Zero Punctuation: Super Mario Galaxy 2

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Wow. That slapping part I did not expect, actually.

And wait, "cake" = "sex"? I thought "pie" = "sex"... I'm confused, someone please help?

Another Wii game reviewed. Maybe Yahtzee subconsciously likes the Wii more than he likes to admit?

The game is targeted at kids who eat Nintendo's shit daily.

Great episode BUT....
What is it with all this dumping on the Simpsons lately? Not just Yahtzee but I've seen elsewhere on the internet as well; Simpsons is stagnating. It hasn't been good since the fifth season? they had barely established the character voices by then! It is hard for me to actually watch the old seasons because the animation is so crap and the sound quality is so terrible compared to what it is now. It's miles ahead of the competition: Family Guy, American Dad, Cleveland Show.

Your serious? I didn't find much of the new stuff funny.


If you want to talk about degrading in quality, how about the last season of "That 70's Show"

You can't blame the writers for that show,it was because at that point two of the main characters were pursuing their own careers so they couldn't show up (i.e. Topher Grace aka Eric Foreman was playing Venom in Spiderman 3 and Ashton Kutcher was doing what he was doing) they got one guy who replaced Eric Foreman but when he became the lead character on another show he had to die off, they couldn't find a good replacement for the village idiot and never did, but they found a guy who was like Eric but had no flaws making him boring.

Couldn't they just make a new boss like donkey kong or a skeleton bowser, anyhow i don't like to relate 'cake' to bowser, i mean like how..he's's just bwergh, but then again toad would be worse.

Wow. That really was a notch above the reviews lately.
However, little anecdote that made it particularly funny for me:

I laughed so hard my boss (who was walking by-- I need to close my office door when I watch ZP, even if I DO have headphones) came over to see what I was doing, I showed her the vid. She thought it was hysterical too (although she did comment that Yoshi's return is a positive, no matter what anyone says).

Later, we went to the breakroom together while we were talking about a project; turns out it was someone's birthday, so we go through the door to be confronted by... CAKE! We both stopped in our tracks, looked at each other, and started laughing until we were in tears.

For his part in that surreal experience, I thank Yahtzee.

Oh, and I particularly liked the 'Go to a football match, get drunk, and glass somebody' suggestion.

EDIT: oh yeah, I do disagree, like so many others, about the Simpsons. There were some great episodes through Season 8--- like "You Only Move Twice", a personal fave.

But yeah, the decline definitely at least started about the time Conan left the show.

Awesome Video, cheers. Made my day brighter =]

The "cake", and the slapping parts made me laught so hard!
Good job on this one, Yahtzee!

Yeah, Yahtzee knows he likes this game. But what is up with all the cake smelling?

Eh, I could make an annoying point about how there was continuity, but that's boring, so I'll just accept that he agrees it was quite fun, judging on my plans this weekend.


Wow. A whole load of folk commented on this really quickly.
Is wednesday afternoon the highlight of anyone elses week?

Yeah, I could tell it didn't go anywhere just by looking at the box. Just goes to show Nintendo don't give a damn anymore, I used to know them for actually doing something interesting every time not long ago.

If Mario Galaxy 2 would let me use the Gamecube controller instead of the horrid Wiimote, I might actually consider this game.

Also, Simpsons stop being good after season 5? Pffft, shows you haven't watched up to season 17.

Amazing that you finally squeezed out that it was fun after 3/4 of the review being Nintendo ranting.
You're a critic, sure, but at least talk about the game rather than spraying an anti-nintendo rant all over the wall routinely.
Two weeks in a row.

I enjoy the positive message to Nintendo fans Yahtzee, I think that was a great way to close.

The game is targeted at kids who eat Nintendo's shit daily.

You haven't played the game any, have you?

I feel the urge to search for some "cake" now.
A Classic ZP.

Nintendo's "No drooling mongoloid left behind policy" ROFL.

