Zero Punctuation: Super Mario Galaxy 2

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snipped myself (insert self circumcision joke here)

You're new here, aren't you? As he said a while back, praising a game isn't funny.

First, nice screen name. Great book/movie. (Would like to see a film version of Choke)

Second, his review of Psychonauts was funny. (That is the review he and, I assume, you are referencing)

Third, a game can be praised in funny ways as well and there are legitimate things to criticize in any game so that covers both bases.

Fourth and finally, while you weren't overtly rude you could come of as a bit elitist and unwelcoming. If you really think someone is so new to the escapist as to not have a good idea of what goes on around here then you may want to be a little friendlier. Really though, you weren't over the top about it and I don't mean to be a jerk myself. I have no problem with you and don't preceive any problem you have with me. I just wanted to point out that without the aid of vocal inflection and such your comment could be interpreted as unfriendly.

Cheers and best to you.

EDIT: typo

See this is what Yahtzee does. Be overtly mean in an elitist sort of way while not truely meaning half of what he says. Half of the games he plays he loves. He may not say it, cause love isn't funny. My statement was rude, and does not reflect my true feelings, but funny.

Haha. Great review.

Did anyone else think of FMA when homunculus appeared?

Hay there was that one time that Mario got kidnapped and Luigi had to go after him!.. And that one other time that Mario, Peach and Bowser all worked together to kill a crazy inter-dimensional blacksmith.

P.S. Wtb Super Mario RPG 2

Pretty poor review; there was hardly any reviewing aspects in it. I think the only word he used to actually describe the game was "fun" at the end. Yeah, and? After hearing him go on about SMG2 in his previous reviews, I was expecting something a bit more than his usual Nintendo rant, which is getting pretty damn old by now. Yeah, Mario doesn't have a story and Nintendo has their main IPs, but I don't care, because the games are fun.

And it saddens me that people take Yahtzee as an actual critic, where his reviews can be used as "proof" that a game is good or not. That's like believing everything Stephen Colbert says. It's sickening to see people laugh and agree wholeheartedly, or express relief that they didn't buy the game because Yahtzee says it was bad. If you bought every game Yahtzee greatly enjoyed, you'd own around five games for life. And he didn't even talk about the game much in this review, and I'm seeing people agreeing when they've never even played a Mario game. If you think the game is crap because you've played it, fine, but don't do so because of Yahtzee.

I happen to enjoy all forms of cake, including the metaphorical ones.

Wow.....I guess I'm the only one here that was disappointed by this review. It was incredibly predictable and spent the first half going on about things that anybody who didn't entirely disassemble the packaging upon receiving the game, didn't even notice. MG2 is fantastic, and if you buy a Mario game expecting to be driven around by some kind of epic story, then maybe you're the audience that needs to watch the dvd on how to play. Why would anyone in their right mind want Mario to be given a story? The game's not even supposed to make sense!! All a story would do is add restrictions to the amazingly creative level design which Yahtzee failed to mention, and make the player question every single level in the game for it's practicality. Same goes for all you out there who want voice-overs in a Zelda game. Whats wrong with you? Use your imagination. Are you not clear on what makes a video game fun and what separates it from other forms of media?

We all know what happened last time a Zelda game had voice-overs...

"I can't wait to bomb some Dodongos!"


so this game isn't worth a 10/10

I love you for quoting Bowie at the end. :'D

I wasn't all that impressed. Rather than actually dig into the game and critique the finer points, most of it was just the usual rant you get from any Sony/Microsoft fan & Nintendo hater.

I mean really, do people honestly think Nintendo should just stop making Mario games when they're always well recieved and sell multi-millions, just because a specific group of gamers think Mario is stupid? Kind of funny how it seems to be a roughly 12-25 age group that hates Mario, while -12 and 25+ love him. My long standing opinion on Nintendo always re-hashing their franchise is this:

So pretend for a second you liked Mario Galaxy. Now quick, name several high quality titles that offer a comparable experience. Now try the same thing for Halo/GTA/God of War/WoW/etc. See a problem? From that perspective you could say Mario Galaxy 2 is for more original than the majority of other big budget titles out there, when even if it's a new IP it's usually comparable to plenty of other games already released, with the occasional exception like Assassins Creed.

