LoadingReadyRun: Fit to Print

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That reminded me of Jonah J. Jameson, if he were a XTC addict.

Great writing, great performing, great episode! Keep up the good work!

Nice, I especially liked "KILL THE PONY!!" :-)

Also, Borg is an awesome last name.

"There's a monkey at the zoo eating a hot dog? I WANT THAT STORY!"
"A crossword puzzle?... Is it challenging?...... STOP THE PRESSES!!"
"Kill the pony..... No, not the story about the pony, KILL THE PONY!!!"
"I got a hot tip that there's a dead pony at the track!"

Strange ep of LRR this week.... Still good, though. The world needs more people like you LRR guys.


god dammit i need to get a job with this person as the boss lol

The way Matt looked at the drugs, hahahaha

That was the best thing you guys have done in a while. Cheers guys.

I though JJ Jameson was hilarius enough, but this parody is even better. Best LRR video since it came to the escapist website.

Hey thanks folks (well,those of you who liked it).
To answer the voice question... the coffee mug was full of Jaggermeister. Really helps when one must yell a lot.

... and yeah, it was a total rip-off of J. J. Jameson

wes (borg)

Awesome acting by Wes.


Holy crap, that was amazing.

Wes Borg is HILARIOUS!

I wonder if the Pythons have seen your work. I swear, if you guys had aired in the days of Flying Circus, you'd have given them some serious competition. I love Lurr and now I have to check out this Dead Troll site.

Wes Borg was hilarious. Totally sold it.

I'm genuinely surprised that he didn't run out of steam once.

Oh my God that was genius...one of the best I've seen. Someone's going to be in need of some strepsils soon though


///_O What the fuck xD LMAO.

This LLR was fucken awesome. Brilliant writing, brilliant acting! Thanks for the laughs. :)

need some warriors of darkness or mr tiddlewinks, more murder jokes required.

so thats what its like to be peter parker

Spiderman 4 : The Pony and the Kid

Damn it, Wes, my speakers are dead :(

A few impressive things: The sheer sustained quality of voice, the whiteboard of cute items, interviewing the hot dog's family... I remain amused for over 4 whole minutes!

Loved it (:

That was probably the funniest sketch comedy of any kind I've seen in months.

Marvellous sketch, Wes really brought some energy to his performance.

IT hurts! god thats funny! Best one so far.

was that yahtzee? :D

Hands down the funniest one ever...

is Wes a pro actor or somthin...that was some top quality acting right there...best actual acting on this site al least!!!
Finaly some good stuff...not that cleavege show I'd hit with my "axe" xD

Having actually worked for a newspaper before, I find this sketch even MORE amusing. XD

is Wes a pro actor or somthin...that was some top quality acting right there...best actual acting on this site al least!!!
Finaly some good stuff...not that cleavege show I'd hit with my "axe" xD

Careful there, monsieur!

OT: Great episode reminds me of that editor from Spiderman......

What ever was his name?

Fit to Print

Making news isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Watch Video

This was the best Loading Ready Run episode that I've ever seen. I laugh when I watch and I've watched it dozens of times. My god, that newspaper editor man did an awesome job with the voice and the mannerisms. I wish more of your videos were this good.

This really reminds me of my Uncle Al. He passed away a few years ago, but this man looks quite similar to him, and has an identical energy and comedic effect.

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