Escape to the Movies: The A-Team

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As long as the team is still firing tons of bullets and blowing the shit out of everything, while not actually hitting anyone, I am all for this movie. If not, it still looks like tons of fun.

And I really do want a sequel to Mystery Men. Not like it ended in a way that would need one, but a sequel would still be nice.

I've seen Bob do several references to Mappy-Land in his Overthinker blog, but he wouldn't say the name so it was frustrating because it caught my attention and tried Googling mouse cop and such but I had no results. So, thanks for that Bob.

Holy Motherfucking shit Thor!!!!

AS long as they actually hit the things they shoot at this should be pretty good.

HEY I REMEMBER CATS VS DOGS! >:C but no I have not been holding my breath for a sequel.

Yeah, I remember Cats v.s. Dogs too. And when I saw that there was a sequel coming out, I was pretty fucking confused.

Yeah it was a great movie... But why does it need a sequel? And 10 years later, for that matter too.



Onyx Oblivion:
I want Mystery Men 2...

I second that. I love that movie. Anything with Pee Wee is good in my book.

third it! that movie was such fun weirdness

I will "fourth" this. Though I think if you go back and watch Mystrey Men you will find it not as good as you remember it. I shared it with my kids and they thought it was five shades of awesome. But they follow in my "cheese-appreciating" footsteps. (Macy as "The Shoveller" was probably my favorite character.)

Mystery Men was not the right flavor to be appreciated by mainstream audiences. It could probably have been edited to more populous-liking greatness by changing about 15 minutes of film around. Mystery Men 2 would never get green lighted without some more actual superpowers these days. The bar is set too high. Who throws a fork, fart, gardening trowel or bowling ball?

Cats and dogs was awesome it was almost like dog city on the big screen!
It seems bob is lacking in intellect... or at elast intel........
The Ateam is just ballsy good hatred fun and it seems this film "got it".

First movie I have been actually excited to see in quite some time.

Cats & Dogs was like one of my childhood favourites and Hotel For Dogs was also a little legend.

OT: Looking forward to the A-Team wasn't anywhere on my to-do list, but now it kinda is...

I adored cats vs dogs when i was a child, but i loved smoking aces which was awesome in every aspect of it. Everyone who now knows about should see it, or see it again.

I remember Cats & was excellent.

OT: Hmmmm i hadn't even heard of this movie until now...looks like it could be quite enjoyable but i'll just probably wait until it's out on DVD and rent it or something.


I look forward to the A-team movie. Hated the series but the movie looks funny.

On a side note....this video needed more about the A-Team movie and not other movies. You wasted half that clip doing just that.

Yeah, what I expected, recently Liam Neeson has kind of shown us how much of a bad ass he can be with Taken. I know he's had Star War and Batman Begins, but there he always seemed like the old mentor, these films have shown him to the Master of ass kickery.

And watching Distric 9, I always got the feeling that as I looked at Sharlto, I was looking at some sort of cult movie star who just had to make a few more films first.

This film does look quite impressive.

Oh and one more thing, I would LOVE a Small Soldiers 2

you are not alone..
O.T Gunfight in a parachuting tank ... YES PLEASE.

i would jizz in my pants if they came out with a small soldiers 2 and a mystery men 2!

Why didn't Mr. T play Baracus? What the hell is up with that? The guy doesn't look like he's aged a bit. I get it that it's a prequel, so they better have the real Baracus in the next film, assuming there is one.

One more thing; why Quinton "Douchebag" Jackson? Couldn't they have picked someone who could, I don't know, act?

So... it's good then?

I'm guessing critics don't like it because of how silly it is. Oh hwell.

Mr T 1.0 you shall be missed...

Mr. Film Brain...You could say you PITY THE FOOL who doesen't watch this movie?

Okay, I'm sorry that was cheesy...

Screw you, Bob, Small Soldiers 2 would be KICKASS.

I really hope they don't make a Independence Day II like they were talking about possibly doing. Independence Day on it's self is awsome.
Anyway, Cats and Dogs was cute, I enojyed it at the time. Don't really think it deserved a sequal though, unlike Tron. A-Team is probably one of the few 80s remakes I'm actualy excited for.
The rest seem to just be there to try and compete with the idiotic waves of young fangirls and loveless house wives that continues to make the curse of Twilight still bear upon us.

MovieBoB, why the hell are you not famous?

Every single one of your reviews is right on the fucking money.

Am I the only one who thinks that Toy Soldiers 2 would be the shit?

Also I expected a long winded rant about how this movie sucked and didn't live up to the show.

i want to see it just for the para-shooting tanks scene

Oh and one more thing, I would LOVE a Small Soldiers 2

Hell ya, Time to kill me some Gorgonsolas. =P

Hey Moviebob. Liked the A Team review, agree with it.

As for cats and dogs 2; piss off wanka! Loved that movie, always had a little hole in me when they never made a sequel. Jus cuz you don't remember it, doesn't mean others didnt. I am a cult Tron follower, a good chunk of people I know don't even remember it. Different groups have different cult followings.

Yeah, I saw a cutout in my movie theatre for the cats and dogs sequal and was like... Hey, I liked that when cI was seven, but... Huuuuuuh?

Regardless of that, I'm probably going to nag my dad into seeing this next time we go for a movie. Sounds fun.

I'm definately looking forward to this. Thanks for a great review.
Btw Small Soldiers was awesome, if I remember correctly.

Looks like fun. I saw a bit of the show but I'm not a fan. I should take my Sister to see it.

Alright, that's a step up from the last review. But how did the characters play their roles? Did they ham it up and over reference the show? Is the newer setting twist a good thing?

Alright Moviebob (if you even bother to read the comments) it was decent review and I might go see the movie because of it. Just try a tiny bit harder to judge the movie not give us a overview of what it's about. Tell me what they did really right, and something that annoyed you or wished they would have fixed

wait... WIKUS! SWEET!

HA HA! this looks good it does.

Seriously Bob, its been like a year since you started this series, so let's just clarify one thing:


Find a new joke, please.

Mystery Men sequel, Bob?



God I loved that movie.

Glad they're still making movies that are just meant to be fun.

Now... If only they would make a "Six Million Dollar Man" movie.

A-Team Ftw

Good! I'm going to be heading out to watch it later this afternoon.

Also, Thor looks pretty good!

I wasn't expecting much outta this flick, but if you say it's fun then I'd say it's done its job. As far as Cap and Thor are concerned: Cap is perfect. Thor is close, needs more damn muscles. The god of thunder should not be so human looking.

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