The Escapist Presents: Tour the Fortress

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That was a fun tour. Happy anniversary, Escapist.

Am I the only one who thought Mr. Macris' head was too large for his frail nerd body?

Also coolest office ever, if I'm ever down in NC we are going to have the most epic Nerf battle ever in the history of forever (I call dibs on the Longshot). And uhh why did Susan's shirt change like 4 times?

Some folks weren't here the first day we filmed, so we caught the stragglers on the second day. So, yeah, you see me wearing two different outfits.

Wow. You guys are awesome. Working there must be fun, but seriously, I had no idea a website (even one as good as this one) needed so many people. And, even though this might sound piggish, there seems to be a very high number of extremely attractive women working there. Good going guys.

Djed Moros:
And coffee cups. The lack of those really ruins the credibility of the video.

When we turned the lights on to take the video, people started cleaning up their desks :P

Also, the coffee from the break room is not very good, so drinking it is usually an act of desperation. Only Trujkin is dedicated enough to grind and brew his own in his office.

P.S. Buy Funk a shelf :D

Funk is a big boy, he can get his own shelf :P

Cool office. So where can I sign up for a job?

Steve Butts has a pretty epic mustache... so does Russ in fact... are handlebar mustaches a "thing" at The Escapist? Or is this like a North Carolina "feature"...

I'm not sure who's workspace I like more.. George Palmer's or John Funk's...

Looks like an amazing place to work, I envy you guys.

I know it's because you filmed on multiple days, but I still loved it when Susan went "bam" and she had a bright pink top on, I was like, ok that was pretty random xD

Fascinating look into your workplace, organised chaos huh?

Also, that workplace had more hot people working there than a bad Spanish soap-opera. :P

That place is a veritable foam armoury, amazed theres not been an invasion looking for weapons of mass distraction.

The armory is simply beautiful, but most of us have our own stash. :)

Wait a second, where is the room where you keep all your magics that make this place so awesome?

Very awesome to see the office and seeing the various Escapist staff!

I've already seen the outside. Meridian park hehehe. I know where you are Escapist! >.>

I live 10 mins away from you guys.

You guys have a fun work environment

was it just me, or did it look like John Funk was starting to grow some mutton chops?
maybe he just hadn't shaven but the 5 O'clock shadow looked darker on the side. I dunno, maybe it was just stubble, but I think mutton chops are awesome, so I'll hold out hope.

The Sound guy had a CityTech Box on his desk, someone who works there please tell him he's awesome for me, thanks.

I would love to work in a place like this someday.

It just occurred to me that my music class is another one of these really fun environments, and the music staff also have a frankly astounding collection of Nerf weaponry.

Coincidence? I think not.

Also, @John Funk: Do they sell the Gundam models from Endless Waltz anymore? My brother made one of the new-ish Gundam Heavyarms, but I've always been more partial to Sandrock with his sweet cape, but I don't think I can buy those anymore.

edit: I didn't even realize @John Funk actually did anything, but that's kinda cool.

John's EVE ship is a Megathron, a cool Gallente Battleship :P
also, I wonder what 360 game that was on Alexander's desk (I'd say Bayonetta, but I'm not sure)
Props to John Funk's desk as always ^-^

Two things:

First Susan Arendt..pretty foxy!!

Second: Count me amongst the surprised that the escapist is in the US, I thought it was Canadian for some obscure reason.

Awwww, best workplace ever! Hirrreee meeeeeeeee - I wouldn't even mind being the Office Flunky, doing nothing but fetching coffee and paper for the copiers!

Seriously, though, loved the video. It's awesome to see you guys IRL. Thanks for the tour!

Lemon Of Life:
there seems to be a very high number of extremely attractive women working there.

Well I'm glad someone else said it before me.:)

My thoughts in approximate reverse order:
1) Seems like a great place to work! Happy 5th birthday!
2) Man, how long has it been since I heard the names "Kate" & "Leo" together? Used to watch them on my C-Band dish all the time!
3) Ah, the beating of the shoe. Wonder how many of the gamers in the audience have any appreciation for what that means?:) (Did anyone watch Jeopardy! tonight? One question saw kids mistaking Reagan for Nixon or JFK. I laughed and then I felt old.)
5) Aww, poor Lauren got caught in the hug of imprisonment and humilation.:)
6) Ooooh, surprise pretty pink and orange shirt!
7) Wobblecam, heh.
8) Awesome Masters of the Universe poster!
9) Cute alligator/crocodile thing.:)
10) Yes, the Loch Ness Monster is indeed amazing.
11) My Escapist Pony?
12) Adorable paper centaur-guy-thing Steve has.
13) And people say my dollar-store-action-figure carnage diorama was weird. I shall now tell them of the alien sodomy diorama.
14) Since I wasn't around for the first few birthdays, more happy birthday wishes!

I noticed the Nerf Guns!

Greg Tito reminds me of Caboose
John Funk. Gotta love the Gundam

Sigh, that'd be an awesome place to be...
Kinda makes the Office life look cool

John's EVE ship is a Megathron, a cool Gallente Battleship :P

And the funny thing is, I've only flown them on the test server. Wasn't until I hit 50mil SP that I finally hopped in a Dominix. Still a damn fine looking ship, so I decided to have one guarding my desk. Along with the (briefly seen to my right at ~4:17) crazy bird-thing holding one of my grenades; the grenades also appeared in one of our Planetside event PSAs.

That place is a veritable foam armoury, amazed theres not been an invasion looking for weapons of mass distraction.


I will admit, that would be an epic foam and NERF armoury.
We should get the Escapist to have a NERF war on camera!!

Also, if you already didn;t get a cake:

For the Escapist Staff You gain the Seal of Approval

Edit: Hurrah! 101 Posts! Eat that Impulse_101

I know its been pointed out several times, but I have to say it. woot navy Megathron!

There is a Charizard on the ceiling. I approve of this.

Ok, first i hardly EVER comment on threads. Second whats a guy gotta have skills in to work in such an awesome place. Third Susan you and Funk are two of my favorite people i have never met. Finally i don't know if its an N.C. thing or not but your offices is full of beautiful people lol. Also i think russ is awesome bc he's like a boss minus the asshole :P

hey i'll buy funk a shelf. seriously i will if he might send me something cool like a gundam poster autographed by himself. I love the escapist but he's one of my fav's damned if i know why tho lol

Alex Macris looks like a stage magician.

Best. office. ever. Also, whats with the Nerf obsession?

Yes also agree, BEST OFFICE EVER!!! And also wonder whats with the Nerf obsession, are they for those slow days at the Fortress??

Heres to 5 years, and hopefully another good 5.

happy birthday guys!!!

Robotech = awesome :D

I can't help but notice how every other person has the Nerf Longshot on them. Awesome office.

Your office looks like my bedroom, but with less clutter. Do you guys actually do any work or just dick around and discuss action figures? Incidentally, are you hiring? I need a job. I could settle for just bringing over a couple DVDs and hanging out. Hell, I'd pay you. Pretty please?

Edit: Oh yeah, and whoever owns that Ba Gua board over behind Kuliani gets an A+, too.

So the Escapist is turning five?


In all seriousness congratulations on that.

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