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Complete reversals in literature recently, Pride and Predjudice gets made into a zombie book, now Res gets made into a romance novel. I must be on another planet.

Loved the episode though guys, hoping the hippo clears customs for you

AHAHAHHA great novelisation of resident evil! Also, I admit I have read contact harvest (the novel the guy was reading in the video) It was worth reading! (Gimme a break, I was flying a budget airline, no screen for movies so what do you do with 8 hours?)

that romance story was just fantastic!
and that hippo better get there!

...or what?!

Excellent video as always, but I'm curious, what was the talent that Jer didn't know he had? (mentioned on his twitter)

Writing terrible romance literature.

wow it sound like Wesker was very sexual frustrated and want to release that upon Chris and Jill

wow i didn't watch enn for a time but its really improved, it's awesome now

That was hilarious. That audio novel had me in stitches. Top work on this episode.

I giggled throughout the entire audio novel, and then laughed so hard my lunch nearly came flying out of my mouth at the sandwich comment.

That was just slightly disturbing. Just slightly.. yeah..

..Anyways! <_<

The novel reading at the end of the episode made me feel really uncomfortable. I mean like, my body was shivering and convulsing with disgust, and I was feeling nauseous. Good job, but please don't do that very often! The double entrendes were making me feel like closing the web browser before the end of the show. You don't want that!

On one hand, I can see the point about VG novelizations being quick cashins, but on the other hand, I happen to love Warhammer books (not really video gaming, but close enough) and I can't really join in on the laughing at people who read VG novels. Granted, I happen to think there are pretty solid WH novels and while they aren't mind blowing, you could do a lot worse in the adventure&action department than read some Gotrek&Felix or Malus Darkblade...

Wow guys. Wow. I'm seriously. Wow. That was probably the funniest thing you've done yet. I can't believe how horrifying and funny that was. Wow. Kudos to whoever wrote that, the voice over, Jeremy and Kathleen for their performances there. I'm still flabbergasted.

ALso if next week doesn't involve a hippo in some fashion I'll be very disappointed.

What Graham says is true...but, like abuse victims of the francise...we just keep coming back! And...we always will ;;

The Resi book sounds amazing XD
I would SO buy that just for the massive lulz!

Oh god....
That was...
how about no more video game novelizations

ugh, I fast-forwarded after the first 20ish secs of the novelization thing. You did it great guys, it's just so cheesy and over-the-top I couldn't stand it lol.

that... was awkward.

But if you need something for 18 vats of grape jelly, You could always send every active escapist member some ; )

I read Mass Effect. It was okay.

Great choice for narrator! Also, there're DAO books? Gotta check my nerd heaven first thing in the morning.

Maybe a elephant could replace the hippo?

I think (though I'm not certain) that this episode clearly made fun of Stephani Danelle Perry.

Wow, that was... uh interesting. I see Kathleen enjoyed it, go figure. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to wash my brain out.


Yes. They've made a concerted effort to change the humor in order to attract more viewers.

For their sake I hope its working, because these guys and this site is great and should get more support, but personally I preferred the dry / straight news style from before.

Gaming for Pets for example, when Graham delivers the "Hey look an Eagle" line with the Cthulu Gamestop graphic. That in my mind was absolutely perfect.

oooo WOoow that was awkward

That was sufficently awkward...

Great episode guys!

Whoever wrote that romance novel part... wow.


Nice video, reminded me of VGcats:

To be fair, the dragon age ones where actually good.

Ryan quickbender and did he say jelly...ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

I think (though I'm not certain) that this episode clearly made fun of Stephani Danelle Perry.

I actually had to google her name. Does she write like that? I hope not.

I was fascinated with the idea of turning stiled, terrible voice acting into a passionate romance novel. RE1 was the obvious choice; Perry just got caught in the crossfire ;).

The poorly written romance literature portion was hilarious. "What is certain is... wow."

Very good episode. The lack of any boringly-delivered, punchlineless headlines was a definite plus.

I love ENN. You guys continue to be my favorite, funniest bunch of Canadians ever!
Love every installment I find from your group on The Escapist.

I am so glad that I don't have any feeling of nostalgia for Resident Evil.

I think after this episode, I can safely announce my love for Kathleen De Vere. I'll be your jibble sandwich any day ;D.

Great choice for narrator!

Thanks! :)

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