E3 2010: ENN: E3 Bytes - 6/18/2010

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Jack and Calumon:
I watch you before I watch Zero Punctuation!

Because your released earlier.

True! And exactly what I was going to say...

Calumon, but without Jack:
Calumon: Graham's beard looks fuzzy. I wanna rub it!

Also true! Although I'm not entirely sure I want to rub it...

And I was pleasantly surprised by Mr. Stark's stereotypical english accent/Molyneux voice. It worked!

Hmm... quoting Jack and Calumon separately - a new game for the escapist?

Haha loved it as usual! I normally watch you guys after ZP (its nothing personal, i swear!) and loved the Molyneux monologue at the end, priceless =)

Heh Heh... I DO watch ENN after Zero Punctuation...

Milos battling for my amusement eh?

it's true, i do watch ENN after ZP...i'm sorry. mad me laugh though cos it's true

I always watch ENN before ZP.

I'm really enjoying the new format. kudos.

I just love where they added in the part about Zero Punctuation. I wait until the end of the day to go on the Escapist, and that is usually what I do. My favorite jokes are the ones that point out things that are true. That's why I watch you guys and Yahtzee.

It kind of reminds me of this thing SNL did. Alec Baldwin was addressing the audience and he said, "distinguished guests, audience members, and all of you watching at home tonight or more realistically on your computer Monday morning." I laughed like crazy because that was exactly what I was doing.

Anyway, I love the work you do. Loading Ready Run, ENN and the Unskippables are one of the reasons I keep coming back to the Escapist. You guys are awsome. I look forward to next week's stuff.

Going to watch ENN first before ZP. To be honest, I can't decide which is better anyway.

I watch ZP first because you guys are always funny. ZP can be hit or miss sometimes.

That way, I always end my video watching with a laugh.

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