On Time Travel

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I really don't have to mention Timesplitters, but Sister Jo-Beth demands it.

Second Sight, pretty linear but very fun.

Futurama: The Game kind of had a time travel device in the Zoidberg level, so start digging in those bargan bins!

OK, Chrono trigger used changes in time periods to good effect in the plot, but I noticed it much less as a gameplay mechanic. There were a few moments, like putting that ladder up in the mountains, but for the most part it was just for major plot developments.

In -gameplay-, definitely a nod to the Oracle of Ages and Seasons. Ages used it better, but that's not really a surprise since time was the significant force there. If they had more engaging writing (like Chrono Trigger, for instance...) it would have probably had a greater emotional effect to see the bridge you helped to get built standing hundreds of years later, Rafton's grave, the peaceful village atop the volcano. It doesn't quite work since Link is kind of a faceless lump in the Oracle games, but oh well.

Day of the Tentacle was partly fun because figuring out how to get things from one time period to the other was really neat if sometimes infuriating as hell. Even when the answer was something absurd I had to love it because it was brilliant at the same time. Sort of like Dr. Who now that I think of it.

I know the time mechanic in Majora's Mask isn't gameplay, but I liked what it did to the atmosphere, putting you in a sort of twilight zone. Every three days you go back to the beginning and no one remembers you, you walk through places you've been, speak to people you know, whose heartbreaks and triumphs you've seen and participated in. But they don't know you. Like everyone else in the world just has this blip in their memory and you're either the only one left sane or the only one who's gone mad.

The time control in Braid LOOKS hypnotic, but I'm pretty sure I could make it through maybe...four or five pathetic attempts at the first level before I gave up. It's a really neat concept, but it looks way harder than I would have the patience for.

First thing I thought of was Day of the Tentacle. Time to pull out Scummvm and do some retro gaming. Thanks for the reminder.

Chrono Trigger definitely had one of the best storylines incorporating time travel. The fact that you could visit multiple periods and have the consequences of your actions echo throughout the ages really intrigued me.

Also, regarding Majora's Mask, the time travel aspect takes more of a backseat to time manipulation, don't you think? (speeding up and slowing down time plays a greater role in making it through the three days before you have to reset).


Chris E. is a mind full of beauty. His letter was not only eloquent, but I even sensed a subtle tone of mockery, which only continued to prove his argument. This is why here I decided to show everyone who might read this, a draft for an open letter to Mr. Barrack Obama:

" Dear Barrack Obama,
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Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers, in my opinion, had the best time-traveling. Roger "time traveled" into future Space Quest games, and traveled back to the original Space Quest (in all it's AGI glory).

Granted, it was more a narrative device than a game play mechanic.

Dark Cloud 2 baby

"Games with Time Travel"

Me: "Day of the Tentacle"!

Yahtzee: "Day of the Tentacle"


Well, Yahtzee already mentioned Day Of The Tentacle. And Majora's Mask to an extent. Everyone's ranting on about Chrono Trigger, Timesplitters, Ratchet & Clank and Sonic CD...

Bloody hell! I've been ninja'd in every possible way!

(If only I could time travel to beginning of this thread...)

It doesn't involve time travel per se, but time mechanics... Max payne was most likely the first to involve "bullet time" , which slowed up time :P and has been copied
in alot of modern fps.

This may have been said already, but I don't have the patience to read through 7 pages completely, but, the Legacy of Kain series? Barring Blood Omen 2.
It's not a game-play mechanic, but time travel in that game becomes a plot point. Lots of twisting and changes of time-lines all over the place. It can become confusing, but most of the major questions are answered whenever something changes.

i think time travel as a plot element is lame, it always results compressing the history of a planet/racce/universe/whatever to the actions of one person/group who did everything. Thats just lazy storytelling and after having played chrono trigger you can see the twist coming from a mile away. As a gameplay element time travel can make for fun ideas, unless it's just another excuse to ship out bullet time(conzentration like an athlete my ass)

I hated Majora's Mask. After about the fifth freaking go I felt like Bill Murray, and was flailing helplessly at the game ready to either stick my junk in a toaster, or tell those stupid farmers with their freaking aliens to sod off.

I hated that game.

