LoadingReadyRun: Echo

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I couldn't stop laughing after the whole "your wife's a bitch" thing started. Good stuff guys.

well that was random, but in a good way

Brilliant, one of the best LRR episodes so far.

best LRR ever i loved it

I cannot say enough about how well constructed LRR comedy is. The set up, and execution, all of it is superb.

Haha, awesome

Especially the sound of music joke at the end

that was funny, I think I'll wach it a few more times

omfg im mentioned in this HA HA HA my life is still boring because of where i work

The hills are alive...
Great stuff.

Heh. Heh. Heheheheh. Hehehehehehehehehehe.

That was my reaction. I documented it for you.

Echos can be real jerks sometimes...

Hahaha excellent! Best one in awhile :)

LMAO!! Brilliant episode, very funny from start to end.

Even funnier than usual! You guys really out did yourselves this time. And it was a joy to see Andy again, you guys should get him in videos more often. Favorite part:

Andy:"...And what do you have to say about that!?!?"
Echo:"The capitol of Denmark is Copenhagen"
Echo:"your wife's a bitch"

Oh man, this video is definitely one of LRR's best. I love you guys so much. X3

That smirk at 3:08 was priceless.

That was pretty funny guys, good video this week. :D

But when they came down, there was nothing, because the echo was merely a reflection of themselves. :-O

That was my favorite one yet. I was tearing up laughing so hard. I thought it was rather reminiscent of Monty Python, which is of course excellent. Nice one.

oh, screw you, nature! the only time I enjoyed visiting you was when you made my town look like Silent Hill (true story, actually)
the rest of them was just for work >:(

Haha, only slightly more better than the last two in my opinion.. How do you guys do it XD


are they gone? yeah i think so, ok everybody,
the hills are alive with the sound of music,
that fricken got me into a laughing frenzy

When I grow up I want to be an echo, just so I can mess with people like that.

*tear* That was awesome.

I'm not just saying this because I've been out drinking but I think this is the funniest LRR I have seen in a while.
I admit drink makes everything funnier, but still ...

Wow, that was amazing.

Something rather cliche turned into something hilarious.

Hmm. I didn't know the capital of Denmark was Copenhagen. They say you learn something new everyday.

Awesome vid though guys. Totaly worth the week long wait.

Quite apposite.

I couldnt believe Andy was in that Eureka episode, or that you guys are affiliated with someone so famous! lol, he's the best, nobody makes a better musical number than andy. Tuscon or Bust gets played on my Zune (lol zune) very often.
That austrian farmboy fantasy... Andy wrote that? It was so... so vivid. I wouldn't be surprised if he went into the erotic novel industry now, having reached a peak in acting and musical achievement.
GREAT episode, the escapist hasn't turned you into faceless corporate machines... yet. Episodes like this and stitch in time are the reasons I visit loadingreadyrun every day (just in case!)



Man, the writing and execution of the joke was the peak of LRR's form. They really are at their best when they just wail away at concepts like this

...wow... first post? seriously? Been a member for ages... can't believe i've yet to post.

Best. Episode. Ever.

Possibly your best video ever.

Apparently that majestic place is aptly named 'Heckler Canyon'

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