Review: Singularity

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Hehe Rolly-Poly Gun....

and can't your magic time glove rewind time on people and turn them into embryo?

Also, its the same basic premise of TimeShift except with a magic glove right?

I always love the "slow time and shoot" sniper guns because I always think of the sniper in the PS3's Resistance. It ended up being the single greatest close-combat weapon since a headshot was an instant kill and the time-slow gave you enough time to line one up from *any* range.

Thankgod this is getting some attention. I love this game. I ran through the story twice in a weekend. I know that might suggest it's a short game but I can run through most FPS' in a day. I think more games like this need to come out. They're so much more fun than the garden variety shooter. And what really annoys me is that the multiplayer had about 3 days of playability before everyone fucked off never to be seen again. I really loved the multiplayer but the servers are baron at-least on the ps3. It only had 2 games modes but they were really freaking fun. Plus now there are three trophies I'll never get to unlock. Which is highly annoying since I think I could have plantinumed it.

I played Singularity and its a pretty decent game. The Seeker Rifle is great fun and the minigun us very good for relieving stress.

Plus you can use the TMD to steal a shield troopers shield...then hit him in the face with it. However, I haven;t tried hitting peopler with their ex-comrades in arms yet...

Have had my eyes on this one for a year but don't know when I'm going to buy it. Might wait for the review in Pc Gamer too.

Having played the game myself it's pretty fun but it feels like there is a lot of unsued ponteinal a large majority of the game takes place in the present and you only go back in time to 1955 a few times. (one of those times feeling aboustly pointless) and the best one being at the very begening of the game. But one thing I did like that kept me playing was of course the TMD it's a very cool gameplay device (espically the deadlock power which you can see in the video) and I found it a lot easier to use catching gernades and thorwing them back to pepople then Half-life 2's gravity gun and bioshock's telkinesie plasimid. Also if you watch early videos of Singularitys gamplay ( Thers a few on the X-play website) you relazie the story has gone therw A LOT of changes and the end result isn't really all that impersive ( I fingured out the games big twist at the begening) But as said before I like this game and hope it does well enough to make a squel becuase I think if it had a little more poslish and captilzed on the idea more like at the games begining this game could have been truely remarakble.

I recomend a rental just to try out the TMD for yourself

Comrade Funk is credit to online review syndication!

Sorry, couldn't help myself on that one.

This isn't fair. Every time I have a good idea, some big gaming company takes it and doesn't even do it justice!!!

Only 6-8 hours? I think I'll have to wait for it to go on sale on Steam then. I can't justify spending that much money on that short of a game.

And before you ask, although I have all the consoles, I do not play FPSs on them any more. 5 shattered controllers later (not even kidding), it became obvious that when it comes to FPSs, they're just frustration-factories if I'm not using a mouse and keyboard.

So from the review it sound like an amalgam of various unoriginal ideas that ultimately serves to create something... not so original, but hey it's well polished. It might be worth checking out if I get to a dry period as far as good games are concerned but for now I'll pass.

Sounds pretty good. Although as a Russian, it pisses me off how they end up replacing some English letters with Russian letters (like in the video) without caring about the way they sound.

Sure, I guess, it looks "edgy", but the way SINGULARITY is written there, with И instead of N, Д instead of A, and Я instead of R just distracts me. "И" is pronounced like "ee", or like "e" in the word "he" or "she". Д is like D, but way harder - more like Dh instead of Dee. Я is pronounced "ya", as in YARRRR.

With this meaningless rant out of the way, this game does sound fun. I'm kind of interested in seeing how the time control thing plays out, considering how much of a fucked up mechanic it often ends up as in some other games.

So, uh, I bet this "Sieeguldyaity" is an okay game. And the review seemed a lot more favorable then it's short description on the main page... I didn't get much of the "bad bastard child of Bioshock and Halflife" vibe that was sort of advertised up front.

Reminds me of that most recent Wolfenstein game a little. I hadn't heard of it before now, and now that I have, it doesn't look particularly interesting.

I wish the reviewers here would quit trying to be cute or funny or whatever the hell "aw, did you not want me to kill you?" was supposed to be.

What saddens me about singularity is its ending: I guess I read and watched too many pieces about time travel and scifi because I have seen it coming since the very beginning.

