LoadingReadyRun: Echo

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This was excellent.

Frolicking like only 2 men in love can frolick...

"that explains all the copies of unzipped magazine in your desk"
"in your closet"

I think that was the best gag, except for

"I think she's lovely"
"I slept with her"

The long monologue about an Austrian cattle boy was probably the one scene in an LRR video that made me actually laugh when I was alone. Quite humorous.

I love when you smirked after the echo said, "Does your bitch know?" God I almost fell over after that.

I love it XD I especially love the after credit it was so funny XD

Funny as hell and loved the after the credits scene.

It may not be majestic and perhaps just a little rude, but it sure as hell is hilarious.

Good job. Andrew is a good writer :-D.

Well... when you sing the same songs for a thousand years you need some way to blow off some steam.

Best so far! I woke my dog up laughing.

the funniest of these ive ever seen, i literaly laughed out loud

I enjoy the touch of a man... a man... a man...

A 78 second advertisment? Well, I was GOING to watch this, but waiting nearly a minute and a half for a 3 minute video is ridiculous. Bite me, Escapist.

The ending seemed empty. Otherwise I loved it.

I've slept with her.

Great job, guys! i really don't know how you can keep coming up with great material all the time, but whatever you're smoking, er, doing...keep it up! :D

That was a very funny episode.

Rock on LRR!

:DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD lmao........ i soo needed that. I dont want to knwo what the otehr people around where thinking when recording that.

I love the descriptiong of the homosexual love scene. Best Echo Ever.

Wow... nature is a dick o_o

The first two minutes are pure gold. Frankly, I haven't laughed that hard in a while. Thank you guys.

"Your wife's a bitch!"

Reminicent of that bit in the Grinch
"I'm an idiot"
*echo*"You're an Idiot"

Are we allowed to say that LRR and co are now more comedic and amazing than Monty Python?

Fuck it, I will anyway. Spot on, guys, and hells yeah.

Should have ended after the echo said "Make me!"

I will just echo everyone:

Nature's a bitch.

Great work here

This definitely makes up for any not-as-great videos you've put out lately. Perfectly executed!

That was a great Loadin gReady Run, very Monty Python like.

"Does your wife know?"
"Does your bitch know?"

Absolutely hilarious episode, fantastic work.

lmao. Good stuff indeed. ^_^

Genuis, I loved it! Original idea and a great delivery!

This is possibly the funniest thing I've ever seen.. I know I say that for every one of the LRR videos I've commented on but seriously this tops them all.

Also, more Andy. Andy frickin' rocks.

Hehe, never watched the show before, and I have to say it made me laugh.

That was hilarious. Especially - no wait, it was all hilarious

Your wife's a bitch!

Top form guys! Loved it!
Great sting, as well!

I loved it. Loading Ready Run just keeps on bringing the funny.

Oh god, this has to be the best one yet!

I LOVED it. This is def one of my fav LRR videos ever, and I pride myself on having seen them all (:

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