Zero Punctuation: Singularity

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Sweet Beatles reference, bro.

My Pyshic abillity was being able to predict the "Back to the Future" reference he made


'Get your biggest tampons ready, because I'm about to be a cunt'

Is one of my new favourite Yahtzee lines.

i passed it too it was atleast more than half decent maybe i would give it a score about 70 the bosses were epic and the textures of the enemies are done briliantly i even noticed some very small thing in the textures that i liked example the zeks(the blue guys) have this extra flesh that is on the part of the uniform they wore before beeing mutated well its not easy to explain .the first type of mutants (actually the first enemy you see in the game) have some very awesome directed events(with all the other monsters) the bosses were kickass espiacially this brute guy with some metal plate covering a couple bits of his heads and a giant flail plus atleast the weakness of the monster is not as easy as in other new games example batman arkham asylum you only need to throw a batarang at the brute bosses you meet a crapload of times in the game and he slams into the wall and ready for you punching the hell out of him or in the new wolfenstein luring the flesh like brute mutant to knock out columns of a building or gears of war where the berserker is blind and you need to lure him to knock out doors well in singularity you atleast get to effin kill the brute like boss the mechanics of this game were kinda poor maybe for alot of things the monsters that are blind and can only hear in this game are almost impossible to pass by them undetected if youre searching for something usefull so the most efficient way to deal with them is a shotgun to the face because theyre eassier to kill then the other mutants in the game so theres no point of sneaking past them or the way enemies know that youre behind a wall when they never even saw you or when you begin a map infront of some enemies standing with theyre backs turned to you and even the guys walking and looking at you that are nearby dont see you so some enemies are completely retarded and some can see through walls nice balance plus theres really not much stuff to age and renew in this game with the tmd well some little things in this game are mastered and others are just plain crap probably that's why this game didnt get much recognition. also there's no explanation how this did not become a completely overrated piece of crap that halo is i mean halo is less than decent saying the word halo is making me vomit because its too overrated and its not even fun or have good gameplay mechanics but every(almost) rewiever is sucking halo's big stiffy goddamnit

Why doesn't Yahtzee review fighting games like Super Street Fighter 4 or Tekken? I have never seen him review one.

And as for the game's story, all stories involving time travel are typically crap so don't be to hard on this game in that regard.

You've probably already heard this, but in his Soul Calibur review he said that he doesn't "get" fighting games. So yeah, that's the reason right there.

Hmmm how come Yahtzee doesn't know that the good guy was the bad guy? There are three endings to the game.

Bioshock did rip off Fallout..... I never put those 2 together before....... and Fallout 2 is like my favorite game ever.
I knew there was a reason I didn't really care for Bioshock.

Did not need to be reminded of Human Centipede.

Also, my name is Hank, so his "Big Hank" comment startled me a bit. Now I know how all the Adrians felt when he reviewed Braid.

Just wanted to say one thing:

Real History isn't boring. At all.

God, the human centipede joke had me laughing my ass off. And brought back bad images.

If I could travel through time I would do three things:

1) I'd make sure that evil director Richard Kelly was never born.
2) I'd build anti-aircraft guns on the roof of the World Trade Center.
3) Destroy Lavos.

I saw a Mars bar, and now I must eat a Mars bar.

For some reason, Yahtzee completely fails to mention that the game is ludicrously fun. The weapons and shooting mechanics are excellent, great weapons and great enemies (both humans and monsters). It's the best shooter I've played this year. And the gameplay mechanics, weapons, enemies, puzzles etc change every few minutes, it's got constant crazy variety, just like the Half-Life games.

The game does get a bit too easy if you fully upgrade assault rifle damage or your Deadlock time freezing power. But other than that flaw, it was a great old-skool shooter, with none of the problems of Wolfenstein. You know that Black Mesa mod that is supposed to be a modern remake of Half-Life 1? Singularity felt like what Half-Life 1 would be like if made with modern technology and set in Russia rather than the US, and about rifts in time rather than a rift to another universe. Not terribly original, but great in terms of setting and gameplay.

As for the "plot twist", it was not that saving Demechev changed history. Yes there's a brief flashback moment where it shows you saving the guy and history changing, but that's just to add emphasis to something. There are several real plot twists... which I wont' reveal in case anyone does get this game.

As a whole, the story was pretty decent. A hell of a lot beter than a lot of other time travel games and movies and TV shows.

Also, the thing where de-aging people turns them into mutants? Yahtzee thinks this makes no sense, and reckons it should turn them into babies. Think about it... when you age an enemy, you don't simply speed up time, you don't see the guy going about the next 50 years of normal day-to-day life, instead instead all the matter just gets incredibly old, and the person screams in horror as their flesh ages and disintegrates and their skeleton collapses to the floor. A diagram on a chalkboard in the game describes it as "increase in entropic radiation", entropy being the law of the universe that means things tend to get old and fall apart. So if you reverse the process, you are making their flesh incredibly young... like an embyo or fetus. Due to conservation of mass, they don't shrink into little babies, instead you get a man-sized embyonic thing, a blind creature with no skin. The original concept art on the Raven developer blog showed the thing being in a placental sac. I think they dropped that because they didn't want to emphasise the whole embyo thing, in case it was controversial and people complained or something.

