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There's no e in wobbly.

Or is there a canadian E?

lol funniest epi in a while. And I demand more this of the sexy time!

Earliest use of second person I can name is a boss fight from Ape Escape (just skip ahead to around 3:00 if you don't want to hear a bunch of poorly voiced dialogue).

Second person mode... begins constant battle between the gamer and the camera angles.

Good note on the piracy of life XD

Wait- wha- Second person...
They've stolen my Idea!

But seriously, if I could find a way to make it work, I would make a second-person game.


Nice episode, and you thought you were joking about the second person view. HA!

"Did I pirate my life?"

"How's that for innovation?"

"Spoken by someone who's never had a Denny's salad."

Some of the best one liners come form this ep.

Rofl, that was a genius ending. And Kathleen is hot... and uh... I don't have a good comment. Hurray for taking up space.

Argh the advert keeps playing when its gone. >.<




the 2nd Person perspective kill in God of War 3 was neat!

Came here to say 2nd Person was already done in GoWIII in the Poseidon (I think?) kill. At the time I thought it was very cool and innovative.

I dimly recall boss fights in Psychonauts and a Ratchet & Clank game pulling it too...

Yes, you had to run from a giant mutant fish monster at the bottom of the sea, but you saw yourself from the perspective of the giant mutant fish monster. I think it is a very effective way of doing that because being your avatar chased from behind (mostly) you don't have to change the controls much, it's like a very uncomfortable and far third person view.

I think the fight against the girl scout leader was also 2nd person and if I remember correctly, she would jump around a bit.

Awesome comment: "Wow, did I pirate my life?"

I didn't know Denny's made Salads either. =/

Second Person view could be awesome, although it would require the protagonist to never be alone. And now I'm thinking how hard that would be to script.

I just got an idea (and I hope I haven't been ninja'd on this).

A cooperative game (which would require two human players to be remotely playable), played in second person. To know what the hell you're doing, your teammate has to have you in view, so you can see what you're doing, and you'd have to keep your teammate in view for him to know what he's doing. I think this could be quite interesting, although it would surely be extremely difficult, and would most likely be implemented in horrendous ways.

Saw it with my eyeballs and laughed with my mouth.
Very cool episode.

Wait- wha- Second person...
They've stolen my Idea!

But seriously, if I could find a way to make it work, I would make a second-person game.


How about a fifth person game then: A game played from the perspective of a person, who has absolutely nothing to do with the story or the main character. He may not even be on the same planet as the protagonist.
A capital idea, but you can have it.

Sorry, Innovative Developer... "Siren" beat you to 2nd Person view.

There's no e in wobbly.

Or is there a canadian E?

No, this Canadian says that there's no "E" in "wobbly".

With Kathleen anytime is a sexy time.

Isn't second person 'You', as in 'You walk to the door' rather than 'I/He walked to the door'?

'Clairvoyance' in Psychonauts is 2nd person. I don't remember if you can use it on enemies or just NPCs and that one boss though.

Haha, that was pretty good. I liked the Final Fantasy thing, because I'm much more excited about Versus XIII then I was about XIII. It sounds like something I'm gonna enjoy. And LOL at the end and Denny's salads :D

Awe man, I've been thinking about 2nd person perspective since the first time I played Half-Life. I think I'll actually do a 2nd person game one of these days. Hm...

That battery thingy would really save some time.

i dont get it. final fantisy is sopesed to have a story? i alwase assumed it was just random sentincess and cutsceans being thrown together in some sort of dialog frankistien.

mei no mei spel muchh Bed rong

Second person could be interesting

There wasn't sexy time, there wasn't sexy time at all :(

"Wow, did I pirate my life?" Funniest thing I have heard XD.

World of World of Warcraft is played in fourth person view. It is nothing new.,14240/

It is just a joke.

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