Zero Punctuation: Red Dead Redemption

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I dare Yatzee to do a review on Alpha Protocal. I'm still getting the game,

Saints Row 2 was also a time sink.

This game looks oddly like most of what I've ever wanted from a game, so it better deserve all the hate you're giving it.

Sounds like an interesting game, but I probably won't get it. I' don't really like western games, but I do like the good old western films like The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, and A Fistfull of Dollars, but games about the wild west don't interest me very much. Funny review though, loved the mountain humping part.

Well, at least he liked it. I may pick it up myself someday.
Something's nagging me, though: I feel like I've heard the phrase "Purple Monkey Dishwasher" somewhere before...

This game was amazing and I have not run into this glitches and bugs in the game.

1) Resident Evil 5
2) Bayonetta
3) Red Dead Redemption

(Spolier alert)

Bayonetta is still my favorite. Best part was about her legs and pole dancing routine. Actually what were they actually thinking when they made the game. The special end dance sdequance was something else. I guess the main developer has a hard on for Libarians that love lollypops with glasses and tight outfits and boots. still though my favoruite was Neir. The name Twattycakes was funny itself. Still mine are as follows.

1) Bayonetta: Nailed it right on the head expecially The gerkin part. A clone of Devil may cry.

2) Wii resort: Funny review and some well good comments about some of the games. Yep nothing beats go old spoort actions like Flying WW 1 style like planes shooting at each other trying to pop their ballons. Sounds kinda dangerous for a SPORTS GAME!!! What next fot the Wii Sports. Wii Ballon Racing, Wii Ballon Fight, Wii 10 second car racing, Wii pimping.

3) Final Fanasty 13. Yep Vanille has to be literally screwed up in the head. Her GF animation sequances and her final attack is well something to be desire for itself, expecially the "see you later part after what appears to be a "climax from whatever as she is on top of what appeared to be a riding motocycle riding something". Play it or watch it for yourself. WTF was Squaresoft Thinking!? Yatzee should do a second review of the game after the first five hours to go WTF at the end. Vanille Ditist charater ever made for a Final Fanasty series. Thank you Squareenix for replaxing Riku as ditizest charater around.

4) Dante's inferano. Hialious itself expecially the hairy bum part. Yep good old hairy bum.

5) GOW III. Complex father issues anyone

Take a guess Yahtzee Preferred Call of Juarez Bound in Blood Then, as a western game.

Great Review as always.

I'm still gonna get RDR!

Haha, I had a feeling Yahtzee wouldn't echo all the praise that I've heard about this game. I still badly want a copy, so I'll be picking it up when money lets me, but that review made me laugh.

I'd love to get a horse-stuck-in-a-wall for Christmas. I'd especially love mounting it onto a unicycle and riding it around the desert for a while.

Yahtzee Croshaw:
Red Dead Redemption

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Red Dead Redemption.

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Hehe very funny. He was right about it all - but most of those reasons are why I love the game; I love a game where I can spend countless hours faffing about and get to the story when I'm done being distracted by shiny things I can either skin or shoot. :D

His schtick is never going to change, is it?
You don't even need to watch these anymore. Thisis the first Zero Punctuation reivew I have watched in months, and it was easy to predict escatly what he was gonna bitch about.
He is so obvious.

My question is ... will Roman call me and ask me if I want to go bowling? If so then I am gonna skip this XD

I was wondering this as well, when I got the game. Obviously not literally, since there are no cellphones in the 100-year-old Wild West, but if the "friends" would require me to attend weird social activites.

I was thoroughly disappointed when I found that Bonnie McFarlane(First real friendly NPC you meet, and important character in first chapter of the game) suddenly wanted me to go play horseshoe behind her shack. John Marston(the player-controlled character)made some rather sexual remarks but then agreed... Even though I hadn't even pressed a button! It was auto-agree, or something like that!!

Horseshoe is also damn boring, and that didn't make it any better!

Then you encounter this man on Fort Mercer (important location in first chapter) with a rifle. The guy constantly wants me to go hunting, and AGAIN there is no way to say NO! Christ so incredibly annoying when the guy asks me to even KILL WILD HORSES. I have the lasso, and can break them instead, SO I DON'T WANT TO! Then there's the mountain lions (cougars), the bears, even the damn birds... He constantly propositioned me after I had rested in either of my "safehouses". Same with Bonnie.

Your character wakes up (saving advances ingame-time 6 hours) and then as soon as you walk out the door some seemingly random NPC will ask you to do something, and you can't really turn it down. As a bonus you recieve "Fame" (Useless, in essence, ingame) and "Honor" (equally useless).

And it just continues throughout the game! Chapter 2 you can look forward to seeing Diego Maradona(Some fucking poncho-wearing mexican) ask you to help him distilling tequila, using a cactus... It makes for one of the most boring minigames I've ever played.
Also in chapter 2 is Sampaio de Souza Vieira(OR whatever. Also Mexican) asking you to shoot up towns and smaller settlements.

God it's so annoying!!!

Zombie Nixon:
RDR was pretty badly written IMO, like those riding conversations

John: That's despicable.
everyfuckingone: That's funny coming from a KILLER/BANDIT/RAPIST/FARMER

Every god damn conversation in the first section.

Say all of those in one and you have the most hilarious end-game villain of all time.

Interesting review, I'm glad he didn't tear it a new arse though, he has a habit of doing it, even for the games he likes. At least he complimented its writing and graphics.

Well, at least he liked it. I may pick it up myself someday.
Something's nagging me, though: I feel like I've heard the phrase "Purple Monkey Dishwasher" somewhere before...

