Wow, That’s Complicated

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The thing I found with WoW is that alot of the stuff is pretty useless numbers that only the uberhardcore worry about, and even then its just for 'who has the biggest dick' competitions.

Usually its just a simple case of 'higher is better'.

As for the different tactics I was a little dissapointed with WoW simply because most content could be done without any tactics at all (apart from the various 'tricks' required for bosses).

For example you could have a rogue to sap, or a druid to root mobs down to crowd control - but most groups won't give a damn (and probably complain about going too slow) and you'll end up just rushing into everything and hope it dies before you do. And even if you do die you've probably killed at least a few on the way down and can kill um next time.

Either that or the group will disband because someone has a hissy fit :P

So can you do something? Yeah, but do you need it? Not really..

I think alot of WoW started off with good intentions about being a well balanced RPG with various skills for different classes etc, but as its evolved its basically turned into the uber trinity; healers need to heal the best, dps need to dps the best and tanks need to tank the best - Everything else is irrelevent.

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