I have to say I actually liked timeshift when played on a difficulty level where the sucky combat didn't get in the way of the fun time powers. And multiplayer was a bit different to your standard shooter cuase of the time bubbles.

I loved "Future Wars" as a kid, now no one will play it :(
I found the hole straight away, since I am awesome like that and went on to finish the game. Which was very imaginative as far as I remember. but after this I don't dare and try it again ;)

Another cool one in that era was Chrono-Quest, a text adventure with pictures, where you find a time machine in the victorian age. The game crashed for me halfway however, so I was never able to finish it.

Then again, DOTT gets the praise it deserves here, so I am cool...

There are a lot of comments and might of missed it but....

Ecco the Dolphin - A game you certainly were not expecting time travel in, or aliens for that matter.

Then they got to Defender Of The Future which I just loved for some reason.

Timesplitters is the greatest game with time travel!

wow chris E is a nominee for biggest fanboys i have seen award.

stil, yahtze, timespliters. you forgot about it.

Shadow of Memories (Shadow of Destiny to those in the U.S.A.) was definately the greatest time travel game of all time, and one of the greatest games of all time period, and I want you all to play it, please?

very elegant chris e loads of time well spent on constructing a balanced well argued case. in future i recommend that he stops gaming and throws his computer out of his window, before it spouts any more shit.

Add me to the growing list of people who said Chrono Trigger.

"What a debater. He should take it up full time. That way we could legitimately describe him as a mass-debater."

Mass-debater (phonetics)....whahaha now that's a quality pun. Yeah...a wanker Chris E is.

Yatzee seems a bit butt hurt that someone would use his style arguments against him.

I love seeing hate mail like that, it's so funny because they are calling you deranged while talking about old grandma fetishes and bestial sodomy.

The irony is palpable.

That Lucas Arts game looks oddly familiar.

Best time travel?


Chrono Trigger.

I like Chrono Cross more, but that's DIMENSIONAL travel, really.

But really, Chrono Trigger.

So that's what I have to type to get a response from the great YZ huh? No wonder my one question vanished into the mists of the internet, my email had a complete thought and had but one insult.

Maybe we should take some of the creativity out of these old games and pump it into the brains of the current game makers. Either their heads would explode or we would get sweet games.

Hey! I wrote that wikipedia list next week!

That's all I have to add to this discussion.

Has Chris E been on this to bolster his already strong and well thought out argument? He has shown (conclusively) that it doesn't take much to topple Yatzee's arguments. He says "Mario has lost his creativity", you say "you cock-juggling thunder-cunt". Chris E just makes it look so easy!

I have to agree with NekoShell up there, Legacy of Kain has to be my favorite....besides Chrono Trigger. Fucking Lavos.....

Should I assume the last part about Majora's Mask is a knock on the game itself?

Also I think that Singularity is MILES ahead of Timeshift. The guns are better, the time travel is reasonable and not reality-breaking like Timeshift's (as Yahtzee pointed out), and, if I remember correctly, Singularity has more variety enemy-wise.

And sure Singularity's ending is cliche time travel correction but at least there is an ending.

The ending of Timeshift was so abrupt it annoyed the crap out of me. It made sense but it wasn't very good.

hey yahtzee, on the subject of Time Travel...

Whatever the hell happened to Game Damage? weren't you going to make a new pilot for the show?

I'll never understand all the hate mail you get, but I'm glad you get it if only for the amusement if provides when you rip on it. I love the ZP reviews, even when you rip on the games I like! Ignore the fan-boys and keep it up, except review more shit so I don't have to keep re-watching past reviews in anticipation of Wednesdays!

Jack and Calumon:
Chris E. is truly a great man. He sure put you in your place Yahtzee! Ha Ha Ha.... Bored now.

Calumon: Half Life 2 had a way of travelling forward in time.

Jack: You've never played it! How the bloody hell do you know?

Calumon: I'm made of data and copy your memories while you sleep.

Calumon, you're awesome. Can you copy annnyones memories ?.?
And Jack, why you never let Calumon play Half-life 2, that's not nice, loose 2 points.

On topic:
I too found that little message much to my amusement. I would point out other time travel games but from his consideration of the ones he discused I don't think it right to lead a horse to slaughter.

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