Zero Punctuation: Red Dead Redemption

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Purple Monkey Dishwasher?
That's even more random than "Twattycake" from when he reviewed Nier.

You can fast-travel from anywhere to anywhere in the game, so the travel time's not really an issue...

You can't while in a mission, and when you get to Mexico, a lot of the missions are "ride your horse across the entire map, listening to forced dialogue, then kill people."

Love the game, but considering some of the fetch quests require you to ride around for a while, it doesn't help the case. However comma, I'm yet to encounter any glitches that actually impacted the game any. I understand I'm probably lucky, but still.

Most engrossing game I've played in a while.

Purple Monkey Dishwasher?
That's even more random than "Twattycake" from when he reviewed Nier.

Actually it's from an episode of the simpsons...I'm a dweeb.

Entertaining stuff, although I noticed no bugs and found myself at home with the controls almost immediatly...perhaps I was lucky.

Purple Monkey Dishwasher?
That's even more random than "Twattycake" from when he reviewed Nier.

It's from the Simpsons.

Here is my annoying red dead glitches so far after only 8 hours of gameplay(approx.):

1: Halfway through a horse race mission my hard drive began making a whining sound and suddenly my horse levitated about 30m in the air, and the framerate dropped to probably 2 fps. I galloped straight through a cliff, which killed the horse and Marston began an eternal fall through the floor of the map. I had to restart the console.

2: My horse randomly jumped off a cliff, slid down the face, then randomly died a few gallops later after I got to the bottom. Marston fell off the horse and survived.

3: Literally 20 mins ago whilst I was chasing a bounty, I whistled for my horse so I could chase the bastard down. I then could not mount the horse, and my $400 bounty escaped :( I then got ambushed by a pig, which I killed, yet the game wouldn't let me skin it. I set up camp thinking hmm if I save maybe the interface will reset itself. I was wrong. So I turned the console off and here I am.

tbh during the first 2 glitches I laughed my ass off.

This one kind of disappointed me because of some of the sillier gripes. If you don't mash A and actually walk through doorways you won't have a problem, walking is an option because theres a place for it, and for christsakes just turn the autoaim off! I actually didn't understand the money complaint much either. I found myself short on money a few times, my friend didn't but thats because he skinned a lot of animals and did more side quests, which to me means the money system works just the way its supposed to. oh well, looking forward to next week.
I didn't encounter these glitches either but I heard plenty of other people did.

Actually I found the money system broken. Sure you get $200 - $400 for bounties, but story missions later in the game were giving out $17, $23, or at most $50 when I could go up to the Tall Trees area, stand still, shoot about ten-twelve bears down in five minutes, and make HEAPS of money... the gambling and mini games were the only real way to get money in the game, and after a whole mission of racing my horse, being promised it would fund my need for cash to take on fort mercer... $7... Woot... I'm rich

The thing that i found most odd about this review was that you contently complained about the bugs and glitches. I have played the game for about 20 hours and have only very rarely experienced any of the problems you had. I was using the 360 version, so if its a that was what you where using you might have just had a weird copy of the game and if not then it my just have been a problem with the version you where using.

Aside from the big problem of all targets becoming invisible, and the game freezing afterwards, which is what i was treated to on my first playthrough on the first day of the game, this is a pretty damn good game,because i didn't get anymore serious glitches then (And from what i hear, that was fixed within the first week).

You people that decided not to buy this game because of this one review are insane. You are honestly missing out. There's a reason WHY there's so much dialogue in between reaching A to B in a setting where this is the last piece of the wild west.

And the comment where you are Niko Bellic in spirit? well there is that choice between being a complete psycho and killing innocent civilians, OR actually helping out the countryside.


The last time i heard tha word "horse" that much Drak died...

Good review

As usual, yahtzee nickpcks at the games he likes. As's he said before, immersion can make up for a game's flaws. Remember people, he said this game was good and his style is ripping apart a game even if he likes it.

Dear The Escapist,

I don't want to have to stare at some woman with gross noserings that seem to be attached by chains to her hair while watching Zero Puntuation.

