Escape to the Movies: Toy Story 3

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Hoorah, ive gotta go see this now, um, right after i go see the A-team today.

I cried after the first Toy Story. Odd though since Bambi and the Lion King never even got a sniffle out of me. I guess it was the Randy Newman songs in the first one that got me all teary eyed.

I refuse to see it, not because I won't like it. Because If I see it I guarentee I will be sad for days. Same thing happened when I saw Marley and me, Stepmom, Ghost, and The Fly 2 (you know what scene I'm talking about!)

I saw it. He was right. Also, Totoro!

Holy crap, I haven't seen The Brave Little Toaster in yeeeeaaaaars. Like, since I was only in early Primary School. I can't even remember how the story went. I'm gonna have to hunt that out on eBay or something...

Anyway, yeah. Toy Story 3. Do want to see. I wonder if my friends will want to see it with me...

Considering that scene from Up, I'll have to bring a box of Tissues with me.

I was a little hesitent before watching this because I knew I was for sure seeing this movie and didn't want anything spoiled but now I really want to see it.

Great point on our messed up childhoods XD And things that make us sad, when I watched this one special on the 11 most sad moments in children movies, I was crying through most of them XD

I really want to see how this whole thing ends... but it probably isn't the best of ideas to see a movie that sounds like it ends in such a depressing way... not sure what i'll end up deciding on this one yet. lol.

This is just playing over and over in my head and my man card is about to be lost...

Wow, this doesn't get released in the UK until 23rd July...


Why the hell do we have to wait over a month? It doesn't have to be subbed, dubbed or anything! It's out in loads of other non-english speaking countries first. It doesn't make any sense.

Maybe Disney is really pissed off because of the oil spill...

I bawled like a little kid. Had the same thing happen to me with toys being donated for younger kids. So it got a little bit emotional for me. But goddamn you pixar goddamn you.

Frozen Donkey Wheel2:

.....Damnit. I was gonna make a sex joke about blasting Megan Fox, but it's not coming together.

I am ashamed.

Blame it on beer.


Great! I really need to see this. Since I was only just able to keep the old waterworks in check during Up, Toy Story 3 may be an even greater challenge.

These things take you back....

You Have no idea bob... The first toy story premiered on my date of birth. Yeah.

gonna see this tomorrow.

thanks for the heads up bob.

So I just came back from seeing this movie... and I have never cried in a movie... until today. The nostalgia hit me like a ton of bricks... Seriously... if you grew up with this movie like I did, you will not leave with dry eyes... I'm just saying...

I am Andy's age! Damnit, now I feel old! But I should thank Pixar for making an awesome franchise. I still remember the first movie, the first time I saw it. Man... What, I'm not crying! It's the dust in the air...

I saw it. He was right. Also, Totoro!


I literally hollered that in the theater with joy.

Wow. Now I'm depressed. Want to see it more than ever, but now I'm depressed.

PS, holy crap, I've actually grown up with Andy. I just graded. That's weird...

Just came back from watching it. Didn't really cry, but I still choked up a bit. "Up" is the still the one Pixar movie in which I was this close to breaking down.
Still, this movie had everything. It's one of those movies that warms your heart in every possible way. The ending was really satisfying.
I also loved the cameos. The first one was pretty cool, but the second one blew me away. First I was like "NO WAY!", and it was awesome! I stayed through the credits 'till the Special Thanks part and that pretty much confirmed it.
Also, forget the movie's big climax. The scariest part in the entire movie is watching the toys getting MASSACRED by toddlers during Act 2.
The whole Buzz and Jessie thing was great. I guess I'm just a sucker for that kind of stuff.

Thank you Pixar for giving me such great films. This is coming from someone who grew up with Toy Story since he was 5 years old.

Just saw it. Epic. Go see it... now.

A personal favorite new character is the toy phone (his name escapes me). He talks like a character straight out of film noir.

God I hope this works, I usually never cry in sad movies. I'm all sad just looking at this.

I'm one of those kids who grew up with Toy Story. Andy is going to college the same year I am and that just adds to the excitement I have to see this movie. Toy Story is a wonderful series and I can't wait to see the conclusion, even it if WAS planned to be released to take advantage of my childhood nostalgia.

Yep. Saw Toy Story 3 a few hours ago with my wife and 4 year old. Unfortunately, my son got scared towards the end, and my Wife offered to take him out. She missed the ending. I got to stay and watch the conclusion of the movie, and yes, I almost blubbered like an idiot.

Soylent Bacon:
Wait wait wait, Toy Story 2 is good?? And Toy Story 3 is good???

I seem to have made the fatal mistake of judging a book by its cover, I wrote these two off as crappy sequels milking a franchise, Shrek style.

Completely the contrary, Toy Story 2 is surprisingly one of those sequels that's better than the first, and we may even be breaking record here with 3 possibly being better than 2.

On a side note, Shrek 2 was pretty good, 3 was decent at best.

