Zero Punctuation: Alpha Protocol

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I literally lol at the benny hill joke. Good review and somewhat "fair" by his standards ...

Its funny he mention Deus Ex cus theres a new one and I wonder If hes has any hopes for it. Then again it doesn't really matter. Fair review though.

From the sound of things, Alpha Protocol suffers from the same problem as Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines: No matter what your chosen manner of playing the game, if you don't go a particular route the end of the game is going to be very, very hard.

Great review and variations on the Ponce. I might have to check this one out.

Damn it he's on to me... No there are no secret agents operating out of Yorkshire. We urge you for your own safety do not press the question.

Might give Alpha Protocol a try when I get the money.

"Holy shit I thought, I literally fucked her brains out"

That was the best ZP line that I've heard in a long time.

yeah, the only phrase i actually laughed audibly in my office

damn yahtzee, now everyone is looking at me funny

"Zero Understanding" very nice, sir.

He liked it?

It was a very good review though

I pretty much agree with this one. I've never been a big fan of Obsidian games but i bought this thinking it might acctualy be ok...i was wrong, while i never experianced any of the bugs Yahtzee has...yet (only done like 2 missions) there is alot of things i have come across that annoy me one being right at the top is the Martial feels so strange and i doubt the character has the strength to smack an enemy back about 15 ft. I'm surprised he never mentioned that the crosshair on the game is fucking massive and annoying. Also thanks for the spoilers Yahtzee maybe you should start mentioning in the OP that your going to ruin something about the game.

Man, you had me excited for a bit there. Sounded like someone made a new game that was actually good. Now I'm disappointed. I guess I'll go stomp on some chickens to make me feel better.

Kevin Con... KEVIN CONROY???

Oh you play a dangerous game, Mr. Yahtzee. Daaangerous.

Still AP is at least a general step in the right direction for the very dialogue evolution you'd been pulling for in a previous ExPun.

hahahahahaha, i am still laughing and i finished watching the review about 20 seconds ago now... i've stopped now and will watch it again to laugh some more.

why are people being angry about him not beating on the game enough. he beat it with a big stick made of hilarious-lines. Maybe the stick was a little shorter than other reviews, but it was made of Hilarity... thats why you watch ZP isn't it? for the laughs?

From the sound of things, Alpha Protocol suffers from the same problem as Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines: No matter what your chosen manner of playing the game, if you don't go a particular route the end of the game is going to be very, very hard.

It definately is reminiscent of it, indeed. Right down to it being shipped with a fair deal of bugs.

Still...if you enjoy an alternate take on RPGs, I'm sure you'll find something you like within it.

Maybe the PMCs did push the release for Mario Galaxy back. That would start a minor revolt of the gamer population in Australia to attempt to lay a base cover for a different assassination. It would work easily too, gamers have better hand eye coordination than non-gamers (especially Wii players) and combine that with the unique heritage of the Australian public (English criminals). You would have a great little riot that would have a death toll up there of a medium Ohio State weekend during NCAA basketball.

It would be a great diversion.

Meh Yahtzee :(. I was hoping that you would really beat the shit out of this miserable game. Poor SI, poor gameplay, ugly graphics and bugs deserve that.

...A positive (for Yahtzee) review for this game? I was expecting Yahtzee to tear it a new one after every other reviewer was quick to call it crap.

While I liked some parts of the game, and generally agree with the review, I have to say that the hacking in this game is one of the worst minigames I've ever played. Though that might be because I'm playing it on PC, and a gamepad would be easier, I shouldn't be penalised for how I want to play the game.

As for the PMC thing, I think it's more to avoid putting a specific country as an enemy, doesn't anger any community. Sort of like how any game in the middle east sets itself in Iranaqastan.

I'm... somewhat surprised he liked it as much as he did. I'm playing it right now (and will soon review it for a website, incidentally) and while I definitely agree with the positives he mentioned, I'm finding that the AI is unbelievably awful, and it feels like the skill tree effectively un-breaks certain aspects of the game. Certain weapons are virtually unusable until you beef up your proficiency for them, and the stealth isn't worth bothering with until you've at least picked up a few abilities that make outsmarting hyperaware AI a little easier.

So, yeah, the rare instance in which Yahtzee liked the game more than I thought he would.

Great reveiw. And having played it...yes, the story is confusing near the end. Mind you, not like it made much sense at the start anyway.

that's actually made me interested in taking a look

Damn you, Yahtzee, you crafty troll. Don't you know that mentioning Deus Ex means someone somewhere will re-install it?
Either way, a pretty good review. I imagine that an E3 related video will be due in the next fortnight, so I'm genuinely hoping that it will be as hilarious as the entirety of the Microsoft Nat- Kinetic was.

heh heh ha ha! Video makes me laugh. :D

Well that was.... Unexpected.

I was fully expecting him to rip the game a new one, but he was actually nicer than most reviewers this time around.

Yahtzee, you feeling OK?

I had already listed this game under, "Rent, or buy when I can get it under $20." Like all of Obsidian's Other games it seems like the game was more ambitious than it could handle.

I was kinda hoping for...

Great review anyway. I think that the reason that the games industry makes PMC secretly evil is because in real life they actually ARE!

Well, since he claimed he recorded during the weekend and E3 is still going on, give him like a week or two, unless No more Heroes 2 stops getting delayed he'll do it.

Or so do i hope.

The fucked her brains out line made me put my food down for a minute or so, i couldnt chew properly.

Hmm... Im sort of shocked. Coming from a reviewer that I have come to be very fond of in his ways of dismantling games and absolutely destroying them even making me realise the bad points of games that I like to play, I though Yahtzee was going to dig deep and rip this game a new one (though it has already been thoroughly criticised). I also cant believe that he gave this game more credit than it deserved. All I game this game was the interesting timed dialogue, all the other features of the game has been done much better in other games.

Recommendation from Yahtzee? Check. I guess I'm buying it.

Wait, what problem do you have with Kevin Conroy Yahtzee? He is the voice of the best incarnation of Batman!

Anyway, yeah, that was a review with funny jokes in it. Please continue.

This is, quite honestly, one of the best Zero Punctuations that I have seen in a while. Yahtzee actually had some good and really bad things to say about the game rather than the nit-pick to death apporach that he's been using lately. Good job Yahtzee!

whats a ponce?

IF you have to ask then you probably ARE one.
I think the american equivalent is douche

Funniest ZP in a while. Especially the "literally fucked her brains out" part.

Based on the reviews, I had given up hope on this one, but if it reminds Yahtzee of Deus Ex then it might just be worth a rent.

I'm a minority, I actually loved the game.

I literally fucked her brain out!

This is the first time I literally lol'd watching a ZP. Great job, one of my favourites.

"I can't think of a joke for that sentence, so here's a picture of a dog in a hat"
I had to pause the video while I laughed that one out because I couldn't hear him over myself anymore :DDD

Hey guys, excuse my ignorance but... what's a ponce?

Mark B:
I was wondering if this was any good and in spite the poor write up (as expected) might add it to the rental list.

for the story and all.

its honestly not a bad game at all,

if you dont mind the occasional graphical glitch/slight bug (the controls RARELY mess up on movement) then its a really enjoyable game, im on my third playthrough and still really enjoying it all, like he said the decisions you make do affect what happens later on so its pretty good in replay value

(warning, do not rank up in hand to hand combat, you will get raped by a certain boss like no other)

I was kinda hoping for...

Great review anyway. I think that the reason that the games industry makes PMC secretly evil is because in real life they actually ARE!

Or more specifically, Blackwater.

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