Very funny. I have the game and loved it. By the way did you play this on the PS3 because me horse NEVER glitched and I was playing on the 360, now the carts on the other hand would always be stuck in the ground and would NEVER work!

This probably won't be seen, but I happened upon an editing error. Yahtzee says "but when" and then changes the scene and begins again with "but when", which does not seem like a deliberate choice, but and editing error. Hope somebody will correct the error for next time. Bad Yahtzee!

I agree with him unlike most of my friends and now i am not going to get it.

True dat.

Was that a Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus reference I spotted..?

Hmmmm... this is the first review in a long time i didnt enjoy...
Most of the jokes and braging ware clearly forced and realy... not funny :(
I finished the game on my PS3 (Unlocked all the trophies [ye i got no life lol]) and i realy didnt find so many bad things about it :P
Naturaly the game isnt perfect ;] no game is (well mabie except HOMM3 ;] ) and this one has its share of bugs that are being fixed.
Id hope ZP woud go back to the old formula of bashing the bad games (Look Too Human) and pointing out whats decent in good games (Look Painkiller) and stop forcing these negative things into the reviews :)

I have yet to encounter any noticeable glitches beyond the odd frame hiccup during extend play, more so online, which is both fun and frustrating since Xbox Live is full of ****s who want to use their free time ruining yours since they go out of there way to kill you if you're not in a posse.


I did say I liked the video, didn't I? And yeah, it is all about personal opinions. I really like ZP, what I don't like are the brainless fans who think ZP is a proper review. And since I already saw several posts saying "huh, guess it sucks then", I felt I just had to "debunk" some of those things he talked about. So I guess my post was more aimed towards those people, not intelligent people like yourself.

I am still trying to find out if he likes this game or not.

I agree with the controls, so goddamn frustating when I keep slapping into the environment and ultimatly DIE because I couldn't get behind the doorframe into the house too fast enough.

But it's immersive for sure, the walk is especially a classic one for me.

I wasn't sure on whether I should've bought this. One one hand, everyone said that it was fun, and that free-roam with friends is pure gold, but I absolutely hated GTA IV with its shitty vehicle controls and boring realism. Maybe I'll rent it, simple because it is apparently immersive enough to make it fun, but I doubt that I'll love it.

I've run into my fair share of bugs in this game. Had a mission where it wanted me to mount my horse and ride back to town...except the game wouldn't let me mount my horse, the option just never appeared, so I had to shoot my horse, fail the mission, and continue from checkpoint to finish it up.

I also was FORCED to kill the the 1st of the "primary" targets (Bill being the 2nd one) of the main game quest, the game gives you the option to hogtie and capture (which the government guys wanted, they wanted him alive) and after I hogtied him, the game wouldn't let me pick him up, forcing me to put a bullet in his skull.

Its a lot of fun, but has way too many game breaking bugs at times.

Also, killing cougars with a knife is IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!! Someone mentioned you have to do it with Bears too, gawd, guess I'm never gonna get that 100% or level 10 challenge completion outfit.

I got to say, I absolutely adored Red Dead Redemption, but you pointed out all the things wrong with it.

I feel that the drunken controls aren't enough to exactly break the game, but they're there, and complaints are just another form of love, right?

Wow, I'm surprised that Yahtzee liked this game as well as everyone else. I must be missing a gem here. Also, did anyone else catch that recording blip at 2:28? I hate to nitpick but that startled me worse than anything Freddie Kruger did during the new Nightmare movie.

Animals, yaaaay!

Purple Monkey Dishwasher?
That's even more random than "Twattycake" from when he reviewed Nier.

Pretty sure it came from "The Simpson's", so not so random.

EDIT: It appears I've been ninja'd a few times, lol.

OP: Haven't played it. Rockstar was never my cup of tea.

He shouldn't bitch about travel time in a game that offers free instant travel.

What the options that is easily missed? I realized that I could travel to my waypoint with camping and coaches after I beat the game and most of the treasure hunting challenges. They should of covered that in the manual.

