The Escapist Presents: Nerf Wars 2: Gears of Nerf

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As a bunch of other people have said, I am jealous of your jobs!

i would love to apply for a job but im in canada.

and canada NEVER gets the cool office jobs.

For several months of my life, that was the greatest thing ever. I'm glad to see I'm not the only person who thinks so.

your work seams like so much more fun than mine..... the best we ever do is get bored a throw roast potatoes at each other...

Imagine was almost everyone else said, except with an admirable level of poise and sophistication. That is what my higher-functioning section of the brain wants me to say. Instead, I'll end up saying "I want in!". I wonder if there's a Nerf equivalent of a Predator drone or AC130... Having no peripheral vision nixes my combat viability. *sadness*

Why do so many people love Nerf, could someone please explain this to me?

Because it's all the shooting with none of the mess. (almost)

I dont think I understand

Just another day at the office.

Can I please get a job at Themis Media?

Come on, I said please!

Can I work for you guys? Seriously?

OK, never mind going into 6th form after the Summer holidays, I'm going to move across the Atlantic and work for you guys!

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