Stolen Pixels #215: Versus

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That was great!

And I also read your idea for improving on sword/lightsaber/wiffleball bat fighting.

I actually had a similar idea as well, at least regarding the "focus" thing. A system like that, implemented into the original KotOR, that would be a thing of pure awesomeness.

Not only has she proven feminine rightness as always, but she got triple points for trapping him with his answer. Delicious.

Had to LOL, that's pure genius! Didn't see that coming.

Very good! One of the best strips. Well done.

I agree completely about the duels.

Also, I agree about being better not knowing about Yoda or Palpatine fighting.

Specially Yoda... -that- is the great jedi master?. That idiot who doesn't know anything about swordfighting as to give away the advantage of his minor size?.

Frankly, Star Wars (and here even the original) sucks big time when it comes to have any idea about strategy and tactics.

You seriously think that the ground height is relevant in one on one duels, Lucas?

You seriously think the way to cover a wingman against attacking fighters is to just sit behind awaiting to be shot down?.

You're letting out your drool again, Lucas...

Yeah, I remember in the Jedi Knight games, there was a mod that made the lightsabers ultra realistic, so that even brushing someone could kill them. You could defeat just about every lightsaber toting enemy by just throwing your saber once, no matter if they tried to block it or not, they would be cut in half. Twas fun.


Although you misspelled WOOKIE. No double e.

Wookiee is correct. Like Kashyyyk.

That is why you fail.

OH Stolen Pixels you make my day :)

"Hey that means..."

"Just fly the ship dammit!" XD

Well... Is it a female wookie?

Shamus Young:
Stolen Pixels #215: Versus

All is fair in sex and lightsaber duels.

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Dear Shamus,

Jedi Knight 2 - Jedi outcast as different approach to lightsaber combat. While you hack away at the opponent, all non-fatal blows seem to be block by the opponent until he accumulate enough blows and leave himself wide open. What was fun what that there's always a opening somewhere so your fight could take 3 sec or 10 min depending, with various result... as in, a lowly enemies could hit you good and kill your overpowered jedi ass in a few second.

I really like your ideas about revamping lightsaber duels. I would love to play a game that worked like that. I can picture it in my head and it honestly sounds like a lot of fun. It also sounds like to would take a lot of work to master, but then the game could offer a training room or something that lets you practice in various situations, maybe giving you access to more terrain and enemies to train with as you encounter them in the game?

So, Juno/Leia fanfic porn forthcoming, or what?




Formica Archonis:
Edited to add: Ah, I love comics you have to read twice, once with severely revamped expectations. No wonder she was surprised about the wookiee.


Although you misspelled WOOKIE. No double e.


Wikipedia is not a valid source. Anyone can change it.

Got a source for your spelling variant?

Now thats why you dont go and try and prove someone wrong about star wars, it bites you in the ass

Sucks to be that guy. XD

I love your combat idea. It would work perfectly in a game based around sword fighting. I would really enjoy that mechanic in a game.


I always figured that instead of "hitpoints" it should be "the force" and if you get hit you'd block with your own saber stupid fast. Once you're out of force then you start losing body parts and important organs...

Hahaha. Excellent.

i was thinking the same thing....

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