This review had me laughing out loudly.
Been a while since a review was this funny :D

I liked "Green Spleen Submarine" best. Beautiful.

Not getting the game though as it isn't available for my gaming platform--PC.

And I have officially sworn off on ever again paying good money for crappy ports of console games that offer none of the PCs functionality and are released ages after the real release.

Screw that, I'm not going to financially support being disrespected any longer.

Plus you will probably have to have an internet connection stuck in your ear the entire time you play it or something when it comes out anyway. And submit to a rectal exam...while playing it. And submit a DNA sample...while playing it. get the idea.
All because it's on my eeeeevil PC and not a console.

Dear The Escapist,

I don't want to have to stare at some woman with gross noserings that seem to be attached by chains to her hair while watching Zero Puntuation.

And here I was wondering why she had such a funky moustache!

Well, I've been playing it for about eight hours now (primarily dicking around and slicing my fingers off) and I seem to have been given some magic disk handed down by Skynet from its pre-nuke days because my game hasn't glitched once, and I've experienced no bugs at all.

Of course, I still have to deal with those fucking lions. I played the first "sherrif" mission where you go to a house and shoot some bandits, and then the game said "you're quite far from civilization. would you like to learn how to fast travel?" No, I said, I'd like to explore the sandbox of this sandbox game, not get roped back into the one corner where things happen. So I set out on my horse, found a treasure map, shot up some horse thieves, picked some pretty wildflowers, and then *RAWR* mountain lion attacks and kills me in two hits. I'm of the theory that the game only spawns a mountain lion when it feels you've been dicking around for too long and wants to strongly encourage you to start another story mission.

All in all, though, I'm liking Red Dead. It's certainly a more immersive experience to ride around an entire country rather then the same city the whole time, and the music always puts me in the right mood for exploration. Although...

What's up with the graphics? Ok, they're great and all, but why does every tooth in every mouth have to be painstakingly rendered? That chick on the farm Bonnie might have actually been attractive if it hadn't been for her grotesque teeth, and the same is true for everyone in the game so far. But that's just a minor nit pick.

Good review, Yahtzee. I'm not surprised that you don't love it as much as the rest of the world seems to. I guess the only problem is that you didn't say which wild west cowboy game is best. What will the deciding contest be for this one?

i just bought this today and it seems pretty fun...

Ok what is wrong with you, i was mad enough when you couldn't find valid arguments against Splinter Cell conviction and now this. IT IS NOT!!!! GRAND THEFT HORSES. You cant expect the game with the same engines and the same developers to not have any similarities, that DOESNT mean its the same fucking game! Hunting, gathering, sharpshooting and other activities give you progress through challenges, these unlock new and BETTER guns not the same ones. Also, once you beat the game, if your smart you'll get the title. Trust me. It takes you awhile to get the controlls, maybe if you DONT rush through the game. I have no problem, sure i did at the beginning but like most gameplay mechanics YOU HAVE TO PRACTICE. Otherwise it wouldn't be a challenge. Also, you mentioned long travel times, you walk 50 feet out of a city and pull out your campsite, you can travel to ANY waypoint you set, you DONT have to walk or ride everywhere. Also, when you pull out your gun your DONT have to hold down a to run. Ill agree that the jumping mechanic is a pain in the arse but seriously man. Also, you DONT have to do the minigames but they can give you something to do if you get board with the story missions which can frequently happen if your rushing through it. And, Some of the glitches you mentioned only happen on the PS3 as far as i can tell, it never happened to me on my XBOX. The health, stamina and Dead Eye do regenerate on their own but as you said in Alan Wake you can have those if things get a little more dangerous like if your mauled by a cougar you use medicine so the next hit wont kill you. Guns auto aimed in GTA, MW2, sometimes in SSC, and SAINTS ROW TWO, funny how you didnt mention that.

I don't know why everyone is such a wuss about mountain lions. I've killed like three that attacked me.

He shouldn't bitch about travel time in a game that offers free instant travel.

most of the time in missions it doesn't give you that option.

It was a good game it was just missing something, it felt like it never really got going.

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