The Escapist Presents: 30 Apocalyptic Scenes in 30 Seconds

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What is that music from? It sounds great!

I second this question.

was that last pic from WALL-E?



100%, 1st try, 5:38!

I am a Movie-Watching Demon!

/being an all-around douche



/Goes into corner

Seriously though, there was one movie on that list that neither myself or anobody I know has watched ... and many classics that were missing. But a fun quiz nontheless.

music, someone? In dying need of more post acoustic progressive saddistic end of the world themes.

Haha wow I got 73% (22/30). I only knew maybe 11-12 at first sight in actuality. Rest were a combination of guesses and powers of deduction lol I'm leaving it at that, I bet if I did it again it'd come out worse!


This was enjoyable. I'm glad the most of the obscure movie scenes were kept a short distance into the movie rather than being placed at odd intervals.

holy shit
You scored 76.67%, with 23 of 30 correct!

i was realy certien for about 6-8 of them the others i sorta knew but didnt know for sure

wow some one tryed 4 times and it took 382 mins to get 100% i hope thats an error

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