I've heard it in an episode of the Simpsons before. I laughed hard when I realized that it was from there.

Yet another fine week, Yahtzee. I'm quite looking forward to the game once summer rolls around and I have all the time that I want with it.

Brilliantly funny as per usual. Made me laugh loads. If and when I get the cash, i'll have to give this a look.

As others have mentioned in this thread, criticizing this game for its auto aim and long travel times seems disingenuous at best, seeing as how both problems can be remedied by the start menu. Criticizing RDR's controls and then complaining how there's no "game" in this video game is also patently ridiculous. That is tantamount to stating that a guitar is too difficult to play and using that as evidence to claim there's no "music" in that musical instrument. The "game" part of RDR is learning how to shoot/ride/use the controls. The same is true of any other game since the days of Pac-man.

He was really scraping the bottom of the barrel for this one. RDR is a well-executed game, in spite of the few minor bugs it may have. Whether you like it or not all depends on personal preference; objectively it is a good game.

Can't get it to load. I click on it, the Age of Conan ad pops up, and it just hangs indefinitely.

Alright, i'm confused...i keep hearin' people go on and on about "bugs" and how "shoddy" the controls are, and i just don't see any of that! I'm playin' th'game right now, and with the exception of one mission (i was supposed to stop a couple of carts and the guards, then take said carts and ride 'em to the mexican/american border) which made everybody i was supposed to fight either just stand in place, (including the carts which wouldn't move once i cleared all th'baddies out and went to drive 'em m'self), or go shooting straight up in the air (that was weird), i've run into ZERO of the bugs everybody else is yakkin' about...and even that one cleared up once i reboot it...i guess i just hit th'lottery or somethin' if i'm actually enjoyin' this game that so many people are all up in arms about...*shrug*

Whether you like it or not all depends on personal preference; objectively it is a good game.

In that case you can say the EXACT same about carnival games. Whether you like it or not all depends on personal preference; objectively it is a good game.

Well golly gee whiz Yahtzee, again I agree with the majority of your points but I'm surprised you enjoyed the story, as this is a game which seems to approach the storytelling techniques closer to a film than a game, i.e overused exposition of better/more violent times in the same setting, anticlimactic confrontations (such as the guy who fled to mexico only to recieve a by the way style death) and a lackluster ending which forces you to make errands for 6 missions, a scene which removes your control followed by yet more errands.

When I play I never experience any of the bugs or control problems Yahtzee mentioned... I guess that makes me lucky?

I thought he was going to do the scientific method like he said in Prototype? WTF?

I'm happy to know I wasn't the only person who loved the sailing in Wind Waker.

And yes, the prairie may be a bit void of human life in RDR, but damn if I don't enjoy looking at the scenery anyway. The only time I fast travel is when I literally have to get from one side of the map to the other.

lol, i wonder how he'd like the first one.
And that's strange, i haven't experienced any of the bugs he's talking about. and I've played both versions of the game.

Green Spleen Submarine would be an awesome game.

Hm, the review felt like that if you subtracted all the bugs and glitches from the game, there wouldn't be much to criticize. I can't wait to get a copy, as a big fan of the GTA series, I'm very much looking forward to this installment.

Green Spleen Submarine, lol..

You make my wensdays dude.

Yahtzee can join our "We really hate Cougars and Grizzly Bears sneaking up on us club"

as soon as someone bothers to start one...

Zombie Nixon:
RDR was pretty badly written IMO, like those riding conversations

John: That's despicable.
everyfuckingone: That's funny coming from a KILLER/BANDIT/RAPIST/FARMER

Every god damn conversation in the first section.

How could you say that? R.D.R is the closest thing to a well written western next to maybe games like...Call Of Juarez. On top of that, the conversations while riding are well written, and truthful. If i knew a murderer who is looking for redemption i would comment the same thing...or shoot him....And the ending of the game is so sad that if you didnt feel even a bit depressed at the end...your soul belongs to the black void...

Is it bad when you just have to say "That was a good review"?

Apparently so.

Also, it appears that the "beautifully atmospheric, beautifully written" game which Yahtzee found "immersive enough to spend hours at a time playing" (that incidentally scored 5/5 by The Escapist's more objective review) isn't good enough for some people, not when comedy glitches, nitpicking and hyperbole are the true mark of a game's worth.

I was thinking of complaining to him in person on my summer holiday to Australia, but I now know never to set foot on that continent because Al Murray: The Pub Landlord said every animal is out to kill you and all the people are too smug and full of themselves.

I too have an immortal hatred of mountain lions.

yes, someone else who like just sailing in Wind Waker!

At first I thought the title changing gag seemed forced, but you had me cracking up with "Purple Monkey Dishwasher".
Personally, I think you should review something besides console blockbusters every once in a while, maybe do a review on a PC game or a jigsaw puzzle or something. The formula is getting stale.

Funny review as always but complaining about the snapshot aim is pointless because you can turn that off...and yes...those fucking Mountain Lions are so annoying...not as annoying as the hunting mission where you have to kill a Grizzly Bear with just the melee knife though...god that took me ages.

The funny thing was I tried to kill a grizzly bear with a knife this one random time, it was going pretty well. Before I could finish the job a fucking cougar jumps out of nowhere and knocks me down, leaving me with enough health to get finished off by the grizzly.

Well maybe it's buggy on the 360 but isn't everything anyway? However on my PS3 I have experienced no problems at all with glitches or anything else. I find every mission fun and unique and the riding conversations are a good way to pass the time while traveling during a mission. The visuals are amazing and it is the only game I have ever seen that captures the true western feel. In all it is a solid game and is my pick for best game so far this year.

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