On Time Travel

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Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time, although thats like the only time-travelling game I've actually played. But it did have some nice time travelling and going back to the past to fix the present, and time bombs were useful.


Lvl 64 Klutz:
I want to know whatever happened to that RTS that was supposed to use time travel as a gameplay element?

Achron? They're still doing it. It's currently in alpha, and i may consider buying it.

Wait, you really want to play a game that makes your brain bleed? Well all right then.

Oh and, go Chris.

Now Yahtzee, don't be too hard on Chris, he's only 12 years old.

My favorite timetraveling machanic has to be in the hitchhikers guide the the galaxy text based adventure game.
At the very begining of the game you run into a dog, which if you do nothing snaps at a fly because its hungery.
Towards the very end of the game you get transported into an alien space craft traveling to destroy earth. However due to a misunderstanding around size and scale the ship itself is only the size of a fly, which gets eaten by the dog at the begrining of the game. At which point you have to start the game again so you can feed the dog a sandwich to stop him killing you at the end of the game.

Annoying, sure; but in its own way very cool...

... Harsh.

No need to put everyone who likes Majora's Mask in the same boat as Chris E.

I would bring up the fact that Majora's Mask would perfectly fill a hole in your time-travel games list, but the list is hardly comprehensive, and you probably didn't want to risk the ire of too many more Nintendo fans.

Now Yahtzee, don't be too hard on Chris, he's only 12 years old.

No! His 12th birthday is about 5 months away!

Mass Debater is not funny, Yahtzee.

You need to know that.

On-topic (or the topic he gave us, anyway):
Timesplitters? Um, like, best shooter evar?

Series kicked ass! :D

I did like Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons + Oracle of Time (Titles may not be right) for Gameboy Color. I've never played Majora's Mask.

But yeah, Legend of Zelda games always let me down by having one mini-game that is (a) essential to complete if you want to progress and (b) nearly impossible for me to complete.

In these games, I remember there being a 'Simon Says' rhythm game that pissed me off no end.

Why some people mention "Zelda: Oracle of Seasons"?

Changing seasons is not time travel. That is weather manipulation. Don't get me wrong, that's still a cool gameplay mechanic and it was pulled off really nicely (as the Zelda series always does), but it's not the same.

The Zelda games that involve time travel (each one differently and in different extents, though) are "Ocarina of Time", "Majora's Mask" and "Oracle of Ages".

timesplitters nuff said

Half Life 2! You travel forward in time at the speed of regular time... What?
Ok, fine. Does Assassins Creed 2 count? I suppose that isn't really time travel, certainly no in game mechanics.
Well, I'll just say Prince Of Persia then. All of them. And I did enjoy Timeshift's gameplay. The time manipulation was fun. But the story bored me.

It's pretty much easier and more annoying to trolls like Chris.E to realise he's been completely ignored. All they want is attention from the person they're seeking to annoy.

Im going to go out on a limb and say that Majoras Mask is my favorite Zelda game of all time, mainly for it's surreal feel. The time-travel adds a lot to this and whist many found it infuriating i just thought it added something new and original to the series. Also that moon is just fucking terrifying, i still see it in my dreams.


I think one of the best games that used time travel was Braid. It really infused the aspect of going back and forward in time in order to complete each level. That and it was fucking hard as a Rhinos balls.

I will always remember the Journeyman Project. the VERY first computer game I ever played on my first computer.

Sir John The Net Knight:

Ken Sapp:

Sir John The Net Knight:
My favorite game that uses time travel mechanics is Chrono Trigger. Which Yahtzee claimed to like but will probably still berate me for choosing because it's a JRPG and god forbid anyone like those games. [bold]But time travel mechanics in that game are limited to plot and have little to no bearing on actual gameplay.[/bold] (No, I don't care to argue the legitimacy of JRPG mechanics as gameplay, TYVM.)

Also Yahtzee will probably weep with yellow anger when he hears I'm going to buy Singularity, which I already decided before I saw his video. Or maybe he won't weep since it's a person thinking with their own mind, rather than letting games journalists do it for them. Which is something he advocated for, wasn't it?

