Zero Punctuation: E3 2010

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It've been nice if he could have done a few more games, like Epic Mickey or Sonic 4.

Also, I don't think that Kid Icarus Uprising is Another Bloody game since this franchise has been unused for 20 years and the gameplay is completely different from the previous games.

Always lovely to hear Yahtzee's views.

For everything you said about how it's about the game and not the controllers, there wasn't a word about the new Rock Band controllers. Interesting.

I liked Bloodhound, too.

I like the song. Screw you guys. Though even a cursory glance at a Music thread in the Off-Topic Section should clue her in that the majority of the people here's music tastes don't align that well with hers.

About, you know, the actual review: Funny, haha.

I was enjoying this ZP, then somebody accidentally their shitty noise all over the tail end of it.

I watched Mayes' video the first time with the sound off, then I was ambushed by this droning bullshit. I do not appreciate this.

Rebecca muse....stay out of my ZP kk thx bye bye.

That's as nice as Im going to say this. Next time gloves come off.

Yahtzee and Rebecca, sitting in a tree... Kay! Eye! Ess! Ess! Eye! Enn! Gee! :P

I think the response to the video was for you (the fans) to rip her to shreds rather than he doing it himself.

Wow that reads evil in so many levels yahtzee.... cool! 0o0

I agreed with the controller and 3D comments. The song at the end was kind of nice. And I am glad that idiots get banned here.

A little disapointing...I was hoping you'd hate more on the games, and less on the motion mechanic that the vast majority of the website users hate--therefore, something that has been bashed quite a bit.

And in case you read this and haven't heard, you can turn the 3D effects on the new handheld completely there's more to the platform the admitedly cool sounding "3D effects without those stupid glasses".

Aside from that, good video...just came off as a bit uninspired.

Very good, although Rebecca Mayes is annoying as fuck, not funny at all.

Quoted for truth!
I would be able to stand her if she wasn't so damned depressing. What was all that shit about at the end with a screwdriver? I know musicians are supposed to be emotional people who write from the heart but there is a difference between emotional and emo... and between emo and psychopathic...

Anyway back to E3.
Motion control is such a fail, my main worry about the whole thing is that developers will just ignore the controller users and create gimick games.
Just out of curiousity, does anyone know if there were any army of 2 announcements... I doubt it but I still like those games and want to know if there is a third one on the way.

I just thought I would throw in and say that the song at the end was good (for what it was), I don't really like that kind of music much, but it was catchy and well written. I had to say something as it appears half the comments are written by people screaming with their fingers in their ears.

Also, motion controls... yep pretty much.




100 Points

Why do we still have that singing chick on here? She's not clever, funny or talented in any way. Can't we just junk her and pretty much 90% of the crap on here and keep only yahtzee and the loading ready run guys?

*Whispers* Psst; because everyone else on here is not you. :p

There are 4 things I'm waiting for, and that's Deus Ex 3, Civilization 5, Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Mafia II. Ashame neither got a mention, but I don't really know what got mentioned and what didn't at E3 - I don't really follow it.

And, it was probably best he didn't comment on the song, I think too many of you would get too excited; the excitment already has conjured up like, 20 different interpretations, all of which are drama enriched. :D

I had seen the song but nice tagging it onto the end, I was wondering what the bizzare menstruation jokes you threw in were in aid of. Still looking forward to my PS Move though :) it's not gonna revolutionise how all games are played but it'll be a fun little toy for the right game.

Yeh, another good episode but that song at the end was just annoying. I sat through that shitty song hoping it'd cut back to some ZP, but it never did.

I am so surprised he didn't say anything bout Portal 2 o_o

And I can't stand Rebecca Muse or whatever. I'm a girl gamer but I think she just sounds like a twat :/

Going to have to echo what everyone else has said... the song was shit. It started off ok... the rhyming scheme was terrible and all the rhymes were really uninspired... I'm suspect that Yahtzee only put in at the end to be nice... because seeing everything that has come up musically in the videos makes me think the guy has some taste in music and would really be impressed by a song as simple and... well down right boring as that.

The chorus was terrible, it went from being something I didn't like to an atrocity and the fact that it happens like 4 times is like being hit in the face whilst your pissed. I listened to it a few times because it was so bland that I couldn't form an opinion on it... around the 2nd time through the rhyming grated me and the boring repetative chorus (that had no grip on anything!) bored me to tears... She has potential I suppose but she's wasting it all on this cheap, easy pop bullshit where she could probably do some good work actually being creative!

As for the review, I really hope the blurred out bell-end appears in all of the reviews of the MOVE. How much money on after a few months Yahtzee having enormous shoulder muscles?

not enough people have listened to RMM so it's good that you put it up here in your vid. I sure didn't bother heading over there to listen to it. It'd be cool if she could create a tune tha tplays at the end of all your videos.

[quote="Piecewise" post="6.205757.6965134"]Why do we still have that singing chick on here? She's not clever, funny or talented in any way. Can't we just junk her and pretty much 90% of the crap on here and keep only yahtzee and the loading ready run guys?

Also Unskippable doodz :o And that Dolarues thing aint too bad XD

I didn't particularly enjoy the RMM song at the end, but I'm pretty sure it's just because I don't like her style of music.

Anyway, what's with everyone calling the 3DS "gimmicky"? A kid asked me to beat a level in SM64DS for him, and when I did a sideways leap to a certain platform, I fell to my death because I was actually just behind the platform to which I was leaping. If the game had proper 3D depth, I would have been able to perform the leap better. I honestly think that 3D is a huge step forward in gaming.