For someone who rags on Nintendo for doing the same thing over and over I must say that that is exactly what you do. Same yellow background, same tired complaints, same crude animations. I think the Yahtzee character could use a little more story. I really enjoyed the way you liked Portal, it was a tiny glimpse of a more well rounded view ("story") of you. I think over the years Nintendo has grown the Mario universe by leaps and bounds, while this show remains EXACTLY the same.

So the "I know you are but what am I" defense? :)

After that last minute I just had to stand up and applause, alone in my room, I probably sounded like an idiot; but that has to be in my top 5 favorite endings to a ZP ever! I had to buy my girlfriend a Wii, since she did buy me a PS3...anyways; and she loves the first one but hasn't played one since she owned a Super Nintendo. I expect that I will most likely get into trouble every time she mentions that she is saving Peach for the "cake", because I am going to crack up!

Thanks again for another awesome review. It makes hump-day enjoyable!

Lol, interesting video to say the least. I must admit though that the slapping part did catch me a tad off guard. In any event, opinions that seem to make sense to me. Not sure how different SMG2 is it's predecessor, but as I don't own a Wii. It doesn't bother me much too much ^~^!

I don't know why I still go to ign for info, they gave this game a perfect score, I don't have a wii so I can't say anything on the quality of this but, as an outsider to me this game looks identical to every other mario game. IGN has been going mental with their 10/10's GTA 4, Metal Gear Solid 4 etc, suggesting these are perfect. It makes me think just how much bull shit an X out of 10 score is.

While I did like gta 4 more than that toy box behemoth known as san andreas (which suffers the problems red dead redemption suffers)I gotta say I admire yahtzee for discrediting the score system, it's a system designed for short attention spans who think reading and listening are for poofters and want to get their frag on as soon as possible. Would literary critic Harold Bloom give Moby Dick a perfect 10 and rate the book in terms of Prettiness of Cover, Quality of Font and multi-reader/cooperative reading capabilities? Just to summarize, scores bad, criticism good.

If I got a Wii, the Mario games would be top of my list. Why? Because Mario does what he does better than anyone else in his genre. What other platformer is coming out this year? Been many challengers, but Mario keeps coming back reasserting that he made this genre and he still owns it. Besides, it's fun.

Curse my now unfortunate choice of username.

Glad to see Yahtzee's a Bowie fan.

Well I did it.
On my second viewing, I paused the video and watched his SMG1 review.
I feel complete.

I liked the end particularly.

Quite frankly, I really enjoyed the game, and thought it was better than the first. Besides, if it ain't broke, don't fix it like they say.

Also, Mario games are mostly focused on gaming than the plot, and IMO, gameplay is the utmost important thing in games while plot is of course 2nd. SMG2 was fun to play and challenging esp. when collecting the green stars where it gets pretty frustrating. If Mario was focused on plot, we might get crappy stories like with some of the Sonic games out there, or worst, might get something similar to the Super Mario Bros Movie.

Eww, cake.

I just wish the "story" was bit better. You never play a Mario game for the story, but the Rosalina story added an extra layer to the classic Mario rescues Peach from Bowser story, and learning her back story is one of the deepest moments in Mario histroy :O.

As it is, it feels like an "LOL let's just slap together a new story"

But the gameplay is really fun, and more challenging that the original, so I guess I can't complain too much.

My mind completely disregarded the review, which I was agreeing on, the moment you said that The Simpsons stopped being good around Season 5. I mean some of the best episodes in the series occurred after that. If you had said it stopped being good around season 9 or 10, I would have agreed with you.

Good review regardless.

The Cake Is Annoying:
Curse my now unfortunate choice of username.

Ouch, man...

*offers everyone some....cake* :D

Wait, her cake needs to be spread wide?
I.e. her sex needs to be spread wide?

Uh-huh... other than that, nice episode.

I think he meant it as in pussy.

Cake time!