Actually they did have one effect on gameplay that I recall(roo many years since I last played), The special boxes that required a certain pendant to open would have different items in them depending upon which time period you opened them in. The later the time period the better the item and if you opened them in an earlier time period they would not be available in the future time periods.

I think that was in FFVI, actually. The boxes in the starting area had better stuff if you waited until the second part of the game to open them.

I don't recall much about FFVI, but I do know that what I described was in Chrono Trigger. They were scattered all around the world and the best way to loot them was to work your way back from the future through the time periods looting them.

It's quite clear that the best time-travel game ever created and will stand tall and proud over any other pretender that dares glance at its throne is Mario's Time Machine. What other game has been so able to take a series known for excellence and provides government-sanctioned printers of all international currencies and rightly beat it to a bloody pulp with a game where you blithely wander random time periods looking for unimportant shit like Mario had an unusually detailed shopping list?

I hereby rest my case.

I remember renting that game as a youth and only having a Saturday to finish and I got really close, but because I did something out of order I had to redo EVERYTHING.

...I never ending up finishing it, it burns me to this day.

Ratchet & Clank Future - A Crack In Time featured some time travelling, time-slowing grenades and even time-stopping at many points. How about you give that game a shot?

Mass-debater...Oh, I get it! And Majora's Mask wasn't that bad. Except for that really shitty tower dungeon. That was evil before one had figured it out.
I believe it's been said already countless times, but my favourite game involving time travel would be Timespliters 2 & 3, hands down.

I'm confused, is Yahtzee gay or does he like women? Which is it? It can't be both, well I suppose, not unless he likes to fuck grandmothers as a result of self hatred ingrained in his mind by years of repression

or Chris E could just be talking crap, I'm sure its one of those.

Timesplitters has time trvvel in it, but does it count since there is no game mechanics revolving around time manipulation?

Sorry if someone already responded, but in the Breaking and Entering level of Future perfect you get the time manipulation grenades, that make everything move in slow motion in the explosions radius. So you can shoot ultra fast and watch the enemies die very slowly.

Yeah, Chrono Trigger. If you don't think it used Time Travel as a game mechanic, then your thinking is stuck inside the middle of the box. Changing items by leaving them in the past and picking them up in the future? Picking up items in the future, and then going back in time to pick them up again? Changing how characters act by altering their pasts? Changing history completely depending on what point in the plot you defeat the final boss? It's not insta-gratification bullet time, but it's still a mechanic. That game was such a joy for it's light-hearted tone and overall excellent quality.

Also, I hear Timesplitters is crazy, wacky fun. And Day of the Tentacle looks amusing as heck.

speaking of Time travel has anyone noticed a tardis is now popping up randomly in his reviews. For a Time travel game he should try the new Doctor Who adventures.

Edit: Also, Final Fantasy 8 deserves a mention for being so bat-shit insanely stupid.

you think that the story line made no sense already? read this. its a plot analysis that is so confusing that makes the games story look simple... but it actually was a fun enough game and the graphics were nice so it was still fun...

anyway, chris e., if you happen to be reading this, i want to congratulate you for being such an amazing critic/debater. your silky words are like chocolate to my ears.

Oh, well, Chrissy is my personal hero at this point. Such style and grace. I have not seen such great debating since, well, ever.
My personal favorite game involving time traveling has to be the very splendid TimeSplitter franchise. Most notably: TimeSplitters 3. There's time traveling in it so it's allowed xD

Edit: Also, Final Fantasy 8 deserves a mention for being so bat-shit insanely stupid.

Why was it stupid?

I think Yahtzee should have included a bit more of a build up for Chris, but other than that excellent. I personally think the game that nailed it best, from recollection, would have to be PoP: Warrior Within.

Holy crap. Time Cop. I remember playing it when I was really damn young, didn't even speak english so the majority of it went over my head I'm sure, but I remember I was so happy when I was trying to kill some Egyptians because it was one of the first times I didn't need to use a rock to kill something.

ok seriously Chris is most certainly a Troll...once I think about it I got another message like that about my Fanfiction....and there is a reviewer on Youtube who trolls Scatman videos...you don't think....

