Zero Punctuation: Super Mario Galaxy 2

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Tribute = excuse not to do more work.

I think I should do some tributes for school.

Wait, her cake needs to be spread wide?
I.e. her sex needs to be spread wide?

Uh-huh... other than that, nice episode.

Yeah, that was the joke.

i hate yahtze now. no one talks bad about my simpsons and gets away with it. i am going to spam yahtze's rear off.

"But you have to do something for me! Go out this weekend and do something you've never done before. Go skydiving, get drunk at a football match and glass someone, meet a member of the opposite sex and invite them over for some..... 'Cake'."
Brilliant Stuff!

You know what? I need to give Mario another chance. All I've played are his old games that people hail as the "best games ever".

Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario 64...Both of which have aged VERY poorly.

Guess I'll start with this. Or Sunshine. Or Galaxy 1.

I like how this episode was more of a rant on whats happened to the franchise rather than the game itself. Good stuff.

Teh Ty:
though Lost Planet 2 was a possibility.

Please don't waste a review on Lost Planet 2. The Single Player is fucking worthless, even in Co-op and Yahtzee won't play the online multiplayer.

Loving the David Bowie references at the end. I didn't have wine though, I hope cranberry juice will suffice.

I like *cake*


Sorry, I'm not usually in a habit of blindly repeating Yahtzee lines that I liked, but that one almost made me shoot Coke out of my nose.

The soda.

Constitutional Monarchy?
I suppose only the Aussies and Canucks might get that one.

Wark wark, indeed.

It boggles the mind why you would want to review Super Mario Galaxy 2 if you knew it would be exactly the same as the original (and I'm sure you did), but it was an otherwise good review. It would be swell, however, if a review of Half Life managed to appear. Just sayin'.

Eh, not his funniest video but pretty good. It seems like he had some problems finding stuff to gripe aboud and ended up meandering a bit.

I, presonally, loved Mario Galaxy 2 and it ranks among the best platformers that I've ever played and I've been playing since 1983. I don't know if he really didn't like it or not but I wish he wasn't stuck doing hate filled reviews all the time. I'm sure Yahtzee can do more that's funny than just spew bile. That being said mybe he really didn't like it but I'd reccommend it to anyone who has access to a Wii . . . I said "Wii."

You're new here, aren't you? As he said a while back, praising a game isn't funny.

anyone else get the feeling that slapping noise involved cake? ._.

That was a strange episode. Seemed like a long-winded way of saying the game actually wasn't that bad ;D

Nintendo do keep milking the same franchises, but damn them for somehow keeping the same series fun all this time. Still hoping for some new characters eventually.

Yahtzee doesn't like the latest Mario game? I wouldn't have guessed that.

I feel it must be said.

Hilarious review as always.

Kind of expected War for Cybertron, but we can't all have what we want, now can we?

brilliant episode
loved the cake & the david bowie referance at the end

I hopefully will eat some cake this weekend ^^

Great, I'm going to be using sentences which involve cake as innuendos for sex. Nice review but I guess I can't really comment too much. I don't own Mario Galaxy 1 or 2 so I can't give you my opinion on it. What I can do is laugh at your humour and then go back to playing God of War 2 with broken joypad which makes it difficult for me to turn right.

i wonder if him and rebecca are going to have some cake.

I was personally shocked to find out this game was a reboot rather than a real sequel, to be honest that would normally bother me quite a bit, but Mario manages to save himself with gameplay, as usual. Though I gotta say their big floating Patrick Star is much less pleasing to the eyes than Rosalina was.

I liked this review a lot, especially all it's life guidance to Nintendo fans. And the faceslapping sounds make me happy :D
Best review in recent memory!

Isn't slapping oneself in the face a good way to describe anything done for the amusement of the groundlings scrambling about in the cloying soulless darkness of the Internet?

I think the best part about the plot in SMG2, and indeed the plot in NSMBWii (because they are the same) was that the game took almost zero time to establish the setting, characters, or motivations. You are plopped straight into the world and HOLY CARP everything goes to hell almost instantly. Nintendo at least gets brevity points for that.

It's not really a surprise though. I mean, Nintendo have pretty much been reusing the same formula for Mario games for a long time.

i under stood the original Philisofical metaphor better than the simpsons thing

Well while this game didn't improve the franchise, presumably it was released so that Nintendo's cocaine bucket could be refilled, and in that regard, the game has succeeded.

Yay not only did I call it in the other thread, I was the first to call it, I feel special!

OT: Good review, but I personally think it's about time to switch things up a bit again, like with the limerick one.

Well, didn't Yahtzee say the exact same thing in pretty much every Mario review? I guess his videos can be as predictable as the plot lines for the games he's reviewing. And nice to see that at least he realizes it.

I will admit that this video was the creepiest of all the Zero Punctuations... I had flashbacks of tubgirl from that image near the beginning.

Great episode BUT....
What is it with all this dumping on the Simpsons?

That show is funny but never foward-thinking. Besides, everyone knows Family Guy is better because it's edgier, in the same way that games with piles of depth sometimes end up being more fun than Mario Bros 11(although not all the time as the case may be).

Analogies make the world go round.

*Slap... *Slap... *Slap... *sigh... *Slap

I think I pissed myself

I think I can easily say that's the funniest thing Yahtzee has ever done on a review.

Proper good Job Mate, I loved the "NEAT UNDD TIDY" part.

I totally agree with him though, nintendo keeps spewing out the same crap to us for years and continues to make money off of it.

Well, this is more or less what I expected. The reason that everyone loved the game and gave it high scores was because it is essentially the first game but better level design, more variety, etc. I guess its a matter of what your standards are for what is and isn't enough to consider a sequel. So with all due respect Mr. Croshaw, I disagree.

Yahtzee Croshaw:

So basically Mario Galaxy 2 main problem is that it is basically Mario Galaxy 1. Ok, if you where some how given the rights to make the next major Mario title, what would you do with the concept? Nintendo's only requirement for you is that it is made and making it anything that wouldn't get an E rating since they have to hide there evil coperate ways to the masses somehow.

Wait in portal they said the cake is a lie, than that mean.....AHHHHH!!!!!


Hah, amen about the Simpsons and game evolution. It's tragic to think of how many people on this site were born after the Simpsons stopped being good.

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