I want to see reviews that evolve. Instead I'm treated to the same retread of a rant whenever a Nintendo game - or a game for the Wii where Nintendo is inevitable blamed for something a third party developer did - rears its ugly head. No, I'm not a Nintendo fanboy, I haven't owned one of their consoles since the SNES and I'd rather burn my money then buy a Wii with it. But listening to some frustrated British hypocrite ramble about the exact same thing over and over and over again makes me think I'm visiting a relative in some nursing home.

And when you cash in your pay check, think a moment about what you do for a living and what you blame Nintendo for and how those two things might have more in common then you'd like to admit.

Eh, not his funniest video but pretty good. It seems like he had some problems finding stuff to gripe aboud and ended up meandering a bit.

I think he had problems becuase he already reviewed this game before. That's why he said go watch the other review. I think it was funnier because of that. But any Wii game he reviews is funny just because its too easy.

Nintendo fanboys raged so hard the first people who said "good job" got hit with the banhammer. Just because someone liked how someone made fun of a game/franchise/console/company you like doesn't mean you can get them banned because of it. I don't care if you make fun of MW2, I'm not going to report you because of it. Hell, I'd probably agree with half of what you said and rebut the other half, but I'm not gonna cry. Get over yourselves (hardcore Nintendo) fanboys.

Joseph Murnan:
Yahtzee doesn't like the latest Mario game? I wouldn't have guessed that.

He did like it. He even admitted that it was fun.

I am also one of those NEAT UND TIDY!!! people.

I'm still trying to figure out how to classify Mario, Peach, and Bowser as id, ego, and superego. Tougher than it seems. Good review.

I was actually eating cake while watching this. Suffice to say it was very delicious...just like the video! :-D

Awesome review, but going over your reviews of the previous Mario games (and the Pokemon reference at the beginning) makes me wonder when enough is enough. They've dragged Mario through the mud covered forest and back just to show how much he can handle but there is a point that Nintendo needs to kill a series before it's completely bare and raw and there is nothing left to cover the dang series except to use the shit and leaves around to cover itself. I am still disturbed by Nintendo's remakes of the old Pokemon games and their current project of the fifth Generation, Black and White! WTF? I am still actually a fan of the series, but when you make the equivilant of God and aliens, I am not sure where else you can go from there. Despite its main series being a non-consule platform, when those games come out, I would love to see if you review of it and the whole Pokemon series in general in one go.

i watched the video saw the analogy to cake and i wondered how many people posted about how the cake is a lie. lol. ah..long live the cake which is a lie.

This was your best one in a while. Loved the part where you slapped yourself, and also, I absolutely whole-heartedly agree with your Simpson opinion.

That "its fun" part must have been hard for him. XD

The ending kinda scared me...

Princess Peach and Glados should definately team up, theyre both cake teasing bitches.

Ditto. And perhaps Mario should get Peach a portal gun so he doesn't have to waste millions of dollars (and multiple hours of horrendous pitfalls) to save her every year. :D

I'd give Simpsons credit for up to about season ten. From season eleven onwards, it's hit and (mostly) miss.

Beyond that minor gripe, this was a great, great, great review. Left me with a mixture of joy and awe. Well done, sir.

Al that cake and he didn't even make a single GlaDOS reference...

Did anyone else actually stop the video and go watch the SMG review while gleefully imagining Yahtzee slapping himself the whole time you're watching it?


yeppers sure did. i even went to my frig to get some wine only to relies i was all out. image

Thank you, Yahtzee, for a tidily brilliant review. I was thinking that you were going downhill after Alpha Protocol (which you were making out as half-good until you surprisingly bashed it at the end). This review restored my faith in you.

For someone who rags on Nintendo for doing the same thing over and over I must say that that is exactly what you do. Same yellow background, same tired complaints, same crude animations. I think the Yahtzee character could use a little more story. I really enjoyed the way you liked Portal, it was a tiny glimpse of a more well rounded view ("story") of you. I think over the years Nintendo has grown the Mario universe by leaps and bounds, while this show remains EXACTLY the same...

I love Branston Pickle though. Thanks for showing me that.

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