Escape to the Movies: Toy Story 3

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It was amazing. The entire theater applauded after the little alien guys did their thing, and at the end. What a great ending to a great series.

And Pixar's streak continues! 11-0!

Man just got finished seeing that movie. I had my doubts years ago. I was wrong for doubting this movie is great! I mean just wow. It goes without saying that shrek 4 is garbage compared to this. Such a great movie.

As close to flawless as a film can be for me. I felt every single emotion possible it seemed like over 100 minutes of this. I don't want to ruin it for anyone, but Pixar upholds their lofty standards. The Toy Story trilogy is a testament to quality film making and story telling. Cinema is better due to the existence of this series.

That ending, just...stunning in its execution to make me remember how much the characters meant to me. Those subtle genuine human emotions...left me in awe.

Side note: Previews for other studios offerings made me even more grateful for Pixar, they are several classes above their competition.

The Philistine:

Jesus christ!
Why the hell did he do this movie and not Jonah Hex?

Let's see... review the last in a series of movies that have been routinely good and popular for a wide audience or review an action movie based off a little known DC character that will probably be quickly forgotten amidst all the other action movies at best.

I'm glad Bob went for the movie that will almost without fail have more depth :)

Agreed. Besides, Megan Foxx AND a fake southern accent?

...I didn't get my permission slip signed... I can't go see it on the Tuesday field trip to Halifax, in 3D...

FFFFUUUUUUUU- Just as well. I'd probably cry, and I refuse to do so in front of my classmates. I'll see it here, in town. 2D... in a few weeks when I'll be one of four people in the theatre.

God damn, I was almost tearing up just hearing about all this. If I see the movie there's a 100% chance I will cry.

Toy Story was the first movie I've ever seen. And even though I was so damn young then, I still remember it. Its actually one of my first memories... hell I better stop, I'm starting to tear up right now.

And yeah, now I feel old, and I'm only 18. God dammit

Quoted for absolute truth.

Exactly what this guy wrote. I'm basically the real life equivalent of Andy right now (packing up for university and everything), so I'm gonna see this movie from a more personal viewpoint.

I might just have to see this now.

On a side note, it sounds like Bob got a new mic. Glad to hear it. Still could use some sound proofing to get rid of that tinny effect though.

Well, as someone who's old enough to have a kid Andy's age, I can say I honestly did tear up at the end. Which puts it up there with Schindler's List and Saving Private Ryan on my list of movies where I had to fake contact lens issues to try to keep some guy bravado.

But, as my date said, they could STILL have a sequel if they wanted. (note to Pixar: DON'T)

And as a toy collector; I wondered what was going on at MY house......

Toy Story 3 was damn near perfect, if not completely perfect. You the nail on the head Bob. I cried my tears and my love for the series has never been greater! I miss my old Woody doll. And my Buzz. And my Rex. And my Mr. Potato head. And my . . An . . Oh . .


saw this movie today with my dad for fathers day.

oh god, it was hard towards the end there. i was trying so hard to not show emotion, but ive always had a bond with my toys (i took them all to college with me, they sat in a box next to my bed), and on top of that, i was getting nostalgia bombed.

but i didnt find it very funny, it was less comedy, and more drama. (of course, i wouldnt have it any other way)

I want to see it since I was there for the original and all, but man am I worried about crying my eyes out now.

You're a bastard for mentioning that part of NeverEnding Story and I hate you.

Artex, you're letting the sadness of the swamps get to you. You have to try, you have to care, for me. =[

Oh dammit...I'm going out on a first date with a girl, and I just haaaaad to suggest the one movie that could make me cry in public. This could be bad. I think my only course of action is to dehydrate myself so there are no tears to be shed....that, or I make a last minute suggestion to see "Splice" or something.

