Zero Punctuation: Red Dead Redemption

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Kind of figured it was overhyped.

You're not seriously basing an opinion on a game from his "review" are you?

OT: I'm loving it so far, and I thought GTA was crap.


What the hell? Every time I click play it plays as if there is two of them?! Only one image, but two overriding sounds?

Please use the "Help" button on the bottom right corner of the video player.

What help button? It opens up a new window inside a window (for whatever reason), and there's no help button there. I did get it working though.

Good review. Apparently he didn't have the invisible horsey problem that roclstar recently fixed.

You are definitely not the only one who liked the sailing from Wind Waker, it was way more fun than riding around a horse on Hyrule.

Thanks for this, if I want a glitchy western experience, I'll dress my Fallout 3 character in sheriff's clothes, squint my eyes, and pretend I'm on a horse.

Just a side not, it is possible to turn off auto-aim

It did bother me with the few words he said on the gunplay, relating to autoaim. Easy mode has autoaim that will lock on to individual body parts, normal mode has autoaim that snap to an enemy, and hard mode has no autoaim. Of course, if he was playing it on hard he'd probably say that the gun controls were finicky and inaccurate, which is partially true. I guess "a bit of autoaim" is better than "can't hit the broad side of a glitchy barn."

Mmm yeah. This is about par for my experience. One thing I would like to add is that Marston is just a freakin' doormat. I mean, I know the point of sandbox games is to run about solving everyone else's problems person by person, but it loses something when Johnny-boy threatens to kill anyone who doesn't get him anywhere nearer to his ultimate goal of BILL WILLIAMSON, acting all tough and psychotic, then ends up doing the bloody job anyway (which we know is going to happen because we were the ones who walked up to the mission-giver, expecting a mission).

And brother is it a time-sink. I spent the vast majority of the past weekend on it and still didn't feel like I got much done. >_>

Oh, and Stephen Colbert is right, bears really are the #1 threat to America.

Stupid Walk/Run system. YOU DON'T HOLD A BUTTON TO RUN ONLINE! Why the fuck do we need it in Single Player? For fucking stupid immersion or something?

That was hilarious! Makes me feel slightly better about not being able to play it on the PC.

he seemed to be nitpicking a little bit
i never saw any of those glitches and he didnt say anything about the walking controls in his gta4 review
all those flaws he called the game out for i never really cared about

hmm. Once again I feel Yahtzee has trouble picking things to hate about it. Either way, I like being able to read Yahtzee: While he does have points that are fairly valid they are not as horrifically game-breaking as he sells it to be. For instance, his travel complaint doesn't really hold a candle to the game considering it has a fast travel system...

BTW: OK YAHTZEE! I'll buy your novel as long as you get rid of the advert! It's becoming tedious!

Kind of what I expected from a western GTA... exactly why I didn't buy it.

Also, pre-ordered the book from Amazon, "should arrive on August 4th". Ye gods, that's like putting a movie trailer out two years before the actual release!

This one was really funny, and that makes me happy.

The Green Spleen Submarine part made laugh out loud.

Thats the first ZP I've watched in a very long time. But I must say, I didn't have any problems with glitches, or NPCs bugging out... No one I know has either, a conspiracy me thinks!

Beautiful. Well now I know what I'm in for.

Jesus ZP I just don't know what you want from games these days. You cry out for proper sandboxing and when you get it you criticise it for being a timesink. As for complaining about mountain lions doing what mountain lions do. I.e. hunt in packs and attempt rip you open?! You gave your horse a goddamn name for goodness sake - how much more sandboxy can it get?!

Oh, and I really haven't experienced any of the glitches or bugs that are so vehemently described in this review despite playing for about 20 hours. I really think they're overblown. we know why the ZP character doesn't have fingers

Also I agree with the "rocket Skating" Marston glitch but everything else no, I'm sure they probably happen but it's never happened to me.

Hehe...Cougars always made my life as short as possible XD Great review though, made me chuckle

Yeah I also loved the Windwaker sailing... which is why I'm looking forward to the new Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned game, the game promises that.

The bugs can be funny...being thrown 400 ft in the air while trying to take cover can be hilarious.
Anyways... The Prince of Persia movie wasn't shit, so... where are those pictures of you punching your self in your tiny unsatisfied testicles?.


Oh, and Stephen Colbert is right, bears really are the #1 threat to America.

No... Mountain Lions

Heh nice review but if its basically GTA with horses then I believe I'll pass. Its a pleasant surprise to find someone else who liked all the sailing on Wind Waker though.

