Zero Punctuation: Super Mario Galaxy 2

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Super Mario Galaxy 2

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Super Mario Galaxy 2.

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*Slap... *Slap... *Slap... *sigh... *Slap

I think I pissed myself

Good Stuff Yatzee! Funny review as always!

jolly good indeed

Is that the whole plot of every Mario game? Cake? I never noticed that, I always thought it was just some random party...

This makes me look at the Mario series in a whole new way...

Mmm cake.

And yeah, this is why I don't really play Mario. There needs to be some fucking story. Yeah it's a game for casuals and children, but they could at least make an effort using the current characters. But they don't even bother.

This all leads me perform a giant /facepalm when sites give it a 10/10.

Wait, her cake needs to be spread wide?
I.e. her sex needs to be spread wide?

Uh-huh... other than that, nice episode.

Great episode BUT....
What is it with all this dumping on the Simpsons lately? Not just Yahtzee but I've seen elsewhere on the internet as well; Simpsons is stagnating. It hasn't been good since the fifth season? they had barely established the character voices by then! It is hard for me to actually watch the old seasons because the animation is so crap and the sound quality is so terrible compared to what it is now. It's miles ahead of the competition: Family Guy, American Dad, Cleveland Show. If you want to talk about degrading in quality, how about the last season of "That 70's Show"

Sorry but I had to get that out of the way. That's some good advice at the end: Go out and do something you've never done before. That applies to everyone, not just Mario fans.

I feel wierd that I actually slapped my face along with him at the same time.

It does look like more of the same...

I don't get how people could have watched a 5 minute video in 2 minutes 0_o

Either way loved it as usual, more Rebecca Mayes references plz, she wants to give you.. cake.

I do enjoy cake myself... unfortunately I do not enjoy mario.

Must use the *Cake* expression in conversation now!

Did anyone else actually stop the video and go watch the SMG review while gleefully imagining Yahtzee slapping himself the whole time you're watching it?


Princess Peach and Glados should definately team up, theyre both cake teasing bitches.

Man, that review was more scalding than the ones from recent memory.

Since this is an inevitable meme I'm just going to say the cake is a lie here.

Very good, very funny, very true.

Also, Suddenly I'm being given actual life advice by Yahtzee, and it's good life advice. What happened? Did he get mobbed by one fanboy too many and realise he had to do something to make them less socially retarded? Maybe every Zero Punctuation will include a little fortune cookie badge now if you complete the activity (God I hope not.)

Anyway, I'm going out tonight to play the guitar and hopefully sex up a girl who keeps coming along to hear me play said guitar on a big stage, that good enough for you? I would go out at the weekend but I've been working twelve hour days for the last month and half and I won't stop until at least the end of August. (Seriously, this is like the first week I've been home before ten since June.)

Wait, her cake needs to be spread wide?
I.e. her sex needs to be spread wide?

The word 'sex' can not only be used as a way of expressing biological genre, but also as a term to refer to the actual sex organ, usually of a woman in a literary sense (read some Victorian porn, they describe it as a woman's 'sex' every time). Nowadays it's just bad fanfic writers who use the expression but it's perfectly valid, if a little archaic.

Given that Yahtzee is a gigantic literary snob and probably meant it this way I may well have just spoiled what I think was a fantastic literary snob joke.

FLLLLAAAAAAARRRRGGG!!! that will be all

same grind different day i guess at Nintendo

was a great review and i agree with yatzhee on it. played it for a few mins and got bored.

Funny as always. But on what you said about Nintendo seeing players as retards - It's a casual game, made for ''the family'' so it has to be accessible to everyone. And it's a Mario game. You shouldn't expect much of a story.

Funniest one in ages, I HAVE to show this to my Wii fanboy friend.

Good, and loved the slap part. But he did seem that he was complaining when he was talking about the gameplay? If it ain't broke, don't fix it, or something along those lines. True that they do need to add something, and what that something is interests me.

Calumon: I wouldn't mind some cake.



I don't get how people could have watched a 5 minute video in 2 minutes 0_o

Either way loved it as usual, more Rebecca Mayes references plz, she loves you :o

Short answer... they didn't. That's why they got the hammer, and people like me who ACTUALLY WATCHED THE DAMN THING didn't.

I'm amazed at the amount of other people seeming to actually hang around this site hitting the refresh button until Yahtzee's new video comes up... Anyways, I think the most ridiculous part of Super Mario Galaxy 2 is where they copy the intro wholesale from the original, and expect us to not realize because it's in 2-D.


That's going down as one of Yahtzee's classics.

Wait in portal they said the cake is a lie, than that mean.....AHHHHH!!!!!

Great, I predict some Simpsons flaming anytime now.

Also, welcome back "cake". We didn't missed you.

Eh, not his funniest video but pretty good. It seems like he had some problems finding stuff to gripe aboud and ended up meandering a bit.

I, personally, loved Mario Galaxy 2 and it ranks among the best platformers that I've ever played and I've been playing since 1983. I don't know if he really didn't like it or not but I wish he wasn't stuck doing hate filled reviews all the time. I'm sure Yahtzee can do more that's funny than just spew bile. That being said maybe he really didn't like it but I'd reccommend it to anyone who has access to a Wii . . . I said "Wii."

EDIT1: Typo

EDIT2: Interestingly this Mario game does have some continuity if you play to the end. I'm not saying it has more continuity than another Mario title but I don't even remember another title having as much as is in the final scene.

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