Unskippable: Hybrid Heaven

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Why are they doing a game that is over ten years old?

why not do a classic?
also there is a cat man!


like how many times are you gonna say "and so Kratos cast himself from the highest mountain in Greece"

Every time a scene has someone stoically throwing themselves off a cliff.
We do it to point out how often it's used as a cliché. Just like crows, and first-person cameras being knocked out.

Anyway, sorry we're not batting 1000 for you anymore.

Please don't ever stop doing this. Don't stop saying "and so Kratos cast himself" and don't stop saying "and that was the Xth time I died" (and please don't stop incrementing the X) and don't stop giving startled cries every time a character steps very suddenly into frame or is startlingly ugly.

The esoteric humor is a steak dinner but the telegraphed running gags are Pizza Rolls, a familiar and comfortable food that somehow you never get tired of popping into a microwave and eating when you're too lazy to cook for yourself.

Thank you for making great episodes of Unskippable and thank you for coming back to the running gags.

Wow, unexpected choice of games! This really took me back. I had fun with this game... back when it was one of the only five games I'd ever owned. It was an exploratory time in this young man's life, and seeing a naked man in the opening cutscene was positively terrifying. What if mother saw!?

Sort of relieved to see that it's even worse than I remembered. That Russian guy was obviously staring AT the fake Johnny's naked crotch the ENTIRE TIME. Oh... and my name is Johnny. I think that made the game seem much better, at the time, than it actually was. Still, it was fun at the time. And also a little boring. But fun.

Great jokes in this video. :)

"Tell my pants... I... hate them..."

What's so weird about that? Who doesn't hate pants?

I lol'd at "game so bad"

Yo dawg, we heard you like elevators so we put an elevator in your elevator so you can descend while you're descending.

Did we just spend most of that intro with a guy that died? And they still felt the need to make him naked?

It was to show that he wasn't human.

Because humans don't like being naked.


Oh no! I'm not human?!

oh wow. I think I rented this game a long time ago. I remember that intro with the disturbing naked guy. I can't recall the gameplay at all tho.

Hilarious as always.

Am I really going to be the only guy that comments on the dude at the door just spending the entire conversation shaking his head at the man's crotch? Why on earth did they decide to have him talk while looking down?

Wow, that was bad. So why did we spend 50-55% of the cutscene following some random naked evil henchmen around?

"Just ignore them. I hate weirdos on the subway." Man is that so true. I am like that everyday.

I really enjoyed this game back in the day, although it had some of the weirdest mechanics ever. Your character could only learn new moves by having them done on him, so every time you met a new enemy you'd basically just screw around, putting yourself in various vulnerable positions hoping that they'd give you a suplex you'd never seen before. Still, a fun game.

"Theres a bad guy from Doom hiding behind you"

I hate pants too!


And WTF were they thinking putting a NUDE DUDE in this game?!?

"But man, put some clothes on, will you?"
Graham & Paul: THANK YOU!!

All I could think of was "Huh. So this is what it's like to be a female gamer with unnecessary shower scenes" Perhaps with blocky alien men but still.....

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