I'll have to go back and watch the first and second toy story movies again. I was about 13 when the first one came out so i was out of the respecitve target audiance, but I still enjoyed the first one it was a great movie. It's amazing that someone can analyze this movie so proficiently and with such elegance then again i have only recently been viewing Movie Bob's videos.

Toy Story was my all time favorite movies as a kid. I am 17, just like Andy and have grown up with the series since then. I saw the movie in 3D (they were not offering it any other way) and I can thank god for those glasses. I started to cry around 10 minutes before the movie ended and I didn't stop till I was well out of the theater and in the bathroom. It was the saddest moment in a movie since... to be honest I don't think there has been a moment in a movie that could compare to this.

Ah, so YOU'RE the one that stole the 3-D glasses, I counted the entire bin three times before filling out the police report, if you return them now we can drop all charges as this case clearly falls under the "tear shield" exemption.

Movie Theater Management :)

Sigh... I really need to see this movie.
You know those kids he was talking about who "grew up with Toy Story", who "are the same age as Andy", and will be "reduced to emotional jellyfish"?
Yeah, that's me. I may actually be brought to tears for the first time in a movie.

I just saw this. It was definitely an A- movie with predictable enemies but an ending that is hard to put your finger on. I didn't cry, I never even teared up and I'm not a hard person in anyway. I cried during an episode of Hamtaro, so, I really don't see the hard core sadness you're all seeing.

Anyhow, it was a great film. It's worth seeing.

Man this movie made me really emotional near the end, and that NEVER happens. Toy Story WAS my childhood.

i'd like to say that i didn't cry, that i didn't soak a sleeve of my shirt with snot and tears and that this movie only makes women cry. i'd like to say that. however the pure emotional depth this movie stabs you with makes it nigh on impossible to not cry. My father mother sister and girlfriend were all next to me crying with me. that lasts fifteen minutes is an emotional rampage. if you were younger than ten when the first movie came out


because i promise you will. even when know its coming that lasts fifteen minutes packs so many emotional threasds that someting will just get you started.

now that i'm done moaning like a little girl i want to say i just saw it and in true pixar style it is the best they've done. i honestly don't know how they keeping one-uping THEMSELVES and how much longer they can keep doing it before they have a flop. seriously the movie industry is calling pixar an insurance policy because they know pixar will draw them business every single time. it's crazy.

But for everything Pixar deserves every bit of praise they get.

I just saw this. It was definitely an A- movie with predictable enemies but an ending that is hard to put your finger on. I didn't cry, I never even teared up and I'm not a hard person in anyway. I cried during an episode of Hamtaro, so, I really don't see the hard core sadness you're all seeing.

Anyhow, it was a great film. It's worth seeing.

it's not sad, perse. it's just emotional. we've all been there. that moment where you have to let go. for the mom it's let go of her son, for andy it's let go of his childhood after one more playtime and for the toys themselves it's letting go of the very essence of their exsistence to be reborn with someone else. it's just a moment that is meant to remind you of your last playtime.

This movie is going to be more brutal than Dethklok and Mayhem combined - and not in that cheap metal black humour sense either - it's going to be blacker than the blackest black - an abyss from which the last fragments of my childhood cannot escape.

I just started university this year, even though I'm twenty years old. Toy Story was one of the first movies I ever saw in the cinema - and I get the feeling that this is going to be one of those movies like Midnight Cowboy where even my inability to cry more than two teardrops will be tested to its limits.

Oh God, please don't tell me this is gonna be the Western animation equivalent to the Azumanga Daioh ending... ;____;

Soylent Bacon:
Wait wait wait, Toy Story 2 is good?? And Toy Story 3 is good???

I seem to have made the fatal mistake of judging a book by its cover, I wrote these two off as crappy sequels milking a franchise, Shrek style.