I liked the time travel in Full Auto, although that was really just a 3 second reverse move .. it was fun to use in a game with guns and cars like that, another game with cool time travel was Timesplitters, I loved that on the old Xbox!

There's another Zelda game that actually uses Time Travel as a game mechanic: Oracle of Ages. There are some puzzles, events, and even temples that can only be accessed if you manipulate the past. Hell, you can even move a seedling around certain parts of the map to grow a tree in different places.

Technically, all games feature time travel, since the story of all games takes place over a period of time, through which you travel. Granted, it's very slow, and only in one direction, but time travel is time travel, no?


Oooo. I can think of another game where you were given a magic machine to go between points in time in order to unravel the deeper mysteries of some kind of conspiracy that you can only undo after the strange logic of adventure games being applied with a magic gun in hand at the end. It was called the Journeyman Project. You're a time travel agent and you go through history but not the history of our time but of a possible future where their past is also our future BUT also prehistory and some other locations. It lacked an inventory I believe as well.

I like the pretty pictures the most and the music, but as for it being a great game that uses Time Travel well? Probably not. It is a core component of the game I suppose.

Chrono Trigger? For a JRPG it was good but you could have easily have gone through Star Ocean or some other RPG that allows you to travel between worlds/areas. Time travel isn't really a core part of the game.

Chrono Trigger.

That is all.

Either way...I am moreso than ever intrigued by the last game on the list now.

In the name all that is holy, DON"T PLAY TIMESHIFT!

Seriously I am doing you any anyone else who might want to try it a favor. Singularity is a FAR better game in every way. It was one of those rare games that make me so pissed off that just typing it's name makes me want to puke.

I'm probably just making it worse and making people want to play it even more to see how bad it is. But I'm being serious, do not play Timeshift. If you do then don't say I didn't warn you.

Someone should spam Chris E with emails reading 'Umad?' and some kind of gore.
But undoubtedly he's some troll sent from 4chan/other internet place, the 5 year old child with ADD couldn't spell that good,never the less have correct capitolization(or whatever) and use 'Teh' instead of 'The',thats an internet thing. I doubt his mommy would let him on.
He's a troll.

Shadow of Destiny (or Shadow of Memories for those of you in the UK) was a pretty neat underrated gem. Sure, the plot was fairly hit or miss, but it did offer a neat time traveling gameplay, even if it wasn't very deep (namely there should have been multiple ways to solve a problem, not just one). I myself actually like the story, and found it quite clever that each 'ending' was plausible in that they were all from alternate timelines where my choices diverted from one another and thus things happened directly rather than "I saved this person in one play through, and told them to fuck off in another". While there is debate over if everything is connected, namely a startling little secret concerning the main character's identity and how it relates to another's fate, it's probably one of the more thought provoking time travel pieces as opposed to most games where it's "Ooh look, I can freeze time and unload 50 bullets into this guy's nads!"

2 things....Who's Chris E? and my favorite time controlling game not being allowed to choose PoP i would have to Say its time shift. I lived the ability to control time. Even though Story sucked and i'm sure i had problem with some mechanics and gameplay elements i had fun freezing time and Using a shotgun to put 6 in the chest of an enemy and see him rag doll backwards.

Now I remembered a few more examples:

Time Commando: Alright, its a cop-out, but it dealt with simulations of different periods and the relevance of that was that the period you were in would be significant to the weapons you'd have access to (although some are historically unorthodox, like the "Asian period" where you get access to a hadouken scroll).

Final Fantasy 1 (in which it was used horridly and stupidly) and Final Fantasy 8 (in which it was even horridlier and stupidier, enough to force me to create words... ugh... compress all time so that Ultimecia caWHO-GIVES-A-FUCK)

And now that I think about it, the PC RPG trinity; Might and Magic, Ultima and Wizardry; all dabbled in time travel.

In Ultima it was confusing and mostly pointless.

In Wizardry it was weird.

In Might and Magic it was an underused feature.

One of the Season 2 episodes of Sam & Max also featured Time Travel pretty cleverly.

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