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Ways to Wake Someone Up

The much anticipated counterpart to the hit episode "Ways to Fall Asleep".

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Hell yeah! Love the Nordiques shirt! Great episode guys; way to show that sequels can be as good as their originals.

Also I love that you didn't use the first "cold shower" take and that Paul's shirt was wet before the tap was turned on. Yeah, I'm the guy who finds the goofs for IMDB pages, sorry.

When i first started watching this video I thought "This is gonna be painful for paul"
I liked the DJ Graham the best.

For some reason i thought farting in his face would be one of them.

But I got a good laugh with the rpg, the cold shower and the daddy's got you. Hope your head feels better Paul.

also why was Bill not in the credits?

It's times like that you just get out a marker-pen and go crazy.

seriously, just go jigglipuff.

I knew the after-credits bit was going to be about Paul hitting his head. I saw that in the cold shower take too and I was like "Yikes, that looks like that would really hurt, but maybe not, he didn't move."

Yes, he is a consummate professional.

Haha that was good. Thought you were going to play the joke of him being dead or something.

Yay, they made it, Paul is awake!

"Daddy's got you" from Gay Chicken, the jumper cables from that episode where Paul comes back as a zombie, great stuff.
But the SWAT team with the flashbang, that brings me back to the days where I used to blind myself in SWAT 4.
Very good X2Y episode.

Holy shit, Paul has the acting chops of Keanu Reeves! I mean he can do all that stuff and not even show emotion, how daring!

Seriously though, incredibly well done, I was wondering how they were going to submerge Paul in something, and there it was, hopefully, no serious damage to the back o' Paul's face!

Love the shirt Paul! ^^

How did the Free Jazz fail? I would have woken up and digged the funky music!

Calumon: Early Morning DJ's should work, especially Chris Moyles. I want to get out of bed so he'll stop shouting at me! >.<

loved that episode, at one point paul just seemed plain dead :P, should be more careful....... ways to check for death

Morning DJ Lol.

Aaaaaaw, that Lion is so cute :3

Great episode, especially the 's.w.a.t', keep it up guys.

Should have known the Sam Raimi would work.
Always does...

And why no credits for Bill?

Hehe ;P first thing I thought about when they did the Shower part

"that looked like he hit his head"


Ahh...I do love morning hour DJs.

Paul's shirt was wet BEFORE you turned the water on. How many takes was that one?

That was the most... well produced? x2y to date. Very shiny, very funny. :)

That was really lame.

Yeh i really enjoyed this one especially "the rpg" three brilliant weeks in a row.

Knew it was coming eventually! The triology is complete! Very cool!

Hot damn! A Nordiques shirt, Robin Willimas style morning DJ (that shirt screams "GOOD MORNING VIETNAM")and grevious bodily harm. All elements to a good skit. And the real reason Paul didn't react, if he had it would have taken enough takes to get it that his head would have hit at least 3 more times. Trust me, I've been the guy on the receiving end of unintended stunts.

Awsome episode guys. Now all you need is "ways to keep someone asleep" and you got a whole set :)

Hope your head feels better paul - you got a lot more stuff left to put on it
And yeah graham might wana go back and fix the credits

I thought he hit his head when I saw it too; I'm impressed at his professionalism.

the Sam Raimi allways work:D

Hilarious, how could anyone sleep through the 'Daddy's got you'? (Urgh...)

And ouch Paul but at least you showed us rookies how it's done.

I saw Sackboy on the shelf. =]

Ah. I love hearing the X2Y music, so soothing.

Loved the LRR references. The Daddy's got you was awesome!

It reminds me of my brother

I liked the RPG bit

the bit at the end...ouch. did i see blood or was it just wet hair in the light?

So if he hit his head really hard perhaps they've knocked all the science out of Paul and now he'll just build sandcastles, lol.

Seriously though that was great, I always like your ways to X to Y series. Nice to see Bill again. I have to say, since my first LRR, I have always thought that Matt and Tim looked like brothers. Seeing them standing side by side is eerie!

A:Looks damn good in pink
B:Kinda looks like Michael Richards when he's sleeping
C:Is a consummate professional

I guess that I'll use the Sam Raimi to wake myself up.

Note* Setting IBM trap in 3...2...1

I was waiting for "The Sharpie" but I guess that only works for Morgan.

Pauk is just unflappable, and that is awesome.

Another brilliant X Ways to Y - loved it!

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