You know, element 99 isn't some big mystery. It's called Einsteinium. It's a legit element on the periodic table. It's a synthetic metallic element that's highly radioactive. It's created by sticking Plutonium in a reactor for several years like cheese. Why did they pick that? If they wanted to be original and realistic, they should've chosen element 118 which, if created, would be the first man made completely stable element.

Because the Russians discovered E99 and experimented with it in 1940s and 50s, before the discovery of Einsteinium. It was the 99th element to be discovered, so they called it E99. And since things went bad and everything was covered up, the rest of the world never found out about it, so later the "real" 99th element Einsteinium was discovered.

What I also thought was cool was that the term Black Hole is never used in the game, even though a Singularity is the term for the core of a black hole. Which makes sense because the term wasn't invented until 1967, and in the game's story the Russians made an artificial one in the 1950s.

I find it funny they put links from ebay, amazon, and gamestop to buy the game after Yahtzee's review. As if his reviews have ever motivated anyone to buy the games lol.

The part about the baby and not messing around sure was the best part ^~^! Thanks again for another great video >~<

I know that this will have been said hundreds of times but I had work so I haven't got around to watching the video until now.

Someone showed a trailer for Singularity about a week before it was released, claiming it looked awesome and asking why no one was excited for it. In that thread I dismissed it immediately saying it looked like a mashup of Timeshift and Half Life with all the emotion and good characterisation sucked out.

Hey look, I finally get to say I told you so.

Seriously, I'm actually more comfortable with remakes and sequels than I am with shamefaced copying of better games to try and make the same amount of money. At least with remakes and sequels it's their own intellectual property they're milking for more cash.

Since Yahtzee already knows what I'm going to say before I say it, I'm not going to bother saying it because I've already said it and he knows I've said it and oh crap now I've gone cross-eyed.

Easy there Austin powers.

OT: I haven't played this game, but I may try it regardless of whether or not Yatzee likes it.

So how many holes does the game have, then? 4000, or has there been inflation since then?

Thank you Yahtzee. You mentioning that bear in Flambards has reminded me of all of the dozen or so shitty holidays I had in Cornwall simultaneously, so now all I can think about it 12 years of disappointment and boredom at the same time.

Let me preface this by saying Yahtzee is the only reviewer I actually heed the advice of, seeing as how his taste and mine seem pretty similar.

I have a piece of constructive criticism for Mr. Croshaw:

Please stop using allusions to history or politics. It's obvious by your comments that you're not really interested in these subjects and haven't studied them at any whenever you use them in metaphors or what have you, they either fall completely flat or are of the eye-roll-causing overheard-conversation-in-Starbucks variety.

For me at least they take your reviews from entertaining to groan-inducing.

P.S. I hate Jason Statham.

The reference to "The Human Centipede: First Sequence" was a wonderfully subtle allusion to something truly grotesque. I expected nothing less from Zero Punctuation.

All I'm going to say is congratulations on using a "Human Centipede" reference...

I wonder if Raven has heard of the periodic table...

Apparently the Enemies uncovered Einsteinium.

In the game. When the Russians discovered E99 in that continuity. Einstenium hadn't been discovered. So in that time line E99 would have been the 99th element to be discovered.

Well I count four people who got the Beatles reference.
For those who missed the joke, Blackburn Lancashire is mentioned in the Beatles song, A day in the Life.
"I read the news today oh Boy.
Four thousand holes in blackburn lancashire.
Although the holes were rather small,
they had to count them all."

In conclusion Yahtzee said, as many plot holes as there are holes in balckburn lancashire.
As in 4000. Funny Joke. I applaud you.

Good episode though.

I've been to Flambards and I can tell you I too was left traumatised and confused by that fellow in the bear costume.

Hah, loved this weeks review
With all your pop culture references ^_^

Now, although these plot holes were very small, did you have to count them all?
And now you know how many holes it takes to fill a shitty FPS?

Must be lonely being the one person in the world who hates every game. Thanks for the mildly entertaining video.

Why doesn't Yahtzee review fighting games like Super Street Fighter 4 or Tekken? I have never seen him review one.

And as for the game's story, all stories involving time travel are typically crap so don't be to hard on this game in that regard.

There are exceptions. Particularly ones from the SNES era though.

Must be lonely being the one person in the world who hates every game. Thanks for the mildly entertaining video.

I seem to remember he loved Psychonauts. And rightly so.

As far as really shitty plot twists go that was a REALLY shitty plot twist.

HA! As if he mentioned Blackburn, I only live 25 minutes away from there.

I kind of had a feeling this would be one of those games that comes out in an obscure manner, without being any good. It's a shame, really, it sounds like they could've done a lot with the idea, but managed to hash it up quite nicely.

That after-credit comment is both disturbing and intriguing.

Also, if you're going to center your game around a magical unobtanium element, at least name it creatively. Element 99 is real and sorely lacks time-traveling proprieties despite its cool name.

did any one else go COBRA!!! when he said taliban on robotic snakes?

Raven should really just remake Heretic and Hexen!

Also...mmmm Asparagus!

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