Don't taze me Bro:
Yep. Saw Toy Story 3 a few hours ago with my wife and 4 year old. Unfortunately, my son got scared towards the end, and my Wife offered to take him out. She missed the ending. I got to stay and watch the conclusion of the movie, and yes, I almost blubbered like an idiot.

My response would have been "Sit down, man up, and be quiet, because I'm not going anywhere!". Ha, this being one of the reasons why I am not now, nor will I ever be mother material.

Hopefully this will be better then the 2nd one. I saw Barbie and Ken. Who am I kidding...

Is it so wrong to anticipate every summer, knowing that there will be a new Pixar movie waiting?

I was sobbing, you guys. There were fat, gushing tears that would not stop. Not just during the last fifteen minutes, either, when all the water works usually start for people, but certain points at the beginning were just so devastatingly well written that I couldn't help but cry.

I won't spoil anything, but... Wow, my god. There is a scene at the climax that is just fucking... haunting. Beautiful, awful, and terrifying. I can also say that you feel this genuine tangible sense that, no matter what happens, those toys are true friends and will ALWAYS be together. The whole scene tugged at my gut like you can't even imagine.

I am also of the mind that kids shouldn't be sheltered from disturbing scenes - from this movie and The Brave Little Toaster. Slapstick humor is fine, but when peppered with a certain depth and primal fear? That turns it from a funny little kid flick to something mature and thoughtful. Toy Story always had some of that dark texture to it. It's what separates DreamWorks films from Pixar films, I think.

And, yeah, I grew up with Andy. I am in his shoes. Seeing him leave through Woody's eyes was also like seeing myself go. It was both a cathartic and depressing experience, and more personal than I ever expected it to be.

Really guys. Go see this movie. I know it's just a cartoon, but Pixar made magic today.


I want to see this. I do not want to cry like a baby in public, however. I need to have a suit of armour. That'll confuse everyone and hide my being sad.

I just GRADUATED University from a 5 year program so I guess I'm a little older than their target audience.

I'm thinking of going to see this movie alone (I've never seen a movie alone in the theaters) as my friends will give me quite a hassle for when I inevitably break down in tears.

It's a damn good movie. I know a lot of people here are saying that, but it's usually followed or preceded by "I'm the same age as Andy" or "I grew up with this."

Well I'm not and I didn't. I'm 29 years old. I saw the first two movies last week because my unemployed ass was flipping through the channels and somehow my best choices were Toy Story on Disney or ICarly on Nick. Not a fan of tweenage hi jinks, I watched Toy Story and then TS 2. I enjoyed both, but from a different perspective than those who saw them as children.

Ok, ok, about halfway through TS 2 I was trying to hold back tears while saying out loud, "This movie is kicking my ass." I guess that phrase needs some explaining. No matter how "manly" a man you are, there's someone out there that can beat on you until you cry. So when I say "This movie is kicking my ass," it means that despite all my resistance a movie is making me act "unmanly."

Go see Toy Story 3; Watch 1 and 2 if you never have first. As I've said I'm not nostalgic about it at all but it's a damn good movie. It might not kick your ass, but it's gonna try hard. If it doesn't move you in the least, then I pity you. It's well written; You will never say to yourself, "That decision is so Highlander 2."

This is getting long but I saw Jonah Hex before I saw TS 3. Hex wasn't bad, but it felt like it was hastily put together. It seemed like the "Revenge Gets Ugly" premise couldn't last an entire movie, so it was padded, and then the padding was cut down. It's full of Highlander 2 decisions. Yeah, someone nerdfamous reviewed that recently which is why I keep referring to it.

This is officially long now, and what I am about to say is off topic, but I need catharsis. In between the movies I saw there were police officers outside my movie theater. A movie patron told me that someone had been taking pictures in the men's bathroom. Pictures of the people who came to see Toy Story 3. Yeah, those kind of pictures. I want to(need to) say publicly that I want to beat the shit out of that guy then brand his face with PF(pedophile, it's an F sound!)

When Toy Story started, I was around one-year-old. Sadly, though, the movie didn't stick in my memory, and even though my parents tell me that I loved it and watched it dozens of times on tape, since I saw it so early in my youth, there were no memories to be nostalgic about.

I ended up seeing it for the first time in memory only after Finding Nemo, what I still consider the best Pixar movie. After so much more that Pixar had done, it didn't stand out to me as any more of a masterpiece than the rest, and Toy Story 2 ended up making me resent the series.

In a way, I hate Pixar making sequels. What I love more than anything they do are the worlds they create, and with a sequel, there's not a new world to explore. Sure, there are new concepts within the story to discuss, but in the end, a new setting will always allow more depth.

I plan on seeing Toy Story 3, and since it's a Pixar movie, I know it will be amazing, but I resent that I can't look back on the series with as much love and adoration as those who were older and could remember the original, and I resent that it's no a new world. Next summer, maybe we'll get to see another beautiful setting from Pixar.

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