And for the umpteenth time, STILL no NMH2 review? Gosh darn it, Yahtzee, hurry up with that. I'm really curious as to your opinion about it.

*disgruntled sigh*

alright, so about those of you verbally hating on Yahtzee's new crush/ future murderer

some of you are idiots, and some of you are assholes. those of you who are one or the other, i've no problem with. but those of you who have the IQ of a grape and are mad at everyone else for making you that way, let me make something abundantly clear-

"thanks for shoehorning in the blah blah blah"

"rebecca is as annoying as i am whilst drunk and snorting too much coke"

"i am a whiney emo bitch who is sad you got someone to want to suck your small penis"

look, if you don't like the song at the end of the E3 review, you have two functioning limbs and a mouse. turn if off if it bothers you that much. sing a frank zappa song, those will get any song out of your head. but if you watched it to the very end to see "WHAT JOKE YAHTZEE MIGHTA PUT AT THE ASS END OF THE VIDEO!?" its your own damn fault for watching. i mean, fuck, there's a bar at the bottom of the video to skip to the end even. if you don't like it, don't watch it, and move the fuck on. hearing much more of people who hate something, but are too stupid, or possibly a quadriplegic, to look away, will make me want to steal Rebecca Mayes' icepick, and hunt each one of you down.

you know. to make you nice crushed-ice cocktails. the secret ingredients are cyanide and anthrax.

for the percentage of you who do like her:
i have a theory why he put it at the end of his video- i'm sure everyone is confused about her song, as mr. croshaw is. what do you say about it? hes chosen to say nothing, but does put it in so that she knows he isn't ignoring it and actually has seen it.

Hmm. I thought it looked more like a screwdriver myself... I stand corrected!

Thank you for putting up this post.

It's a real shame that the majority of people posting in the negative about Rebecca Mayes ( highly unfairly I think) seem to have the collective IQ and maturity of a pack of in-heat baboons.

I agree with your theory.
It gives the signal that he's well aware of it, but also isn't going to get drawn into a debate or bandwagon.

For all we know they could be msn buddies.
Or perhaps the strange romance is blossoming already.

Or it could be that it's a video on the internet and we should really all calm the fuck down.

Either way, I have rum.

Toodles, gents.

Another bloody Kid Icarus too. Can't forget that, Yahtzee.

I agree that E3 really is all about the useless hype, even more so now that it's "Developer and Journalist Only"....if that makes more sense. The Move controller is a dildo, Kinect is mime-ing.......and the 3DS IS NOT FREAKING 3D!

yeah cause you know there are just SOOO many Kid Icarus games out there >.>

good vid. why was rebecca mayes on the end? didnt she get enough views on her own? i mean i didnt watch it or the like seemed odd is all.

Kinect really is kinda weird...
and Move is just so insanely retarded
but hey, the Wii made money soo...

lol yeah I was kinda waiting for Portal 2 and Deus Ex (3ish...or 0) to be mentioned but whatever

(and honestly? still pushing Mayes into our faces isn't gonna make us like it any more)

I'm surprised you didn't bag on more games. Ah well.

And for those of you who didn't like the song, no one forced you to watch it, it was clear that Yahtzee's bit was done.

What's with that annoying whining bitch at the end? She can go suck a d**k.

Boba Frag:

It's a real shame that the majority of people posting in the negative about Rebecca Mayes ( highly unfairly I think) seem to have the collective IQ and maturity of a pack of in-heat baboons.

Mind if I use this sometime? I love the imagery.

Also, a decent review, but I'd like to hear more about games getting shredded than the usual gripe over the motion controls. We all know they're stupid and that game companies won't listen to us, so why bother beating a dead horse.

Also, I was hoping to hear a full length response to the song, I was sad to see that the song didn't have a running commentary. Maybe give it to the Unskippable guys and do another 3 man crush fest on it.

No Deus Ex? I can't blame him. Eidos Squeenix Montreal said a great deal, but have shown virtually nothing.

Let me make this clear: I do not give a flying toss about 3D presentation.
But as far as hardware goes, it's the first actual effort put forth by Nintendo in something like 5 years, which based on Yahtzee's opinion, is probably the first sign of the apocalypse (despite his predictable whining).

However, any system must live or die on its games; not its gimmicks. I'm not completely sold yet.

I was looking forward to an 8 minute ZP video and then at the end it was just a video I'd already saw.

I'm surprised that Shogun 2 Total War wasn't mentioned as anything with samurai and ninjas makes fan boys go nuts.

Hah impressive period joke, rather ballsy too. Maybe I just have strange friends but it hit home with me.

Honestly I think we should just ignore the kinect and move seeing as how thats exactly what Ive been doing with the wii for the last few years and its served me just fine.

Why is it not working?!

Is your new plan, Escapist? Making those stupid pop-up 'look at our MMO that will totally not cave in a few months honest' adverts stop the video from playing? Thus forcing people to subscribe and thus pay you in order to view them?!

I'm onto you!


How did he no mention Portal 2?
I thought we'd finally get a "Woohoo!" out of him...

Because he hates sequels. Mostly because even if the sequel improves things from the first game, it has an inherent lack of originality by virtue of being a sequel.

Although this seems like one of the few sequels that will be as good if not better than the original. He loves Silent Hill 2 and the Prince of Persia series (the first three games). He at least knows sequels can be good.

It was disappointing, I wished he mentioned a couple more 3rd part titles. The beginning was a riot though.

Ohh, and that godawful song at the end. Ew..

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