What is wrong with releasing something that offers only new game play levels and nothing else? it should be fine to release games that offer game play with little innovation and only new level design. Crosswords are the same basic premise everyday yet still people do them. Why would anyone want an attempt at a story. By saying bowser kidnaps peach Mario must save her Nintendo basically has no story. No story is much better than a crappy or even kinda OK story because it doesn't detract from the rest of the game. I would rather watch an action movie that was just one battle with no story than one with a shit story tacked on. Ultimately the game gets good reviews because it accomplishes what it set out to do. Though it might not be ambitious it still is successful. It doesn't nessessary deserve a ten as that should be reserved for games that are truely ambitios will go down in history as important like mario 64 however it is not this games fault that review scores are high to the point of stupidity for all games

So the video was about 5 minutes of a rant we've all heard Yahtzee say about Mario, and then he just says the games fun and the music plays.

I'm not sure how people can think this was brilliant.

The emperor's been naked for the last few months, but nobody will admit it.

He ignored the upped difficulty level. This game is surprisingly challenging compared to the original. Also like the level design more and there's a bit more variety in the missions.

Not one, but two David Bowie references. lol. This was a good video in comparison to the last few. I felt they were going downhill. This one however, went uphill.

Yes, yes, I know, at some point everybody has a sacred calf slaughtered by Yahtzee and that's half the fun, but honestly? If you're going to take a game that's got the 3rd highest rating on GameRankings of any game *ever* and try to convince me that it isn't at least very good, you've bitten off more than you can chew no matter how big your mouth is.

SMG2 one of the most joyful examples of pure platforming gameplay ever made. It's challenging in just the right ways, especially if you intend to complete it 100%, and for him to say that the game "forgets that it's a sequel" or expects us to is flat-out nonsense. It picks up with almost no tutorial at all, and gets challenging much faster than its predecessor. It very clearly expects its audience to have played the first game and want more of the same with variations, and that's exactly what it delivers with almost no filler.

I don't mind Yahtzee being a whiny complainer, that's his shtick and it's frequently pretty funny stuff. But I'm surprised and disappointed when he says things that don't hold up to even casual scrutiny. Go ahead and say there's no gameplay innovation in the Zelda series, you'll be 100% right. But to call SMG or SMG2 "stagnant" is laughable.

"I guess the fanbase will get the franchise it deserves, but is this really all you want?"

No it is not actually! About a week before watching this review, I rented Super Mario Galaxy 2 from gamefly and found it enjoyable. It was more fun than the first Galaxy game, but I will be honest and say that as a Mario fan I felt a little insulted by the opening of the game. It made absolutely no attempt at trying anything in the least bit different, quickly shot through the stock plot opener of Bowser kidnapping the Princess, and seemed to disavow the existence of the first Galaxy game completely! I was so surprised when it came out and said the star festival happens every 100 years and thought to myself "so it's been 100 years since the events of Super Mario Galaxy 1 ?!?! That's when the last star festival (or whatever it was called) happened!" As a fan of these old franchises (Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Metriod, etc.) I expect certain conventions to be the same over the years, but I would at least appreciate it if Nintendo would at least acknowledge us gamers who have been with the company since the NES and would like to see some games targeted at us. That's why I agree with Yahtzee when it comes to the Mario RPG games. They're the only Mario games that seem to treat the player with some respect and make ironic self-deprecating jokes about the franchise and story.

But anyway, I digress. Good review as always. Every time Nintendo takes a direction I like, it always comes with a weird catch. But whatever. They're still usually "fun" I guess.

EDIT1: But in defense of the way the story was handled, that is one thing that I found appealing about this game vs its predecesor was that it got going almost immediately with very little exposition. Within a few moments of creating a new game I was already playing, and for a modern game that is a feat in and of itself.

Well it's always ideal to have variety over time, but when a developer consistently manages to screw up each and every sequel to an original brilliant game, it gets to the point where you just wish they WOULD re-release the original on a current system, so we can all just play it again and be content that it's the only game in the series ever.

More Bowie references please

Anyone else wonder if he actually slapped himself, or just smacked like his hands together or something?

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