic love scene.

Also, Andrew FTW. Cause he's cool =)


Yay! for Andrew!

Good stuff.

That was an awesome episode. Very creative.

Wow, even nature could be a jerk. xD

That was hilarious and original. Thanks for the laugh! :D

You guys are hilarious!
Nature's a bitch.

Nature wouldn't be a jerk -- remember, the whole Mother Nature thing?
She is such a b****. ^_^
That was hilarious.

Loved it! Creative and with an unexpected twist.

Loved it. Especially the Denmark part :P
Love being a Dane

That was genius! Probably one of my favourite LRR videos now.

I don't know where you guys come up with this stuff, but keep it up.

Was the Denmark bit inspired from Monty Python? Clever work. Enjoyable.

It was almost pythonesque today, great stuff!

Heh, i think me and Spiner were on the same page

that was a great video

Best Escapist LRR yet! And that's saying a lot. What a great video. I liked the part with the echo the best.

That was hilarious :)

Nature's a bitch!

I didn't say that!

Yes I did!

Haha.. That was.. Different. Plus it involves Andy, therefore it must be awesome!

Silly nature and its cunning ways of copying voices..

and yes Andy for the win!
also started laughing so hard at the sound of music reference

That just had me going WTF the whole time. You have a brilliant and slightly crazy sense of humour, just the way I like it.

That was awesome!



Good stuff guys!

"What do you have to say to that?!"
"the capitol of Denmark is Copenhagan!"

Poor andrew! XD The walls have it against him!

Good stuff, I laughed. A lot.

Damn it, he stole the idea for my ruse.
Very well done. :D

My hopes were not high for this episode but it was hilarious.

I would have liked to be a hiker on the day you recorded this...

That was...Odd, yet great at the same time.

Wow.... You guys just gave kids all around the globe the ultimate excuse to stay indoors.

In all seriousness, that was one epic-win LRR. Continue kicking ass, guys.

(*walks off*)

"Are they gone?"
"I think so."
"Great. All right, everyone, from the top..."


That... was... fun as hell. I hope my boss gets to see this, then he'll see my break times for LRR are very well justified.

Haha, that was great!

Haha, that sucked!

I didn't say that!

Yes I did!

Extremely funny. Even Graham almost lost it @ 3:08. You can see him smirk for just a fraction of second :P

And GOD! that last joke was tortured..

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