Zero Punctuation: Super Mario Galaxy 2

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I guess the "cake" isn't exactly a lie anymore xD

and definitely the funniest video lately (unless you're upset that he didn't love the game)

your cake is in another castle... and it's a lie.

I'm gonna go ahead and say that I knew that the review was going to be like this.

Also that I can't think of any other way I could review it, except that I don't agree with the part with the N64 map thingy, I liked it.

So if using solid gameplay that works for the next game is bad you must love Final fantasy right Yahtzee? *rolls eyes*

Great to see a review that actually made me laugh. Loved the part with "this is what we call an expansion pack; this is what Nintendo call *ka-ching!*"

LoL "I want you to go outside, and meet a member of the opposite sex, and invite her for some.....cake.....

I laughed so hard....

first of all i havn't watched the video yet but what the hell escapist? you are advertising for the games that yahtzee reviews?whats up with that?

Great review, I loved the slapping part, that seriously made me lol, and the... "cake" haha

Brilliant review, really hilarious. Hey, does anyone want some... cake? I'm really sick of Nintendo milking all of their franchises dry now.

hah the face slapping definitely takes the cake.



Upon playing the game from a local Best Buy I noticed you can get letters and bank your star bits. The first letter I read was one that got sent by Peach saying she got kidnapped and leaving a 1-Up shroom for me or something in the letter. I was like how the hell could Peach send a letter to Mario on his Faceship?! The mail toad said something about her being so thoughtful and I was in full facepalm mode by then before putting the controller down.

The first one I have found funny in quite a while, very nicely done.

I am also somewhat surprised that you are also one of those people who need to collect everything in an area in order to have it looking tidy.

Funny as always. But on what you said about Nintendo seeing players as retards - It's a casual game, made for ''the family'' so it has to be accessible to everyone. And it's a Mario game. You shouldn't expect much of a story.

I think the idea is that just because they've made a habit of it doesn't make it okay. Not surprising, yes, but not okay. Their retreading probably shouldn't be defended just because they do a lot of it.

I always eat my cake under a Mario blanket.

Looks like Yahtzee needs better source material than, "this is the same game I played before, plus one." Not that he wasn't up to the challenge of producing a whole lot of content over nothing, but the quality suffered nonetheless.

Nintendo whores its IPs. The innuendo behind Princess Peach's, "cake." We've heard these ones before, you know?

Time for another retro review of something different. I nominate Odin's Sphere. It's got just enough right and wrong with it to be fertile ground.

Great episode BUT....
What is it with all this dumping on the Simpsons lately? Not just Yahtzee but I've seen elsewhere on the internet as well; Simpsons is stagnating. It hasn't been good since the fifth season? they had barely established the character voices by then!

Because that's what people enjoy - learning characters and concepts. As soon as you have done, everything else becomes predictable.

OT I'll be sticking to Mario Sunshine. That is one of my favourite games ever, but like Yahtzee, I don't feel the need to play expansion packs set in boring space.

You can say this about most mario games but super mario galaxy 2 is so fun I don't think it matters that it brings nothing new to the table. Though that DVD is effin stupid.

Funny review as always. Instead of just giving a muffled giggle I actually laughed out loud while watching this one. Not a big Mario person, though. I guess the classics are good because they're classics, but like he said: I don't want to play a new installment of the same game every year.

for me the GOLD was Yahtzee oh a Space Hopper (which was hopefully a Monkey Dust Referance)

After watching this review the following came to mind......

for me, the cake is a lie.

im sure a billion people thought of that already.

I have a feeling the "Cake" thing will be used fairly often in Escapist conversations now...

Great review, really enjoyed this one.

good review one of the best i have seen in a while and why were the first 3 post suspended/ put on probation

Great review Yahtzee. When I got out tonight, I'll be sure to invite a girl out for some "cake," if possible. LOL

I would definitely love some "cake" for graduating High School.

Side Note,I wonder why he never reviewed the Katamari games while he was trying new genres of games

Excellent review, as always.

Why do I torture myself by watching ZP reviews of games I actually like, especially Wii games? Watching his review of Brawl was like sticking a lit cigarette in my eye. I really hope he skips Other M when it comes out and goes back to wailing on games I'm indifferent to.

I would definitely love some "cake" for graduating High School.

I would too. but I'll probably only get the normal kind of cake, not "cake". :(

I wish I could remember the ZP episode where Yahtzee said he misses the Pacman method of story-telling--Eat pellets, avoid ghosts.

Well, with every Mario game, you get that exact same method--Get stars, beat up some giant dinosaur/turtle thing.

Can we try to be a bit more consistent, Yahtzee?

he quoted bowie!

I liked Mario Galaxy 2, but am still lost on the whole continuity/timeline thing? Is this a sequel to the first Mario Galaxy? Prequel? Alternate timeline?

Hasn't Mario always been dumbed down for all the family? Heck, my 4 year old cousin plays this lol. I don't own a Wii and nor do I want one, so I won't be owning this game! =]

It's a Mario game. It's pretty obvious what to expect.

I'd still play it, though. It's good to jump into the time machine and head back to 1992 every now and then.

However, I have to say something to people who take Yahtzee's reviews as the main deciding factor in your purchases: How stupid are you? Yes, Yahtzee's a critic/QA man/reviewer/whatever he wants to call himself in a review on a given week, and yes, the reviews are as informative about what the game will entail as they are funny. However, his taste in games and (I assume) yours may not be one in the same. True, games like Psychonauts and Saints Row 2 are awesome, but maybe there are games Yahtzee's reviewed that you may like and he was more or less (hard to tell, sometimes) negavite toward. Example, Yahtzee seemed pretty negative toward Brewtahl Brutal Legend, but I loved it. By contrast, he seemed to enjoy Painkiller, while I found it sort of underwhelming. Point is, there are things that people agree on and things people don't. Even if Yahtzee says something's good or bad, that doesn't nessecarily mean that it will be to you. This is why I take reviews with a grain of salt, using it more or less as a jumping-off point of what to expect and not subject to the game's quality or my possible liking of it instead of taking the whole review and interpreting it as, "Yahtzee's words are the only truth, ergo it will be the sole deciding factor in a game purchase." Don't take the review at face value and completely ignore a game just because one person doesn't like it. I get it, though, you don't want to blow money on a bad game. That's why video stores and Gamefly exist. How do you know if Silent Hill 2 was the epitome of atmosphere in a game? Maybe Super Mario Galaxy 2 wasn't a glorified expansion pack. Try it for yourself and find out.

Sir John The Net Knight:

Not G. Ivingname:

Yahtzee Croshaw:

So basically Mario Galaxy 2 main problem is that it is basically Mario Galaxy 1. Ok, if you where some how given the rights to make the next major Mario title, what would you do with the concept? Nintendo's only requirement for is that it is made and making it anything that wouldn't get an E rating since they have to hide there evil coperate ways to the masses somehow.

As regular viewers are aware, Yahtzee despises the concept of sequels so it's more than likely that if given control of the IP he would murder it and liberally apply fire and salt afterward.

I'm actually disappointed. I was hoping he'd review Singularity this week.

One, he has said that a good sequel can be done if it used as a jumping point for a new and interesting story (Half-Life 2) while a bad sequel just wallows in the original (basically every 3D sonic game of the last decade).

Two, since Singularity seams such an average FPS from what I seen and heard from every corner of the internet I doubt he would have anything interesting to say about it.



Oh wow; how could I have been so blind?!

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