I wouldn't say it's that close to GTA... there's quite a few things to do here... a nice game. Much better than GTA4... a game I've yet to complete.

Ah, but was it better or worse than Call Of Juarez?
Other than that, decent review, not as funny as the Alan Wake one, glad to know that it is precisely what I'm looking for at the moment.

Loved the review. I had a feeling that the game would be like this and I'm going to avoid it like the plaque.


My God that cracked me up.

Finally. Been waiting for this review. Okay so yathzee made a bunch of complaints. None of which I care about. Glitches. Oh well, things done for the sake of it being done. Standard practice I say, And um. What was the other thing he said about the game he didn't like? Oh I guess that was it really. Glitches and maybe some teduim if your not really interested in what's going on in the game.

My personal verdict. It's still a great game. I just wouldn't buy it at 60 dollars. The game is so not worth 60 dollars. I'll probably buy it when it comes around at 40. 50 if it's my birthday or christmas. All the problems yatzhee stated are full nitpicks.

The bugs never bothered me and its to be expected in a sand box games plus i never really encountered any. Awesome review anyway! Plus, the box art their using in the video isn't the right one. It's the same at IGN, they're using the wrong box art.

RDR really is an immersive atmospheric experience that ,if you let it suck you in, will absorb you totally for a long long time.

Plus my Xbox died a few missions before the end DAMN IT!! :(

Heh nice review but if its basically GTA with horses then I believe I'll pass. Its a pleasant surprise to find someone else who liked all the sailing on Wind Waker though.

First time ever commenting, and I have to say, I REALLY liked this review. Most I've laughed since the Just Cause 2 throwdown.

I think it's worth noting that I'm really far from a hardcore gamer and probably enjoy about as many video games, total, that Yahtzee himself seems to, and I can still laugh readily at his japes. I think there's something to be said for having an appeal outside your immediate circle of influence, and Yahtzee, for me, has that.

Anyway, just wanted to say: long-time fan, happy to be here, keep up the great work (like you need it from me, right?)

This game is great at making me hate animals I used to like.

"You like bears you say? How about teleporting ninja bears?"
"You like wolves you say? Well, we'll stuff about 240,000 into a square mile of the game!"
"You like mountain lions you say? HAHA! Sam Fisher mountain lion'd."
"You like bunnies? We'll just make you step on them all the time."
"You like dogs? Good we've trained them to naturally be drawn to the impending path of your horse sprinting at full speed."
"You like pigs you say? ...SHIT GET BACK ON THE CANOE!"

Meh, not a huge fan of this review. I mean complaining about the bugs is somewhat relative, isn't it? I played for 40 hours or so without any major problems at all, save for one or two rocket skating pedestrians and a shimmery effect that exposed a graphical glitch or two in the Matrix. Then again, I didn't have any flying people in my version of the game either.

My main problem with the game was the awful tutorial system. They put it in teeny tiny print at the top left hand of the screen and it advances regardless of whether or not you've demonstrated that you know what you're doing. Plus the instruction manual only has detailed directions on how to save and sign up for the Rockstar Social Club. I had to go online to figure out how to duel. And if you don't do every ambient challenge as you go, you've fall behind and be in the middle of a foreign country that has none of that animal you're supposed to shoot. So you shoot a bunch of another animal, only to realize five hours later that none of that counted.

But yeah, as he said beautifully atmospheric, wrtitten, etc. The whole time I kept going, "Neat, I'm a cowboy! Neat, I'm riding a horse!" The novelty never wore off.

he bitches about the travel time but does he realize that you can set up camp and instantly travel from anywhere to anywhere within 20 secs?

All of those were nitpicks and the glitches are expected from a game that is this big in size.
Don't agree with him on this one.

Great review! Loved the beginning about the controls of the horse.

I like to think Yahtzee read my letter asking him to tear the piss out of RDR

omg he likes a game everyone elses likes! GASP! XD

yeh i totally agree about the walking into doors thing so annoying!

p.s. absolutely think RDR is GOTY!!!

lol well he definitely does not hate it
and his points def seem valid

altho I am surprised he encountered so many bugs
other reviews pointed out some, but not that many

time sink...haha well I was rushing to play RDR but I may have to wait since I'm way too busy right now =[

I miss the days where this show was clever, funny and interesting. Now it's very droll and un-intelligent. I mean seriously have you watched some of your old episodes and some of your new ones?

Well whatever guess I'm not obligated to watch it but I do miss the old episodes and I want to get the most out of my 7 pounds har de har har.

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