Zero Punctuation: Super Mario Galaxy 2

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Like you said "Another Bloody Mario." I still want to play it though, in the same way a mentally challenged boy wants to play with the light socket.

Random Argument Man:
Great, I predict some Simpsons flaming anytime now.

Also, welcome back "cake". We didn't missed you.

Well, Yahtzee's comment was ridiculous. Everyone knows the Seasons stopped being good midway through season 8. Possibly longer if you're one of those types who liked Homer's Enemy.

Right because everybody plays video games for the story.

To quote Yahtzee himself:

"You want a story? Here's your story - 'Demons over there, KILL THEY ASS.'" -- Ninja Gaiden 2 review.

In the Super Mario series, Plot is just an excuse for Miyamoto and his design crew to come up with new, challenging, and occasionally sadistic obstacle courses and races in strange-looking worlds. Galaxy 2 is probably the clearest example of that, seeing as they deliberately cut back on the story after Galaxy 1.

The review was funny as hell, but the 'cake' references have made me think about the W.I in new and utterly disturbing ways. Perhaps the W.I was started as more of a first world war era swingers club or something....

I should explain to non-Brits, the W.I is a British organisation that's been around for donkey's years. W.I stands for Women's Institute, a group of elderly middle class women who spend their time baking 'cakes', holding 'cake' fairs, swapping 'cake' recipes, and other things that all involve 'cake'.

Nice Starman reference in the end. But to be honest, complaints about the plot? Really? Okay, if a game has a plot I guess said plot ought to be good, but still...

Onyx Oblivion:
You know what? I need to give Mario another chance. All I've played are his old games that people hail as the "best games ever".

Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario 64...Both of which have aged VERY poorly.

Guess I'll start with this. Or Sunshine. Or Galaxy 1.

Wish it was actually a bacon review though, that would have been good :D

Not G. Ivingname:

Yahtzee Croshaw:

So basically Mario Galaxy 2 main problem is that it is basically Mario Galaxy 1. Ok, if you where some how given the rights to make the next major Mario title, what would you do with the concept? Nintendo's only requirement for is that it is made and making it anything that wouldn't get an E rating since they have to hide there evil coperate ways to the masses somehow.

As regular viewers are aware, Yahtzee despises the concept of sequels so it's more than likely that if given control of the IP he would murder it and liberally apply fire and salt afterward.

I'm actually disappointed. I was hoping he'd review Singularity this week.

Sadly we all know THE CAKE IS A LIE!

Yahtzee is going to kill me now for killing Portal :(

Two David Bowie references in one end credits sequence, eh? Nice one, Yahtzee.

Princess Peach kidnapped again that's it i mot bothering any more jack bower can sort it out

I actually stood up to get a glass of fine red whine and a bar of dark Lindt chocolate while he was slapping himself.

Then I rewinded to enjoy my whine over the sound of yathzee slapping himself. And yes, this sound made it all the more enjoyable.

Superb! The slapping...text-based adventure games (GOD that takes me back!) and meeting a member of the opposite sex for some...cake... :D

Great vid, although Mario is one of those games I don't actually play I still enjoyed the vid. Although, TBH, I was expecting ZP: Split/Second. Ah well... Also, strangely enough Iwas eating cake whilst watching it. Weird.

So the video was about 5 minutes of a rant we've all heard Yahtzee say about Mario, and then he just says the games fun and the music plays.

I'm not sure how people can think this was brilliant.

For some reason, I did actually pause, watch his review of SMG1 cause it's been sometime since I did and couldn't remember it well, than resume with the real review. How about that.

Did anyone else actually stop the video and go watch the SMG review while gleefully imagining Yahtzee slapping himself the whole time you're watching it?


I think I actually heard him stifling his laughter in-between slaps. He was probably imagining fan boys like you actually doing what he said. That or...

The DSM:
I feel wierd that I actually slapped my face along with him at the same time.

Okay, I was expecting Yahtzee to spend the entire first half of the review attacking the franchise rather than the actual game, and I was right.

But what I didn't expect was that he would actually acknowledge that he was doing so, which is very refreshing. And I REALLY didn't expect that bit at the end. That was... actually pretty damn good.

this was the funniest of the past year. great job!

I never played Galaxy 1 and thus bought Galaxy 2 on the basis that my friends (and you) said it was "ok".

I enjoyed Galaxy 2.

Still would have been better with a classic controller though


Anyway, only mario Ive played is the mario karts and the ones on gameboys. Other than that, only game I play with mario in it is SSB

Mario have ended on Giana Sisters.

I never got how games like this can get better reviews than games that have a well thought out plot, This game got 97 from metacritic so it beats pretty much EVERY GAME EVER MADE according to them.

I've always thought of Mario as a homunculus.
And as for space... Well...
Space is probably one of the best metaphors for the human psyche.
Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 are just a thought experiment in which the mind does what is quite natural for it, what it has done before.

Is it just me or do his recent reviews seem really lazy?

Bringing in birthday "cake" for everyone in your office will never be the same again...

That was great, and I agree fully with the video. Nintendo really need some new ideas. Although, when one day I manage to clone myself using nintendo's games as examples might be a way of demonstrating how he came into existance...

I love his emphasis on "cake". Funniest review so far!

Been said, but has to be said again. Nice David Bowie reference... though I am disappointed in the lack of Peter Schilling references.

If you're going to make one Major Tom reference... you might as well make the other. Even if it must be in lieu of the other David Bowie reference.

First I was bedazzled that the Pizza box in the video looks the same than those of my local Pizzeria in Germany. Then I thought, "hey, what if Yahtzee just googled "pizza box" and took the first picture. Low and behold, I was right, but even the I noticed it to be a Pizza box from the U.S.

Now I am scared there being an Italian conspiracy for Pizza boxes in all the world being the same. Or an Italian conspiracy for all plumber games being the same.

I never got how games like this can get better reviews than games that have a well thought out plot, This game got 97 from metacritic so it beats pretty much EVERY GAME EVER MADE according to them.

Because being a video game, it has to have more than an awesome plot. It also has to be fun to play. Videogames ultimately don't really need a plot. A game can have all gameplay but no plot, but if it's all plot and no gameplay, it ceases to be a game.

So true. They really need to freshen up their franchises a little.

I rented galaxy two, and it didn't have any extra card or DVD. Is that true of you buy it? Someone tell me.

Great review and I agree. Where's Rosalina? Why the stupid fucking map system? Do you enjoy bathing in money, Nintendo?

Was he just clapping his hands or something?

A little bare, but honestly, a true "review" of this game would be 95% cut-and-paste of any review of Galaxy 1. This game really goes by the "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" methodology of development, and it is rather odd that it is nearly identical to SMG1 yet doesn't acknowledge it AT ALL. Let's not forget that the ORIGINAL title of SMG2 was SMG 1.5..

I never got how games like this can get better reviews than games that have a well thought out plot, This game got 97 from metacritic so it beats pretty much EVERY GAME EVER MADE according to them.

Some game has to. There'll always be one game that's the best. Why not this one?

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