Pixar is not Dreamworks. They actually hire writers and get voice actors, not just celebrities. The latter part of that statement may need some clarification. With many animated features, especially from Dreamworks, I have a hard time separating the celebrity doing the voice from whatever they seem to be in other films or in real life interviews, so it just seems like another film starring Mike Meyers, Cameron Diaz, and Eddy Murphy. With Pixar films, even if it's Tom Hanks and Tim Allen, the voices belong to the characters I'm seeing on screen and not a couple of comedians or whoever. The voices fit, and combined with great writing and character development, Pixar films will be the ones I raise my soon to be son or daughter with.

Oh dammit...I'm going out on a first date with a girl, and I just haaaaad to suggest the one movie that could make me cry in public. This could be bad. I think my only course of action is to dehydrate myself so there are no tears to be shed....that, or I make a last minute suggestion to see "Splice" or something.

Or just bawl like a baby and completely win her heart. Girls love a sensitive side.

Flying Dagger:


not to be an arse but bridge of terabitha was terible I poited out the ending as a joke at the start and thats what actually happened and the last bit wasn't sad I mean mabye a little sad but not enough to make you cry


sure its a sad moment but I just dislike everything about it the acting wasn't very good which made it suffer because It made characters less real sure it was defently trying its hardest to be a sad movie but I'm not trying to start an arguement its just what.I think I might watch it again cause its been a year since I last seen it but I'm sure it isn't just me who dislikes it

Wait... hang on... there's a Toy Story 3? How the bloody hell did I not hear about this?

Oh well, I have now.

Also, did anyone else think for a second there that he was saying it was a bad movie? Right around the "emotional equivalent of a jellyfish" line? Or was it just me?

EDIT: Oh, and yes, I do feel old now. Thanks for that. You bastard.

I actually thought the same. Luckily it wasn't like that, and I saw the movie anyway. Surprisingly great movie, being a second sequel and all. I would almost go as far as to say that it's the best in the series.

Wall-E: Tears streaming down my face
Up: Tears streaming down my face, snot starting to drip
Toy Story 3: Tears, snot coming down so fast it was literally bubbling, gasping for air
What next Pixar? Gonna make me cut myself in the theater?

I think the reason why some people thought this was going to be a cheap sequel is the same reason why in the end Pixar's movies work the way they do. The way I see it, Pixar has a marketing strategy worth its weight in gold: sell the movie as a light-hearted family comedy in the trailers, usually with a little Action-Adventure thrown in for good measure, only to catch people off guard when they realize how deep and well-developed the movie is, even for an animated one.

Buzz was one of my childhood heroes. Thank you, Pixar.

Woody's last line of dialogue (before the credits) made me smile. THAT'S when the tears were about to roll.

I went in not knowing what to expect. What an amazing movie, I recommend everyone to go see it. Though, as mentioned, it is very good at pulling heart strings. :)

If I had known it came out down here this weekend, I would have ran, literally ran to the theater. But, because most movies take around 6 or so months to come out in Costa Rica, I thought the same thing would happen with Toy Story 3. Man, I even have the first 2 movies on VHS.

I remember when Dreamworks was a worthy opponent to Pixar you know.

When saying you liked Shrek meant you liked actual comedy. But Dreamworks has assumed that now that Blue Sky is done with Ice Age they can put whatever they want without consequence.

But Pixar knows that sequels need effort to do them that you should only do sequels when you are sure its as good or better than the first.

Now Pixar is our only mainstream source of good quality CG film's.

There should be a documentary called 'Pixar or How I learned to stop worrying and love monopolies.'

The movie was simply awesome. Personally I don't trust Movie Bob after he said Prince of Persia was good. I walked out of that shitpile after half an hour.

Apparently I need to go watch The Brave Little Toaster again. I remember something bad happening to the lamp but he recovered if I recall.

Glad to hear Toy Story hasn't fizzled out on it's third run.

I saw this today and walked out drying tears. The last five minutes killed; I was crying so hard the people in the row in front turned around. I'm the same age as Andy so I know what its like to have to move on, but I don't think I will ever give up on playing with my toys.

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