It's pretty nice as a game nonetheless (except for some areas with what seemed to be infinitely respawning ennemies); I especially liked the subtle twist that many people seem to miss in the "good" ending however. :)

(hopefully I was vague enough to avoid any kind of spoiler)

Also, its the same basic premise of TimeShift except with a magic glove right?

Yes, however Timeshift (which I very much enjoyed) is making a more advanced use of the time mecanics imho while Singularity's time powers can be used only on specific things.

That's looks like a pretty sweet game! Creative weapons and powers are always a welcome addition to the FPS library. What version did you play/was featured in the video, PC 360 or PS3? It looked pretty as well as fun!

I haven't beaten the game yet (I got it during a period where I was still moving stuff to my family's new house, and then leaving on a two-week trip without video games), but I've loved what I played. Cool thing is, Raven's offices are in the same city as I live, and my mother is friends with some of the people who work there, so I'm getting my copy signed.

That gravity/time "glove" thing reminded me of the thing in Timesplitters FP.

Looks like a fun little game, the weapons look pretty cool.

Will there be a multi-player review because that's a real solid part of the game. And can honestly call itself original.

Loving the single player whilst I'm at it, about half way through and thoroughly enjoying it.

This game looks pretty sweet, I'm going to go add it to my GameQ.

look intresting, perhaps not worth its initial £40 cost but maybe in a few months ill find it kicking about in the preowned or bargain bin like all games eventually, i play the gems or the hyped when they arent being taled about, i tend to get my more enjoyment out of them that way

maybe wait for a room mate to buy it and play it when they go out ^^

good review comrade!

I liked it, its fun and exciting. It took a look at HL2 guided rocket and thought "That worked well, lets do that with most of our weapons" which actually created some really epic weapons.
Story was interesting and told at a pace that was very fast and did a lot for the game.
I recommend it.

I really want this now. I guess that what reviews are for. I loved Timeshift so this look pretty good.

I think I'll just play STALKER again with a different mod....

Only 6-8 hours long huh? Hmm, dont reckon it'll be worth it.

lol, that sniper is a complete ripoff from the one on resistance, kindof sums up my perception of this game

Most shooters these days are simply not long enough for me to shell out 60 bucks, and this, apparently, is no exception. However, the game still looks like fun and will probably be my next rental.
And yeah, this one flew completely under my radar as well, never even heard of it!

In Resisitance: fall of man, Resisitance 2, and Resisitance: Retribution you can slow down time while using the sniper rifle, so thats not new, also in Crash nitro Cark there is a missile in mutiplayer that lets you control a missile yourself, so thats not new either, also the "rolly polly" gun is kinda like the agent of doom from ratchet and Clank: Up your arsenal, where you let them loose and they charge at the enemy and self destruct, so that not new either, also slowing down time in a certain bubble area is in rathcte and Clank: Crack in Time, so not new either.

Is this the next step in in-game time control? I mean, it's been done before in Prince Of Persia and Blinx The Cat but this seems to be a little more innovative and a bit more of a step forward.

I'll check out a play through of the first level on Youtube to see plays and make up my mind from there.

I watched a youtube walk-through, and was not amused. Seemed shallow and unsatisfying. Not enough things to do with the TMD, starter guns are boring, story is meh. They could have done a lot more. Overall seems rushed.
Oh noes! ur basing ur opinion on a youtube vid, just play it!!!
Last time I followed such advice, was with C&C4. No way in hell am I making that mistake again.

So the general consensus from the reviews I've seen is thus, good but not great, It looks interesting so I may buy the game.

Fun Fact: if you correctly pronounce the backwards N, R and that thing that's not quite an A it's Siiguldyaity.

Neat footprint finder.

Got it, loved it. Feel like the Dead lock (The time stopping orb) is pretty over powered though. Mostly because you can stop bigger monsters with it, taking out all the worry of them being deadlier than the normal guys.

My exact sentiments @ 2:45 XD

It think it was nice, but not really good, and certainly not great. I disliked the fact that you could only age certain objects, and it was too much of rail-shooter for me. But the levels had atmosphere and I liked most of the monsters - could we port them to STALKER, please?

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