I Hit It With My Axe: Episode 16: "Now & Then A Player Will Die"

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Hm, "Kicked in the Dicebags" does not seem to be for me based on episode 63. I enjoyed the very beginning up till about 1:15, though. Then I realized I only listen to podcasts when I'm in the car. Thanks for the mention though.

1:37 was good. Got bored after that.

Satine, sorry for your loss, she will be forever mourned and emblazoned in the memories of those that survive.

Such a well handled death. Truly moving.

This argument, unfortunately, could not be made about one of the other games we've played where I let a vampire eat my friends while I bathed in blood in the name of eternal love. I admit, I totally let that happen.


I want to hear this story! Sounds pretty crazy awesome, though sad for your friends.

Wow. Satine's death sequence was beautiful in a storytelling perspective, horrifying from a player's perspective and satisfying from a gamemaster's perspective... job well done, Zak. The music just made the impact hit all the more.

Way to take it like a player, Satine.

I know all the music is by The Sword, but does anyone know the specific track the death scene used?

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