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Best sketch in a long time! I couldn't stop laughing!

Amazingly well done.

Keep it up LRR!

That was the best sketch about echoes I've heard in a very long time.

The capital of Denmark is Copenhagen


Your wife's a bitch!

Awesome you guys!

Disturbingly poetic homoerotic revelation :P

Alright, this is easily one of my favorite episodes now. Very original, and hilarious.

What'd he say at the capitol of Denmark part? Sounded like gibberish. Maybe it was...

oh, maybe reading the posts would help :P

"You're wife's a bitch"

I did not say that

"yes you did"

"I'm a homosexual"

Those porn magazines were for a article about the porn industry


It was pretty funny, but I think Graham's little chuckle at 3:08 elevates it to hilarious

"Does your wife know?"

Does your bitch know?

Greetings from København, and congrats on another hilarious video!

Holy shit that was incredible!!!

Amazing stuff guys.

Really well done.


Great episode simple and yet really funny.

damn that was awesome...
keep bringing the greatness man

That was pretty hilarious.

Nature is an asshole! D:

Wow guys, I dare say this may be the best update yet. Super funny, I was laughing the whole way through. Andy is always win as well.


"The Hills are alive with the sound of music"

Just one epic line among many.

That was by far, the best episode of the series so far.


That was really weird... and I've not laughed so much in weeks.

Huh getting back from tucson arizona must have taken a while. That's where he was seen last anyway.

wow great guys keep it up.

Brilliant. Absolutely Brilliant.

"the Capitol of Denmark Is Copenhagen"

XD lol where did that come from?

Am I missing something here? ;P


Does your bitch know?

These videos always remind me that Unskpiable and ENN are not up yet.

ahahahaha... my favorite part is actually when Graham smirks at "does your bitch know?"

Brilliant! you guys really should have Andy in more of the sketches, he is brilliant.

Oh and extra love to you guys for mentioning Denmark.

i live in Copenhagen...not that anyone asked

The echo always tells the truth...

That is some fantastic writing! It had a perfect pace/ progression to it. Brilliantly comic.

bueno bueno that was freakin awesome, good skit

This has to be one of the funniest episodes you've done since the last Story Guy episode.

That was great.

That was great!

I havent laughed this hard in awhile lol

nice work guys

Ahahahahaha. Best one so far. Keep it up!

Haha, brilliant as per usual :D

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