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As a fan of the Resident Evil series, this is literally one of the funniest videos I've ever seen!

I think I pounded my knee into a pulp....

I like New Rare better than Old Rare, but I have to wonder...why the stupid logo?

A FF7 remake is something of a gaming oddity, something legendary perhaps that some gamers like to believe in like Bigfoot or Atlantis.

I liked the "Power Glove" bit. The shaking bit of card in the background kinda complemented that joke.

LMAo that was damn hilarious.... i never knew Barry was such a stud

Yay! A hippo!!!

Books based on video games is awesome. For example warcraft.
I've readen at least 3 books based on warcraft this year. It's just awesome. xD

As a fan of the Resident Evil series, this is literally one of the funniest videos I've ever seen!

I think I pounded my knee into a pulp....

Graham and I are both huge RE fans--glad you enjoyed it :).

"Don't come this way!" Haha, man Tally did a great job as the over-romatic romantic.

freakin' Jill sandwich
oh, and both the Assassin's Creed and MGS books are the games' transcripts :P

I feel violated

...Rocket launcher eh? Gotta get me one of those.
XD brilliant as ever.

What disturbs me is that was some good writing there... about a frankly horrifying subject matter. Also, the first Halo book 'Fall of Reach' is actually a good Science-Fantasy novel, well written and well paced. It's the only game-based book i've ever liked...

Unless you count all the Warhammer novels i own... ¬_¬

Rather than a remake of Goldeneyee & FF7, how about a port with graphic retexture mods? & make it available on PC too.

I think I could have done without the overly cheesy and somewhat disturbing voice over....

Absolutely hilarious, guys! Every second of it!
Graham and Kathleen were particularly on top form in this one, as was Tally - awful wig, but priceless send up of the stephanie meyer type authors out there! XD

I hope that next next week's ENN is as wierd as they say it will be! Hippos!

The Resident Evil part was painful.

Sonofa... You know what you have done right? You have just given these terrible hack writers the idea of doing this.
You thought Twilight was bad and unoriginal, wait till you see Meyers next rip off series.

Anyway what the hell? Is everyone on here asexual? Everyone noticed the facial expressions but I cant be the only one to have noticed the chick using the table as a impromptu wonderbra... Kudos btw ^_~

Just saw this very funny. The trashy romance novel bit was hilarious! I hate to admit I liked it I got a fetish for Jill.

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