Zero Punctuation: Red Dead Redemption

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I don't know why everyone is such a wuss about mountain lions. I've killed like three that attacked me.

YEah its called guns and bullets used to kill things.

Funny review, but I've not had any glitches so far, I've managed to walk through doors without bumping into them, and in general enjoyed it immensely.

Ok, I have a question Mr.Croshaw: what system did you play it on? I have on 360 (I'm proud to say I was the first one in Vancouver to have it) and I don't get any of those buggy issues. I've never had to restart it, and I've never had graphical glitches...

I like how Donttazemehbro didn't take the review personally when providing his opinion.

not as annoying as the hunting mission where you have to kill a Grizzly Bear with just the melee knife though...god that took me ages.

Should have shot the bear twice with a repeater, then knifed it. You'll get the mission completed.

The thing that i found most odd about this review was that you contently complained about the bugs and glitches. I have played the game for about 20 hours and have only very rarely experienced any of the problems you had. I was using the 360 version, so if its a that was what you where using you might have just had a weird copy of the game and if not then it my just have been a problem with the version you where using.

Um, you do realize that this is a 'review' in only the most distant sense, right? It's as much a comedy send-up as a review. Yes he does mean it about the problems he names in very funny ways, but this is much more for entertainment.
Lots of game companies look forward to Yahtzee doing a send up of their game. It's quite an event and much valued.
You might want to check a few other sources in addition to Extra Punctuation for 'reviews' to argue with.
Just sayin'.

Hahaha I love red dead redemption and yeh those damned npc's always try to run me off the road but other than that i havent expirienced many glitches :O (Gota kill em mountain lions man. Gota kill em).

I'll still get it. I liked Red Dead Revolver (though it wasn't as sandboxy as I wanted it to be) and have wanted a "sequel" to since completing it oh so many years ago. I have yet to play GTA4, I know, I know...I'm only now trying out Dead Rising, I'm behind the gaming-times...and was thinking I'd finally get to it but being a cowboy sounds more appealing to me right now instead of an urban-based thug.

Maybe I'll give Call of Juarez a go at some point, too. I'll have to scour the bins at Gamestop next trip to the mall.

I agree with everything he has to say on this game. Apart from that i'd go one step further.

See for me, I completed fully - but take away the 30 minute cut scenes each mission, and the 30 minutes of traveling to the mission location each mission, and you have in total probably 30 minutes of total game in the whole thing!

Now look at the games individually without the cutscenes and traveling - and Red Dead Redemption just is a collection of okay-ish mini-games.

If you took all the "gameplay" elements of this game, and removed the fluff - you'd get something much more akin to Carnival Games, which you can complete in under half an hour - and everyone would be moaning about it.

I've had the mountin humping thing happen to me before.............And all the faults he pointed out were valid just exagerated but then againg thats IS his job.personaly i like red dead the one thing he didn't exagerate was the unicycle thing.

I liked the review, especially the Green Spleen bit, but er...

All Games(tm) are Time Sinks(R).


Oh that poor nervous fawn. At least getting run over by a horse spared it from getting savaged by a catamount.

The game has some glitches. Being patched.
You have to travel. It's a sandbox game... hello? But then again, outside of escorting an NPC, you can fast travel.. so 80% of the time, you don't have to. I don't use fast travel because I enjoy the sandbox they've made.
It's a time sink. What fucking video game in existence isn't?

Lame review. I understand it's your "thing" to be negative, but if you can't say anything negative with some substance behind it, don't say anything at all.

Groin grabbingly hilarious, even though half of the gripes either seemed to be aimed at bugs which I haven't experienced yet and the fact he was a bit crap at it (Hint: In all Rockstar games, save as much as possible, plan round trip skip features and (Red Dead specifically) try to react to animal roars in a different way to sitting on your horse and wondering 'what the fuck was that?' (which is still mostly how I handle them)

The rest I'd agree with but I enjoy, I'm crap at using dual shock controllers for shooters, it's like someone put my mouse in treacle. And I enjoy games such as existentialist nightmare Football Manager 2010, so it feels quite structured to me.

Brilliant review as usual though.

Oh, and the vast majority of people either ask you to defend their weak arses, or stare at you like yokels. The 'maiden in distress' type missions are the unprovoked attacks I get in the game.

And he completely missed (justifiably, obviously, as it would have made the review a bit boring) how the soundtrack, plot and just about every other aspect of the game was a meticulously planned and loving homage to Spaghetti westerns, which for me makes it ten times better then most games I've played this year.

This is one of the rare occasions where I've not just played a game Yahtzee has reviewed but I've played it before he reviewed it. Although I haven't experienced the same glitches he has, the game does have a few of them but, as Yahtzee said, the writing and setting is spot-on.

All in all, it's great fun to play but it feels like it's lacking something. I'd still recommend it to people, though.

Yes he seemed to nitpick. But additionaly he said at the end that it is quite good game even though a bit of a timesink!

Im glad i got this game and i had alot of fun with it!

The Walkin Dude:
The game has some glitches. Being patched.
You have to travel. It's a sandbox game... hello? But then again, outside of escorting an NPC, you can fast travel.. so 80% of the time, you don't have to. I don't use fast travel because I enjoy the sandbox they've made.
It's a time sink. What fucking video game in existence isn't?

Lame review. I understand it's your "thing" to be negative, but if you can't say anything negative with some substance behind it, don't say anything at all.

