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In that room where Kinect was buzzing, there were along the Xbox360, a PS3, a PS2, a Wii and a Dreamcast(of all things). I am the only one who thinks this is wrong?

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire.

Those flashbacks were amaaaazing.

The Hideo Kojima joke was hilarious. He should make a new IP and then make ZOE3

what can he do with MGS5????

The Rumble Kinect, the "guy from Blizzard" that was actually talking sense instead of the douchebag hate-speech protector (I mean, really.. Grow up, Internet. All users are human beings, whether you play an MMO or not. Shut the fuck up and argue with your own names, nothing wrong about it), Graham's music references (There's a flame in all of us, guys.. (Thousand Foot Krutch..? Anyone..? Nope..? Okay~!))

Anyway, awesomely awesome! I fucking ADORED that "back in time" Kojima story too. Nice touch.

If only the RealID move had gone ahead..

As a non-player of their games since Warcraft 1, it would have been cool to see what happened.


It would have been funny. What people don't get is that a name is a name, big whoop! Unless you've supplied Google with your name and credit details your name isn't gonna hurt you, especially over a few Internet comments.

Anyone else notice the goggles in the background? Methinks this was staged, I call shenanigans on this whole affair. It's a damned conspiracy I say, I shall expose your lies!

PS. I'm kidding, go flame someone else you damn dirty apes.

YES! DR. HORRIBLE LIVES ON IN OUR INTERNETS! Maybe Joss IS making Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog 2!

Best one yet. The layers and layers of satire in the Blizard sketch was incredible. BTW, hate speech is illegal in Canada?


that was soo funny with the through ages sequence love the hair

Yay John Funk :D
Got a really good point about Kojima, and was really funny watching the old jokes.
Then the Real ID, somehow part of me is saying I shouldn't be suprised that Mr Funk did that.
How many characters do you have to 80?

Haha, that was "Clunk-Rewind-Clunk-Play-Clunk" by Los Campesinos! in the scene with the Kinect. I'm not very proud of knowing that.

I almost freaked out when they said "Irvine California".

I totally forgot that this was Blizzard's headquarters. It was my hometown, yo


Excuse my idiocy.

Ohmigod, a Reservoir Dogs reference too, ohmigod.

It's amazing how much one Penny Arcade comic has entrenched itself in gamer culture...

Expanding our areas of expertise, are we, Mr. Funk?

Briliant episode,too many funny stuff to mention. You're the best,even better than Zero Punctuation.

Awesome video guys, although I have to say, as always my absolute favorite part was the banter between the two of you at the very end. I would literally pay to just watch and listen to you two speak to one another for, like, 10 minutes.

excellent episode, loved the appearence of funk.

That was just like a SNL skit... funny for the first minute, and then five more minutes of beating that same dead horse. Over, and over, and over again.

Those flashbacks were brilliant! Great episode this week me thinks.

Very nice. I enjoyed the John Funk cameo (assuming that was really him), and the Hideo Kojima remarks. XD

Great episode overall, but the whole thing about the "Bigot-tree" kinda was besides the point - I mean, there are insane people on the internet who WILL track you down in real life if they know your real name, and outside of those hardcore crazies, their are a whole bunch who'll remotely troll you.

Think Season 2 of the Guild, only in the real world.

Great enn but please don't try to tell us trolling will lead to hate crimes, although that whole segment went on WAY too long. The kinect video was funny.

Probably my favorite episode so far.

Sometimes I wonder what developers are thinking when they hear crazy requests/demands from customers. I imagine that clip summed it up pretty well.

Well done on the archived stories... and so is this a family business, or is Graham some kind of News Timelord?

Loved the commentary on the Real ID issue.

Graham, you should just tell her that she "can't touch this"

so... is the proper response to the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire,

a. We don't need no water let the mother fu**er burn, burn mother fu**er burn? or

b. We don't need nothing, but weed and a lighter.

apparently b has been edited out of existence from a large part of the internet. Probably a vast Bloodhound Gang conspiracy.

Lol, rumble in Kinect.

There are tons of reasons to hate Kinect, rumble isn't one of them.

You know, I really don't have to worry about this. I already use my real name. Go me!

Meh, found the Real ID part boring and, well, wrong, but I'm not gonna get into that here.

Rest of the vid was awesome though, loved the previous ENN's, was brilliant and you didn't overdo it (as it often happens with these kind of jokes)! Graham trying to get funkey at the end was brilliant too ^^ (/compassion hug from a fellow reference addict)

I would see Real I.D actually taking trolling to an entirely new level. A troll begins to harass you so you stop responding to him. The next day you receive a phone call from him, making inflamatory and threatening remarks. Pizza's that you didn't deliver start being sent to your door. Hell if you have were you work posted online, imagine all the damage that could be done when the person calls your place of employment in a rant. All these things happened to Blizzard Employee Baishok just an hour after he posted his real name on the forums, as a sign of good fate.

Also don't get me started on google. A potential employer googles your name, the first thing that comes up is a 15 page argument on whether Death Knights are overpowered or not. That will almost always leave a bad impression.

Blizzard could fix about 90% of the trolling problems if they just bothered to fork out an extra couple thousand bucks a month for some full time moderators. Hell, they could appoint community moderators and do it for free.

Or they could simply tie a single forum account to a single game account.

You know, like DDO and LOTRO. And every other sane MMO.

Awesome. I had to rewatch the Kojima flashbacks because I was laughing too hard to pay attention the first time.

Also, did anyone else notice the sound effects during the Escapist intro seem to be playing twice? It's not the first time I noticed this, is the Escapist running some sort of ARG or what?

Loved the homage to Walter Winchell in the last Metal Gear flashback. Made the entire gag worth it.

Also, I appear to be the first one this week to confess to be totally smitten with Kathleen. I got so distracted I forgot to use my elderberry bushel before harvesting. You cost me mastery points, you conniving seductress!

The Hideo Kojima joke nearly killed me.

It's just... It's just too funny...


Ah, freedom of speech. Being white in Brazil where racism is a major crime (more than physical assault, go figure...) means that I can't speak like Chris Rock else I go to jail.

Thank god for the internet, where I can liberate my vile biles of racism, sexism, trolling, duck and wasp loathing and general hatred.

I may take a glass of ultraracism. Sounds delicious.

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