The negatives he brought up are justified. There's fast travel but setting up camp or skipping through a stagecoach isn't exactly more fun the watching yourself ride a horse and a game being released with insane glitches (Yahtzee mentioned the walking animation not working, I've personally seen a wagon needed for a mission spawn with rockets on the wheels, fly up in the air then get told I failed the mission) is a justifiable thing to mention in a negative sense. Besides, it's not as if he didn't say anything good about the game. In fact, his summary basically says that it's a good game but with some odd glitches.

Why is it that at this moment I'm reminded of the Zero Punctuation mailbag special...

So far no glitches with anything, turned off the auto aim, riding a horse and traveling is actually fun and listening to the conversations are great, very thankful for dead aim otherwise killing some stuff would be a bit more harder than it already is.

People keep talking about how the games is so glitchy. I haven't run into a single glitch, maybe I'm just lucky.

Wow Yatzee nailed it right on the head with that review. Grand Theft Horsie is still fun to play and it plays good on line but he right about the charater humping the moutain part and part of the controls. However I wish he could of metioned how you can kill every single animal including a dog and sell the meat, heart and whatever else is attached to earn a profit, the fact that you can throw anybody on the train track tied up and watch them get run over, some other glitches with the wagon that you can ride in getting hit by a train and be indrustable,

I do like the auto gun lock feature. Makes it easier to kill something or someone. However if you want to ail manual just hold the button down and move the sight with your joystick.

Why the hell do you have to pick flowers anyhow to increase your survival. I know flowers and plants were REALLY important back then but it was the end of the era. I would of have the charater cook what he had over a open fire. Hunt your own damn food etc. Christ surving back then was just enough.

Nice review still.

And yes I'm planning on buying the book shortly. Not bescause Yatzee metioned it. It actually looks intresting enough to actually get a good read out of it.

Sure beats those fucking Twiglight novel series that any knob can watch in theaters and go all gushy over a vampire.

The weird thing about this game, and I felt this about the older GTA's, is that I can list all the negatives and agree with Yahtzee all over the place, but I still can't stop playing it. He touches on this a bit, but it freaks me out.

It's like Rockstar has this patented special sauce that makes you not care when arbitrary design decisions get in the way of the game. Actually, they're a bit like Apple in that sense. "Oooh, a tablet computer I can't install things on? I MUST HAVE IT"

The Walkin Dude:
The game has some glitches. Being patched.
You have to travel. It's a sandbox game... hello?

But being a sandbox would imply that traveling should be enjoyable and fun, no?

Would you watch a 20 hour long movie which consisted of 18 hours of looking at a horses butt?

Dont get me wrong, i love GTA:VC - it's my most favorite game. But this is the first time i've played a "gta-clone" which actually made me realise all i was doing was going from cutscene, to traveling, to short easy mini game.. and repeat.

I dont think i'd have so much of an issue with it, if the mini-games were in any way interesting/challenging or fun. Unfortunately they aren't. I'd have just as much fun playing a collection of wii mini games in something like carnival games. Hell, take carnival games, make you travel from location to location, put in an "adult themed" story - and it'd probably get 9/10 review scores!

So you're left with a lot of traveling, and unfortunately riding a horse is nowhere near as fun as driving through a crowded city at high speeds and hitting ramps, etc.

I actually DID fall asleep on one mission where i had to follow someone on a ride somewhere (so no fast travel allowed).. I woke up to find i've "rode" (is that a word?) my horse into a lake and died.

Funny stuff as per usual. I can't say I didn't expect this kind of review, this is just the routine Rockstar has been doing for years, sandbox game with an everyman protagonist and some minigames. I played it for a short while and wasn't impressed. I got pissed off at one point when I had to do a race, where I got lost and ended up failing the "mission" when it turns out all I had to do was make it to the finish line, and all because my buddy wanted to race for shits and giggles. I played for only one shoot out after that. I could have played more, but, I had just bought super Mario galaxy 2, and I didn't want to spend my time gathering 12 wolf pelts.

I swear there are at least 15 different mini-games you can play with those mountain lions.

Best one for a long time. Actually laughed at this one, rather than awkwardly giggling in the corner.

Is it bad when you just have to say "That was a good review"?

Give me some of your luck.
I've become a centaur on multiple occasions.

I was looking forward to this review, as I find you're usually on the mark with your criticisms, but too much comedy-complaining about its trivial flaws-- a variation of which are part of the package in any open-world game-- we know-- has left you no time to address its genuine shortcomings or interesting elements. Neglecting the game's rather serious narrative and themes and simply reducing its entirety to a 'timesink' was kind of a letdown.

Does he spoil the story? I haven't been able to play the game yet. :S

He shouldn't bitch about travel time in a game that offers free instant travel.

Yea I was wondering if Yahtzee knows about campsite insta-travel...

But anyway a funny and accurate review, the game does give you a lot of freedom and it is pretty glitchy.

..Eh? Why did he blame having to hold a button to run on the Euphoria engine? Surely a game reviewer should know it uses the Frostbite engine and that Euphoria is for the character animation, unless he's twisting the facts to make lame jokes.

I actually loved this one, first one to make me laugh in real life since Resident Evil 5. One of my top three.

1) Resident Evil 5
2) Bayonetta
3) Red Dead Redemption

Personally, i have experienced none of those glitches, and the only complaints i can sympathize with are the fact that money is kinda useless, and i have been blindsided many times by grizzlies and wolves who send me back a couple of hundred minutes and thousands of bounty hunting, criminal wrangling, and poker cheating-out-of dollars.

My question is ... will Roman call me and ask me if I want to go bowling? If so then I am gonna skip this XD

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